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Current News June 14


*From the States (pgs. 5-8)


*Oak Park to Host Seminary Class (pg. 1)

Are you interested in becoming better equipped to make disciples for Christ? The BMA Seminary has invited Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University and Seminary Dr. Stuart Scott to teach an Essential Qualities course for disciple-makers/biblical counselors. The class will be held Aug. 8-11 at Oak Park Baptist Church in Little Rock. Participants can obtain seminary credit or simply enjoy this as a conference. For those who would like to attend at the conference level, it is only $100! Sign up today by calling the BMA Theological Seminary at (800) 259-5673!


*Lost People Come First (pg. 1)

Daryl Cornett – We all know that our purpose in church work is defined by the Great Commission. We know that making disciples is what Jesus has called us to do, which starts with the evangelization of those who do not know Him. In one of my “sermon in a sack” times with the younger kids, my goal was to help them appreciate how much God loves and seeks those who are lost. I asked the group on the steps of the stage if they understood what it meant when the Bible referred to a person as lost or when we sang songs that referred to being lost. A 7-year-old girl spoke up and said, “Those are people who are running from God.” My heart leaped. Perfect.


*SOAR Theme Block (pg. 1)

From serious topics to serious fun, SOAR 2017 promises to be a time for kids to grow in their faith and have a blast at the same time. With Dustin Wisely as the featured speaker, in addition to a panel of guest speakers, acclaimed musicians and the many activities of SOAR Village, we are excited to invite students to spend July 5-7 in Grapevine, Texas, learning about how God intended His followers to be — Selfless.


*The Challenge of Independence (pg. 2)

Scotty Karber – Independence Day, a holiday that marks the USA’s birth of freedom, is fast approaching, and I find myself reflecting on how the “blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” have been and can be truly secured. From God’s perspective, we can only wonder if we really know what liberty is. From our own, we must acknowledge that we are now, both as a nation and a people, truly independent. (Only one who is determined to argue semantics can look through the eyes of reporters in foreign capitals and then say we are not free.) We accept this freedom as a right. I think our forefathers accepted it as a responsibility.

See You at SOAR 2017! (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Every year, we look forward to attending the SOAR conference to interact with all the students, youth pastors and group sponsors. This year is no different! SOAR is a transformational experience in the lives of students each summer, and we are humbled to be able to help sponsor it once again. CBC also provides an environment conducive for transformational experiences, and SOAR is a great way to share that with everyone. This year, we will be offering a NEW T-shirt design for all who stop by our table to visit with us and while supplies last. In addition, high school aged students are eligible to enter into our drawing for great prizes and CBC scholarships!


Your Wake-Up Call (pg. 2)

A “wake -up call” can be something that helps us get out of bed on time, or it may be information that could save our life. Recently, I read in one report that in America today there are, on the average, eight churches closing their doors every day. Many of these churches were content with their situation just months before they went out of existence. They were satisfied with the status quo, and did not seem to know that they were dying. What does the health of your church look like? How would one know if a church is in trouble? The following are some “diagnostic” questions that, if answered in the affirmative, may indicate a church that is in trouble:


Online Predators Working Overtime (pg. 2)

Ark. Attorney Gen. Leslie Rutledge – Online predators target children during the summer months when school is out and children spend more time on the internet. Parents and adults can protect children while they are accessing online resources and having fun on social media. Online predators look to take advantage of a child’s innocence by intimidating them or trying to put them into inappropriate situations, and that is why parents and adults must be vigilant in knowing what children are doing and who exactly they are talking to online to make sure they are safe. The following are tips for parents to implement this summer while their children are home on summer vacation:


Real Relationships (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Are we building genuine real relationships, or are we settling for superficial friendships? We are comfortable talking about the weather, sports and our family, but are we willing to go deeper? An essential part of building disciples requires nothing less than allowing other followers of Christ to become our close intimate friends. Our connection groups (small groups, Sunday School classes, etc.) need authentic relationships that will hold us accountable in our spiritual journeys.


