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Current News Sept. 27


*Obeying God Even When You Don’t Feel Like It (pg. 1)

Dennis Rainey – Have you ever heard of “Amish Forgiveness”? This phrase came to us through a great tragedy. Perhaps you remember the story. In October 2006, a gunman named Charles Roberts entered an Amish one-room schoolhouse in Pennsylvania and shot ten girls, killing five, and then taking his own life. It’s a storyline that has become all too familiar to us. A dark-hearted person goes on a killing rampage, taking the life of those who were where they were supposed to be and doing what they were supposed to do. Every time it happens, we grieve. The world is a dark and evil place. This time, however, something unexpected happened, something extraordinary. There was light. The light came through the men and women of the Amish community — many of them family members of the victims.


*Let Me Introduce You to Max (pg. 1)

Angela Rice – Max lives in Impanaquiari, Peru, a small village in the jungle along the Amazon Basin. In August, Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) had the privilege of going to his village to do medical clinics. Max was one of our patients that day. While examining Max at the clinic, Dr. Izard, director of BMMI, knew there was hope for Max to regain the use of his eyes, but it would require surgery. He also knew that Max’s parents would not have the funds to pay to travel to Lima, Peru, much less pay for the surgery.


*Final Visioneer Event (pg. 1)

SOAR 2017 has come and gone, and now planning for SOAR 2018 is beginning. At DiscipleGuide, we want to hear from you, student leaders! The theme for next year’s SOAR conference is Local, which will focus on teaching students about the vital importance of their local church. Who better to help cast the vision than leaders from their own church? This conference belongs to you, so please join us online at our final SOAR Visioneer event — Tuesday, Oct. 3, Facebook Live @soarconference at 7:30 p.m.


*Before You Get A Divorce (pg. 6)

Travis Plumlee (Part 1) – Every marriage retreat weekend I do, there are a handful of couples who come to it claiming they are getting a divorce and this is their last effort to try and hold the marriage together. I am thankful to God that He gives me an opportunity to minister to these couples. With information from the Bible, these couples always leave the retreat with a renewed strength and a steadfast resolution to hold the marriage together. Praise God! This is not a reflection on my marriage retreats, but rather a reflection upon the power of Christ and the counsel of the Word of God to restore and reconcile human relationships. Here are some things couples need to implement before they give in and get a divorce:


*God’s Five Purposes for Your Marriage (pg. 6)

Brandon Cox – Are you happily married? Happiness rises and falls, for all of us, married or not. And happiness isn’t the real goal of life anyway. Every day, I pray a prayer over my children that says, “God, help them to first be holy (set apart for You), and then to be healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially), and finally to be happy.” I want all three for them, but I want them in the proper order. So hoping to be married “happily ever after” will leave most people frustrated by unfulfilled expectations. If you just read that and thought, “Man. The guy sounds pretty UNhappily married…” you’d be way wrong. I would just say it this way — I’ve been married to the most awesome woman for nearly 20 years.


Mustang Athletics (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The Mustang Athletic Department is a big part of the CBC campus. In fact, student-athletes make up nearly 60% of our traditional student population and strengthen student life. Our Athletic Department is known for competing to glorify God first. The Mustang Athletic Department Mission is “dedicated to the development of spiritual, academic, and athletic excellence for all student-athletes.” This aligns perfectly with the college’s mission statement that is “committed to transforming lives.” (Also see CBC Athletic Scores on page 2)


When God Speaks (pg. 2)

Valarie Fish – The Bible study was getting off to a slow start, but one of the girls just needed to talk, so the rest of us adjusted and went with the flow. The scars on a pre-teen girl of knowing her mother didn’t want her are deep and will never really heal. “I just feel sad that she could just go off and forget about me. How does a mother even do that?” We talked about the hole left by such loss, and how only God knows what can fill it. We talked about using Scripture to remind us God cares when we are hurting and broken. Eventually, I tried to steer us toward our lesson. We needed to at least get it started.


Sequentialism (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Now there is a word you just do not use every day — at least I don’t! But when leading your church to have a mission’s strategy, it needs to be addressed. There are several missiologists who have even warned churches of the “heresy of sequentialism.” Sequentialism is “separating into components what really ought to be embraced all at once.” It is a very linear approach to our outreach where we begin to believe and think that we must reach our Jerusalem, then reach our Judea, next our Samaria and then, and only then, do we reach out to the ends of the earth.


Peeling Back Layers (pg. 3)

Bekah Martin – When I first lived on my own, like really on my own (no roommates), I moved into a pretty old duplex with some hideous wallpaper. Fortunately, I knew the landlord and got the okay to paint should I desire. I desired. I couldn’t manage it all my own, so a few friends came by and, of course, my loving mother pitched in to help. Some of that wallpaper just wouldn’t give. Instead of trying every possible avenue to get all the nooks and crannies that were impossible to get off, we cheated and painted over some places in my bathroom. My public apologies to whoever moved in after me. I gave it a go.


