Current News- 6-7-17

Current News June 7


*Part 1 – Our Faith, Fellowship, And Future is in Him (pg. 1)

Dr. Jack Graham, BMA of America Meeting – I love the theme for this year’s meeting — Brick by Brick. Christ is building His church, and we get to be the bricks! I love the church. The best things in my life have come to me through Christ and His church, especially my salvation, baptism and my call to ministry. I was married in the church in 1970 while we were students at Hardin-Simmons University, and God has blessed us with three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren with another one on the way. We dedicated our children in the church, and we saw them come to Christ and be baptized in the church. Now we are seeing our grandchildren come along. If you’re looking for the most powerful, persuasive, wonderful and glorious organization on the face of the earth and in eternity, it is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ!


*BMA Seminary’s Sixtieth Commencement (pg. 1)

Twenty-three individuals received a degree from the BMA Theological Seminary during commencement exercises conducted Saturday, May 20. The seminary hosted the event in its Dorman Memorial Chapel on the main campus in Jacksonville, Texas. Dr. John M. Adams, Jr. of Mantachie, Miss. presented the commencement address.


*SOAR Serves (pg. 1)

SOAR is a time each year when students from junior high through high school come together and worship their God and also get inspired to love those around them like Christ. Stories are common of students who, post-SOAR, take the mission they learned and serve people in their communities. This year, on top of attending the sessions and hanging out in SOAR village, there will be three opportunities to serve Christ by going on mission in the Dallas area through SOAR Serves.


*Help Save a Vital Piece Of Our BMA Heritage (pg. 1)

Scott Attebery – BMA churches are in danger of losing one of our most valuable ministry tools. Over the years, Daniel Springs Camp has been used by God as a place where missionaries and pastors have surrendered to ministry and countless young souls have trusted Christ as Savior. Currently, this BMA treasure is experiencing financial difficulties, and a line of credit has been established with a local bank. This financial strain is not a result of careless spending. Camp Director Jason Prewitt works on a tight budget and makes the most of every dollar. The problem is simply one of income. Daniel Springs keeps registration fees low so that churches of every size can afford to bring their children and youth. In the past, church offerings helped cover the gap that camp registrations did not cover. However, over the past few years, costs have increased while total registrations have decreased, causing significant losses. If finances do not improve by the end of this summer, the camp trustees will be forced to make difficult decisions.


CBC Hires Coach & Admissions Director (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Chris Wright has been named the new head men’s basketball coach at Central Baptist College, Athletic Director Lyle Middleton announced at a press conference on May 23. Wright will succeed Wes Sullivan, who resigned in April. Justin Moore has joined the Enrollment Management Division at Central Baptist College as the Director of Admissions.


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 2)

John & Brenda Bienlein, Swartz Creek, Mich., Master’s Hands Deaf Church; Michael & Ruth Poirier, Quebec, and Haiti.


Connection Groups (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The best way to be connected to any church is through a small group. They can be called small groups, Bible studies, life groups, cell groups and many other titles. We call the small groups at my church “Connection” groups because it fits our C-3 vision statement of being Centered on God, Connected to one another and Compassionate for our city. The language fits us because we tell our people the best way to get connected at Cornerstone is by being a part of one of our connection groups. We even call our first-time visitor cards our “Connection” cards.


Lifeword Visionary Leaders Around the World (pg. 3)

As Lifeword begins year number 38 of fundraising through walks, other events or Lifeword Sunday offerings, the ministry looks forward to exciting new innovations made possible through advancements in technology. Development of the Lifeword Cloud or Lifeword Network is in the brainstorming and discussion stage and will allow listeners, affiliates and producers to access a repository of programs and multi-language discipleship materials at


You Never Cease to Amaze Me! (pg. 4)

Editor – Every year, I share the needs of this ministry, and every year since I’ve been editor, you have not only met but exceeded our goal. But I will never take you for granted and am always amazed at the generosity of Beamers (BMA members) and BMA churches. Marene, Maddy and I appreciate your love and support more than you’ll ever know. It encourages us to keep on keeping on, doing the best we can (with God’s help) to keep you “informed and inspired.” Thank you so much, and God bless you all!


ABS at SFA Report (pg. 4)

John Shackelford – On April 10, we enjoyed a hamburger/hot dog cookout on Stephen F. Austin University campus in Nacogdoches, Texas. The students also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt while fellowshipping with each other. Everyone walked away having heard the complete story of how Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose on the third day. On April 28, we hosted an open house/fish fry, with about 35 SFA students and friends in attendance, including my pastor from my home church. I have been blessed with discipling and eating lunch with several of the students during the week. We study the Bible, and I pray over them. We also love playing basketball and foosball. We are praying that God will supply financial support, both ongoing and one-time donations, for the general operating budget used to support ABS at SFA. We now have the ability to accept online giving at, but you are also welcome to mail your donation.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Trump to Keep Embassy in Tel Aviv For Now, CNN Fires Liberal Comedian Kathy Griffin, Boy’s Graduation Speech Pulled Over Christian Content


BMMI Schedule (pg. 5)

Dr. Ralph Izard – The following list of Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) trips shows the dates of the trips planned, the mission field and the missionaries with whom the group will be working. All information is subject to change. Please check with Angela Rice at or me at ralph@ for more information on any scheduled trips or to let us know if you would like to be part of any of the BMMI teams.


From Antioch to Antioch (pg. 5)

Several members of Antioch Baptist Church at Conway are either already in Georgetown, Texas or will be by the start of the school year. They have moved there to start the Antioch Georgetown Church. The church planting team includes several families (Abbott, Castleberry, Alba, Dial, Baker, Comer and Brandon) along with Intern Avery Ratliff, Bo Stitch, Alex Stringer, Caroline and Courtney Malone, Hanna Schultz, Sydney Meriweather and Kara Scott (not pictured)


Technology-Crazed World (pg. 6)

Brandon Cox – Social media is here. It’s not a trend. It’s not a fad. It’s part of the atmosphere we breathe in, like oxygen. Like it or not. You and I who are parents of teens and preteens grew up in a very different world. I remember the first broadcast day for MTV. Remember the first video? It was Video Killed the Radio Star, and it was prophetic. We also grew up with the advent of the Internet for home users, email and social networking when it wasn’t cool. Email started out as a kind of interoffice instant messaging system. Now, 7 out of 10 people check their email a minimum of 6 times per day. In the first internet generation, we would “dial up” and then “disconnect.” You could hear the modem scream and then hope for a “You’ve got mail” announcement. Now, it’s always on, and we’re absorbed in it.


Every Church Every Month (pg. 7)

Paul White – Please remember that your State Missions Department’s Special Emphasis time has begun. June and July are set aside each year to raise additional funds. And the last Sunday of July has been set aside as State Missions Day. If you would like to know more about your State Missions work, I would be happy to come and share with your church what God is doing right here in our own backyard.


Godly Fathers (pg. 8)

Mike McEuen – Everyone needs a leader, someone to whom we are accountable. In the home, the husband/father is that leader. The man is to submit to God’s leadership, and the family is to submit to the man’s leadership under God. Fathers are men who are faithful to their commitments. Fathers are men who live up to their obligations in the home and in public affairs. A father is a man who “sweareth to his own hurt and changeth not” (Psa. 15:4). A father keeps his word, even if doing so is to his personal disadvantage.

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