Current News- 10-18-17

Current News Oct. 18


*Association to Meet “In Just a Few Days” (pg. 1)

Ron Fields, President – Messengers and guests of the BMA of Arkansas will gather in just a few days (Nov. 2-3) on the campus of Central Baptist College in Conway. Please make sure your church has elected messengers and provided for their overnight stay. Breakout sessions provide unique opportunity to hear how different churches approach the challenges of ministry. Information on the content and thrust of these sessions are already in print. Review the schedule printed on page 8 of this week’s Trumpet or check it out on their website at


*Ministering to Millennials (pg. 1)

P.J. Nolan – BMA of Ark. Breakout Session 3According to there are an estimated 789,814 millennials currently living in the state of Arkansas, making them the largest generation segment in the state. There is much debate about how to define the age range for millennials, but many agree that a millennial is between the ages of 19-39. As an association of churches, we must answer this important question: “How are we going to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?” It’s a tough question to answer. This year at the BMA of Arkansas State meeting, Donny Parrish (Lifeword executive director) and I will be facilitating a panel on this very topic.


*“Puerto Rico Has Been Devastated” (pg. 1)

David Dickson – The first things you notice are the trees. The ones that aren’t completely mangled or entirely stripped of their leaves have just a few shredded pieces of leaves left hanging on. The next thing that grabs your attention are the light poles that still angle precariously over the streets and highways, looking as though they might finally fall the rest of the way to the ground at any moment. The homes that were constructed of wood have been converted into piles of misshapen lumber, and those disheartening scenes are repeated all over the island. No area escaped the destruction of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico has been devastated.


*Raising Debt-free Children (pg. 1)

Elizabeth Owens • Baptist Press – Money. Everybody talks about it. Almost everybody thinks they need more of it. Some people have budgets or spending plans, while many people are in debt, some deeply in debt. Most of us wish our children would learn to manage their money well — perhaps better than we manage our own. What does the Bible say about money and how do we communicate these principles to our children?


Endowed Scholarship Dinner Held Recently (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – It was our pleasure to welcome a large crowd to the annual dinner for endowed scholarship donors and students. The purpose of the annual gathering is to show appreciation for our scholarship contributors, and to also allow the student recipient to meet his/her scholarship provider. Over 100 donors and students were in attendance at the dinner held on Sept. 21 in the Childers Dining Hall located in the Mabee Student Services Complex. (Note: also see CBC Sports Results on page 2)


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Cris & Alicia (Ramshur) Samson, Philippines


Leaning into Jesus (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Keeping your church focused on Christ will be an ongoing and unending pursuit. There are faith habits you must show new believers how to develop. Also, the reality is that you should not assume that those who have been in church for years know what to do. Develop an environment that teaches how to “lean” into Jesus both personally, in small groups and corporately as a church. When you study His Word, you are “leaning” into His presence to hear His voice and His direction for your life.


JC Students Minister Following Hurricane (pg. 3)

David Heflin – In response to the devastating effects of hurricane Harvey, over 100 Jacksonville College (Jacksonville, Texas) students and employees received training from the Disaster Relief Ministry of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) on Sept. 6. Following the training, groups of teams from the college began making trips to the Houston area to offer aid to the cleanup and restorations efforts. Randy Decker, director of the JC Music Program, took members of the choir to Conroe on the first trip. The team’s efforts included the removal of sheetrock, clearing walls of wet insulation, removal of appliances, cabinet demolition and the application of mildewcide.


But God… Times Four! (pg. 4)

Editor – You know me, so you know my two favorite words in the Bible are “But God.” We hear them over and over in Scripture — things are going terribly, and there seems to be no escape route — “But God” steps in and turns things around in a way that only He can. We often miss those “But God” moments if we aren’t looking for them, but I have had four of them happen in four days. Of course, there were probably others because they happen all the time; but these are the ones that stand out to me.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Ark. Abortion Case Stay Sustained, BSA to Open Scouting to Girls in 2018; Countries Hostile to Christians


Experience the Miracle of Christmas (pg. 5)

DiscipleGuide – October 19 is the last day to register for the Senior Adult Conference and still receive free tickets to the Miracle of Christmas show at the renowned Sight and Sound Theater. The tickets will not be included in the registration package after this date, and seating is extremely limited because of the popularity of this performance. So join DiscipleGuide this Nov. 13-15 as they host this year’s Senior Adult Conference in the beautiful Branson, Mo.! Head to the Hilton Convention Hotel to enjoy a weekend that will be just like a family reunion. Visit to register for the 2017 Senior Adult Conference.


Discipleship Produces Tomorrow’s Spiritual Leaders (pg. 5)

Potluck Story #3 – Jenni Johnson grew up in the BMA, attending Daniel Springs and SOAR every summer. She learned to grow in the faith because of her local church and DiscipleGuide’s investment in her life. Now, she is a full-time missionary with her husband and children in China. “I’m a product of BMA discipleship,” said Jenni, “and now serve in a ministry that is being supported by and prayed for by DiscipleGuide. It’s full circle!”


Beating Cancer (pg. 5)

Valarie Fish – Another friend lost the battle, and we mourn. The whole thing seems so unfair. A Google search tells us that every cell in our body has the potential to become cancerous. Researchers have been working for many years to isolate the cause, in hopes of finding a cure for the rapid, abnormal growth of cells which cause tumors — some benign and some malignant. Every breakthrough gets us a little closer to some answers, even while creating more questions. No one knows for sure if the growth of cancer cells can be directly linked to environment, genetics, lifestyle choices or a random combination. Cancerous cells are a possibility to any of us at any time. Some cancers are easily treatable, especially if identified early on; and some will ultimately consume and destroy healthy cells altogether.


Auxiliaries (pg. 5)

Southwest GMAs Meet, Southwest WMA Meets


A New Heaven: Rev. 21:1-4 (pg. 7)

Paul White – John presented to the seven churches, and through them to us, the strongest possible incentives to induce faithfulness to God, regardless of any kind of opposition. There is a better day coming for the children of God. While this earth is home for the present, it will never be satisfactory as the eternal abode of the redeemed. This world, as we know it, will pass away; and along with it, the curse and all that it causes. God says He will reign with His people in this new world. It is true that new does not necessarily mean better, but it certainly does apply to the references made in the text. Paul declared, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (I Cor. 2:9).


Thank You From Puerto Rico (pg. 8)

Dear Editor: I would like to thank your readers, on behalf of all of our churches, for the contributions that have been made to the Puerto Rico Relief Fund. We have received those funds, and they have been distrubted to our churches here. We truly appreciate the love you have shown by making this contribution to help us in such a difficult time because of the devastation of Hurricane Maria. God is a good God, and He works by using men and women who love Christ and His people. Thank you all, and God bless. (Alfredo L. Didier Garcis, PhD., president, BMA of Puerto Rico)


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