Lifeword Visionary Leaders (pg. 3)

Part 3 – The following men are visionary leaders in Africa, and their job of establishing new LCR stations is further complicated because of restrictions and government interference in the licensing process. Living in an area where religious practices center on animism and superstition, they have a burden for sharing the Gospel with their people: Hayford Jackson, Ghana, West Africa; Abraham Cheyee’, Liberia; Renatus Kanunu, Tanzania. Go to to support these visionary leaders and be a part of Team Lifeword.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Will Tax Reforms Reduce Giving to Churches?; Bus Crash Ends Missions Trip Before It Starts; The “Monkey Wrench” That is Special Rights; Censoring Faith Expressions Violates First Amendment


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 4)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales, Dominican Republic


State Missions Special Emphasis (pg. 11)

Paul White – We are asking you to whisper a prayer that God will give our department a great Special Emphasis this year. We are already in the middle of our first month, and I still have some dates open to come and share the work with your church. We have set the last Sunday of July as State Missions Sunday here in Arkansas. Please help us help others. If there is a group in your church that is looking for a mission to assist this summer, please contact Bro. Darrin in Fort Smith. He is busy reaching out in the area and is currently working on remodeling their building. His contact information is in our header.


Horton, Antioch Pastor Emeritus, Dies (pg. 12)

Henry Lee Horton, 73, of Fairfield, Texas passed away. He was a graduate of Jacksonville Baptist College and Baylor University, and also attended Southwestern Theological Seminary. He served as a missionary to France from 1966 to 1970, and his pastorates include: Lost Prairie in Groesbeck, Texas; Calvary in Mesquite, Texas; Round Prairie in Fairfield, Texas; and his last pastorate, Antioch Baptist Church at Conway, where he served for 20 years before retiring in 2008 for health reasons. Before returning home to Fairfield, he was named Antioch’s pastor emeritus. A “Celebration of Life” service was held June 20 at Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfield, under the direction of Capps Memorial Chapel.


Jack Bearden, 100, BMA Minister, Dies (pg. 12)

Luther Almer (Jack) Bearden, 100 of Dixie, passed away June 16. He was a member of Grace Temple Baptist Church in Paragould. Bro. Bearden was saved in 1932 and surrendered to the ministry Aug. 22, 1942. During his 75 years in the ministry, he pastored 29 churches in Northeast Arkansas and Missouri. Funeral services were held June 19 at Prospect Baptist Church in Jonesboro, and interment was at Woodland Heights Cemetery in Rector, under the direction of Heath Funeral Home in Paragould. Memorials may be made to Grace Temple Baptist Church in Paragould and sent to 7110 Hwy. 135, Lake City, Ark. 72437.


We Are Free Water Well Update (pg. 12)

Ben Temple – On June 9-10, the Water for Christ team was excited to drill a water well in Arkansas, 150 miles away from home as opposed to 6,000 miles away in Africa. The Water for Christ team has been fundraising for over two months to fund this water well that will serve the non-profit organization We Are FREE. On June 9, the team headed south from the Conway area around 5 a.m. and worked late into the night drilling the well. We had a few obstacles to overcome, such as flat tires and air compressors fan belts breaking, but the team pulled together and finished the well the next day. The We Are FREE water well is 218 ft. deep and will feature an electric pump to draw out the water.


“Bug Off” (pg. 12)

Becky Ulmer (Mississippi Baptist)It is summertime in the South. That means fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and plenty of outdoor activities. Along with these activities come the South’s “three musketeers” or should I say “vampires” — mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers (red bugs). These guys no longer leave you with a little temporary discomfort or itching. They may be packing a debilitating or deadly punch with one simple sting or bite. The days are gone of applying a dab of bleach on the bite or issuing a dose of sulfur and cream of tartar tablets and feeling confident the discomfort will be short term. The local reaction on the skin can be more severe or leave unsightly scarrin

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