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Current News Oct. 11


*BMA of Arkansas Breakout Session 2 (pg. 1)

Wade Allen – The Challenges of Student Ministry with Volunteer Leadership – If you grew up in a small Baptist church in the “Bible Belt,” you are probably familiar with something that we always called the attendance board. Hanging in the lobby of our church was a small billboard that revealed the church’s numbers for that week — from Sunday School attendance to the offering and sometimes even how many people brought their Bible with them to church! On the top line of our attendance board was a number that seemed to never change though — the line item was “Record Attendance.” For many years, I wondered how our little church could have ever had 119 people for a worship service.


*Improve Your Preaching on Oct. 28 (pg. 1)

Nothing affects the health of your church more than the faithful preaching of God’s Word. The quality of your ministry will be directly related to the quality of your preaching, and every preacher — regardless of age, training or experience — has room for improvement. That’s why DiscipleGuide and the BMA Seminary are proud sponsors of Preaching Lab workshops, under the direction of Dr. Clif Johnson. Preachers, join with other ministers on Oct. 28, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope. The event is open to every man who has been called to preach God’s Word. Lunch will be provided and free books will be given to every attendee. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your ministry alongside a fellowship of preachers. Registration is $20, and you can register by sending an email to, then pay at the conference.


*What’s a Christian to do with Halloween? (pg. 1)

Stephen Douglas Wilson – Halloween, in some form or another, has been around for a long time. What we call Halloween originated in two other autumn festivals — the ethnic Celtic celebration of Samhain and the Christian All Saints Day. The Celtic harvest festival of Samhain (Gaelic — perhaps “Summer’s End”) possessed multiple facets in Celtic folklore that celebrated the harvest, the dead and even the Celtic new year. Samhain probably derived from an earlier pagan celebration. Following custom among early and medieval Christian churchmen, Christian leaders often placed their holidays near popular pagan celebrations to wean their converts away from the pagan festivals. Hence, Pope Gregory III moved All Saints Day from May 13 to Nov. 1. Although never stated in any source that Gregory’s motive in the move was to counter the popular autumn festivals with pagan roots, his decision seemed to conform to previous practice.


*A Wife’s Counsel for Pastor Appreciation Month (pg. 3)

Wendy Baker (Baptist Press) – For many ministers, wives and their families, Pastor Appreciation Month is a joyful time each October. Yet for those in churches that have not caught on to this opportunity, it can seem like any other time of year, good or bad. As I flip through the files in my mind of seasons we’ve experienced in ministry, I am both humbled and exhilarated. We have certainly tread the paths of the whole gamut — and I have lived to tell about it. The pastor’s wife sometimes is the forgotten and seemingly unappreciated part of the story. Many of us have lived through these feelings, and some of us are living through them even now. Although it’s nice to be loved and appreciated, we have to be mindful that our significance comes from the Lord and what He says about us (I Cor. 1:31).


*The Army Way (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – “Leadership is influencing people, by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization!” Where did this excellent quote on leadership come from? Interestingly, it comes directly out of the official Army Leadership Manual. This description exactly fits what the church, the army of the Lord, should be focusing on. Three words stand out needing more of our attention and understanding:


Stampede Day a Success! (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The Central Baptist College Admissions Office held the first college preview day, Stampede Day, of the 2017-2018 academic year on Wednesday, Oct. 4. A total of 63 students and their guests attended and experienced a “day in the life” of a CBC student. Attendees were able to hear a student and a faculty panel, interact with the various academic departments, eat lunch provided by CBC Dining Services and attend CBC’s weekly chapel service. There was a lot of energy on campus, and it was a great way for these 63 prospective students to get a feel for the CBC college experience.


CBC Scores (pg. 2)

Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Golf, Volleyball and Cross Country



Clergy Housing Allowance Struck Down Again (pg. 3)

David Roach (Baptist Press) — For the second time, a federal judge has ruled the U.S. tax code’s ministerial housing allowance is unconstitutional. Mississippi College law professor Matt Steffey told Baptist Press the ruling, unlike U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb’s previous attempt to strike down the housing allowance, could be upheld on appeal to the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Mississippi College is affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention. The judge appears “bound by existing law to decide the case this way,” Steffey said. “The way the U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted the Establishment Clause” to forbid preference of religion over non-religion “dictates to a lower court, which must follow the existing Supreme Court precedent to arrive at this decision.” Crabb’s Oct. 6 ruling eventually could be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court if a majority of its justices are willing to change.