“Our” CBC Student (pg. 4)

Editor – Every student at CBC is special, but it always warms our hearts when Pat and I meet “our student” — the recipient of the Diane Baier Spriggs Journalism Endowed Scholarship — at the Endowed Scholarship Gathering each year. The event was held last Thursday evening, Sept. 21, and we were thrilled with this year’s recipient! He is Zachary (Zach) Kearney, a senior media and communications student from Branson, Mo., and he is also on the CBC wrestling team. Zach attends First Baptist Church in Branson. After he completes his final courses, he hopes to return to Silver Dollar City, where he worked two summers ago, for his internship. Zach is a fine young man, and we wish him all the best!


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Nashville Church Shooting; Process to Prohibit Medical Marijuana; PP Files Lawsuit to Allow Nurses And Midwives to do Abortions; Mennonite Church Appoints Openly Lesbian Head Pastor; 85% of Ark. Schools Tell Kids to Say “No” to Sex


Don’t Miss the Miracle of Christmas (pg. 5)

This Nov. 13-15, join DiscipleGuide as we host this year’s Senior Adult Conference in the beautiful Branson, Mo.! Head to the Hilton Convention Hotel to enjoy a weekend that will be just like a family reunion. Hear the inspiring preaching of Don Chandler and the moving worship music from David Attebery and Neil Dumas, as well as a concert by Steve Green and a performance by the CBC Singers. Register by Oct. 19 and attendees will receive tickets to the Miracle of Christmas at the incredible Sight and Sound Theater along with their registration!


Edwards, Magnolia Pastor, Dies (pg. 5)

Kevin Edwards, 52, of Magnolia, passed away Sept. 23. He surrendered to the ministry in 2010 and served as a youth minister for several years before accepting the position of senior pastor at Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church in Magnolia, where he had served since February 2013. During chemo, Bro. Edwards “ministered to everyone in the room with him. The last audible words he spoke were “Remember, God is good.” Survivors include his wife, Lisa Edwards of Magnolia; his father, Billy “BJ” Edwards of Magnolia; a daughter, Hannah Sullivan of Magnolia; two sisters, Cathey (Charles) Covington of Magnolia and Tanya (Bill) Lewis of Little Rock; and a brother, Steve (Sheryl) Edwards of Magnolia. Funeral services were scheduled for Sept. 27 at First Baptist Church of Magnolia, with Randy Click and Leroy Martin officiating. Interment was at Memorial Park Cemetery. The family requests that memorial donations be sent to Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church, 1320 Columbia Rd. 19, Magnolia, Ark. 71753. (


Disagree Respectfully (pg. 5)

Mike McEuen – Daniel and thousands of his countrymen were deported to Babylon after Judah was conquered, and he found himself facing a ruling dictator and surrounded by idolatry. Daniel was called by God to serve Him in this difficult place, and he rose to the center of authority in a pagan empire. Daniel maintained Godly character and conduct, and he became a respected leader. He kept himself pure and helped to transform both people and circumstances.


Repaying Trouble: II Thess. 1:1-10 (pg. 7)

Paul White – Paul began his letter with an introduction and a salutation (verses 1-4). As always, Paul took advantage of every opportunity to give praise to those suffering as faithful Christians. Not only were they enduring under their afflictions, but they were growing in faith and love for each other. The church at Thessalonica was shaken in mind and troubled because of a forged letter that supposedly came from Paul. They understood the letter to mean that they were experiencing the kind of suffering from which Paul had said the child of God would be delivered. So, Paul wrote to tell them not to fret because their suffering would be but for a season.


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 7)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales, Dominican Republic


Walkers to Serve in the Philippines (pg. 8)

Mailbox – In June, our family will pick up and move 8,541 miles to the Island of Negros, Philippines. We will serve the Lord and the churches of the BMA at the BMA Bible College in Bacolod and train those God has called to serve as pastors and teachers. The BMA Bible College is the epicenter of Southeast Asia Church Planting. Every year, more students are being equipped with the Word of God and sent out as missionaries and church planters. Many of them back to their own countries all over Southeast Asia. I am so looking forward to teaching at the college and helping to equip the next group of our Lord’s “laborers” to reach the lost.


Walters Family Ministries Update and Prayer Needs (pg. 8)

Mailbox – Imagine removing yourself from everything and everyone you know and love, without much time to prepare. Then consider moving somewhere far away, where there are few that resemble your Christianity, culture, and cadence. Imagine a place where Satan has a stronghold and witchcraft is common; a place where suicide, drugs, alcohol, and abuse are commonplace. That is the Native American Mission field, and that is our life. I thank God for calling us many years ago. We left home three days after we were married on Jan. 8, 1994. We came with only our small car, a few personal items stuffed in the hatchback, the prayers and support of my parents and no deputation. Fast forward almost 24 years, and we are still here by the grace of God.


A Time To Laugh (pg. 8)

Jeff Swart – The boyhood dream of Larry Walters of Los Angeles was to fly. After high school, he joined the Air Force to become a pilot, but his poor eyesight disqualified him from pilot status. After he was discharged from the military, he would often sit in his backyard, watch the jets fly overhead and dream of flying. One evening, while sitting in his backyard in his “extremely comfortable” Sears lawn chair, he got an idea.

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