Alcohol Abuse; Prov. 20:1; Isa. 5:22 (pg. 4)

Dr. John Adams – Some Christians favor the use of alcoholic beverages in moderation, whereas other believers insist on total abstinence. Some believe it is possible to drink alcoholic beverages without damaging their Christian testimonies, and others believe that the only safe rule is to completely stay away from strong drink. As a nation, little of what we say or do is based on the Word of God. We have rejected God’s counsel in government, business, schools and in the family; and we are paying the price. Will we fail to recognize that God has the first and last word? As Christians, we ought to see the alternatives clearly, pray, then speak out as those who understand and are committed to the will of God.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Trump “Would Sign” Pro-Life Bill; ACLU Fights Faith-Based Child Placement Agencies; Support for Florida Park’s Cross; Another Cross Controversy


Mrs. Ford Dies, Four Weeks After Husband (pg. 5)

Wanda Fay Downs Ford, 86 of Conway, died four weeks after the death of her husband, BMA Minister Jim Ford. (See Sept. 13 issue of the Baptist Trumpet.) On the night of her husband’s passing, she suffered a heart attack that weakened her, and she passed away on Oct. 3. Mrs. Ford began to practice the piano at an early age and wanted to use her musical abilities to glorify God. At the age of 32, she moved her family to Conway to begin her formal education at Central Baptist College; and later at State College of Arkansas (now UCA), where she earned her MME. She served as pianist, organist, and vocalist for over 40 years at Central Baptist Church in Conway, and played and sang for the Harvest Gleaner Hour (now Lifeword). She taught voice and piano privately and at Central Baptist College, where she later served as the executive secretary to the president. After her retirement, she served on the Governor’s Sentencing Commission and briefly worked in the office at Central Baptist Church. Survivors include a son, Michael (Kelley) King; two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held Oct. 7 at Central Baptist Church, with Don Chandler officiating. Memorials may be made to Central Baptist Church, 3333 Dave Ward Drive, Conway, Ark. 72034; or Lifeword Ministries, P.O. Box 6, Conway, Ark. 72033.


Life Song to Host Human Trafficking Awareness Luncheon (pg. 5)

On Saturday, Oct. 21, the women of Life Song Baptist Church at Greenbrier will host a luncheon — “Diamonds for $10” — to raise awareness on the atrocity of human trafficking here in the United States. You are invited to come enjoy lunch and be inspired by the compassion exhibited in this ministry while sharing a few laughs and building kinship among sisters in Christ. For additional information pertaining to the luncheon and to RSVP, please contact Robin Tyler at or (501) 328-7770. For additional information regarding We Are FREE, visit


Master’s Builders Help Mississippi Church (pg. 5)

Nelda Malone – The week after Labor Day, The Master’s Builders began work in Poplarville, Miss., at College Heights Baptist Church. Pastor Brandon Burge and the hard-working members there needed help with work in their fellowship hall. Five couples were able to come, and we also had help from Willie Oldenquist and Bobby Lowe. We enjoyed sweet fellowship with the church and thank them for all they did for us while we were there. If you have questions about the Master’s Builders Ministry, or if your church has building needs, contact: Office Coordinator John Mangum at (318) 202-5155 or (318) 607-4100 (cell); or Field Coordinator Eddie Sikes at (903) 725-6549 or cell (479) 462-1675 (cell). Remember to follow us on Facebook at “The Master’s Builders.”


Updated BMMI Schedule (pg. 5)

Dr. Ralph Izard, Director – The following list of Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) trips shows the dates of the trips planned, the mission field and the missionaries with whom the group will be working. All information is subject to change… Please check with Angela Rice at or me at ralph@ for more information on any scheduled trips or to let us know if you would like to be part of any of the BMMI teams.


After Your Divorce (pg. 6)

Travis Plumlee (part 3)There is no way around it; it hurts. Even if there was abuse, divorce leaves you with raw, damaged emotions. Loneliness creeps in almost immediately, and this loneliness becomes salt in the wounded heart. You may be shocked by people’s reaction; but hopefully, God will bless you with some people who are there for you. Unfortunately, many divorced people don’t get a pat on the back and an “I’m praying for you.” If your spouse had died, the whole church would have rallied around you. The food, encouragement letters and cards would have been impressive. People would have come over all the time to check on you. But after the death of a marriage, it is usually eerily quiet from the Christian community. We all know the reason — divorce is wrong. It is sinful. It is not what God wants. I’m sure you have been sent on that guilt trip so many times that you have had to pack extra bags and have obtained frequent flyer miles.


Director’s Desk (pg. 7)

Paul White – Rejoicing in Heaven — I visited with one of our missionaries who had two saved in their services Sunday. Thanks to your support, the BMA of Arkansas is making a difference here at home. You are to be commended for your love of the lost and hurting people of our state. Sweet Fellowship — We have enjoyed visiting with as many of our local associations meetings as possible this year. Now there are only four remaining. The folks always seem so glad to see us and hear about their State Missions projects. If I was not able to attend your local meeting, the loss was mine. Reminder — Our state meeting is approaching quickly, and I encourage everyone to make plans to attend. We will be meeting in Conway at Central Baptist College, Nov. 2-3. Hopefully, we will be recommending a new missionary and location this year. Please continue to pray for your missionaries and their families.


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