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Current News Nov. 8


*Another Year of Highlights (pg. 1)

Editor – The theme of this BMA of Arkansas meeting was “Meeting the Challenges of Ministry,” Eph. 6:18-20. David Johnson (pastor of Grace Baptist Church at Damascus) brought the annual message, “Pastors” from II Tim. 2:1-5. The annual meeting is always filled with highlights, and this year was no exception, starting with welcoming a former mission (The Bridge, Mountain Home) into the association. Pastor Hershel Conley was given the “hand of welcome” by First Vice President Wade Allen. Two other highlights — the election of a new missionary (Carter Pearce) and the possibility of a new ministry (Disaster Relief) — are featured in separate articles on this page of the Trumpet. (See page 8 of this week’s Trumpet for a collage of photos and a listing of the contact information for the BMA of Arkansas Departments and the names of the committee members. See pages 4-5 for the reports of the departments as printed in the Combined Report Booklet.)


*Meeting the Challenges of Ministry

By Ron Fields, President’s Message — Ministry — I am not thinking of the duty of every child of God. I have in mind the work of a pastor. With the exception of a 2-3 year period, all I ever wanted to do the past 54 years, is be a pastor. During those years, many fellow pastors have come and gone. You have heard the statistics. You know that, in addition to numerous churches closing their doors every year, there is also a great number of men leaving the pastorate. Some relate the cause to familiar circumstances — churches that failed to properly care for them financially, spiritually, emotionally. A few years ago, a friend came to a pastor’s prayer meeting and seemed to be in shock. He had just resigned a church, thought he would retire only to find out he couldn’t!


*BMA of Arkansas Disaster Relief Ministry

Editor – The following motion was made by Allan Eakin (pastor of Celebration Baptist Church in Haskell) at last week’s BMA of Arkansas meeting: “I move that the BMA of Arkansas authorize: The development of a BMA of Arkansas Disaster Relief Ministry. That Allan Eakin, David Thompson, Nick Parrish and Scott Small be elected as a steering committee for the development of this ministry. That funding be acquired through private donations fundraising, and 20% of funds to be received through the sale of the property donated to BMA Missions from the New Liberty Baptist Church in Fort Smith. That this ministry be a joint effort of the various departments of the BMA of Arkansas. That this ministry function under the oversight of the BMA of Arkansas Missions Department.”


*Our Newest Missionary (pg. 1)

Paul White – We are excited to announce the planting of a new mission project — Grace Missionary Baptist Mission in Green Forest — which is a direct result of your love for lost souls. Green Forest is in north central Arkansas between Alpena and Berryville, about 25 miles west of Harrison. Last Friday at the BMA of Arkansas meeting, the association approved this location and elected Carter Pearce to serve as a bi-vocational missionary. He has lived in that area for over five and a half years, where he has worked for Tyson Foods as a chaplain and more recently has been moved into a management position. Serving in these positions has placed him in direct contact with the working force of the area which should prove to be an asset to his new work.


CBC Homecoming (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Central Baptist College will host its annual Homecoming activities on Friday, Feb. 2 and Saturday, Feb. 3. Events begin on Friday with a Stampede Open House for prospective students starting at 2:30 p.m. Students interested in CBC should consider attending this event to learn more about scholarships, financial aid, the admissions process and much more. Students may sign up at On Friday afternoon, a Chili Cook- Off will be held in the Mabee Student Center. Student groups, alumni and local businesses are encouraged to compete in this event. The registration fee is $20 for all businesses. The event will have free admission and chili and hot dogs will be served. To register a Chili Cook-Off team, email Meagan Lowry at or visit (Also see page 2 for CBC Athletic scores.)


Mt. Calvary Association Invests in DiscipleGuide (pg. 2)

Scott Attebery – Generosity and love are two essential qualities of Christ followers. When a believer shows selflessness in this way, they live out obedience to the Savior. Recently, the Mt. Calvary Association demonstrated this love toward DiscipleGuide and Daniel Springs Baptist Camp by donating $1,000 to each organization at their annual meeting in October. Originally, this association had been saving and raising money for a camp of their own, but God changed their plans. As a result, they’ve been able to financially bless many ministries.


Dealing With Conflict and Criticism (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – How do you please people without being a people pleaser? Pastors have a desire to get along with their members, and have a strong burden for unity. Sometimes that is quite a challenge with so many different opinions on how people think churches should be run and what they believe the pastor’s responsibilities are. People can sometimes be difficult, and when conflict comes, we must be ready to have a plan in place for how we will handle it. Will we handle it biblically?


Ways You Can Help the Youth Department (pg. 3)

Dan Carson – It was great to see many of you at the BMA of Arkansas meeting this past week. A number of you shared your excitement with me about the direction of our department, and a willingness to help in whatever way that you can as we seek to invest in the youth and youth workers of our state. Let me encourage you to consider three things over the next year: Point your youth workers to our Facebook group. It can be found at Pray for us. As I work with our board and leadership of other areas of ministry, we need you praying for God’s clear direction as we take steps forward. Consider supporting the Youth Department on a monthly basis. Even a monthly donation of $5 can make a difference in what we are able to accomplish. Donations can be sent to BMA of AR Youth Department, c/o Calvary Baptist Church, 1410 North Porter Road, Fayetteville, Ark. 72703.


Arkansas Galileans To Meet (pg. 6)

Kenneth Colvert – The Arkansas Galileans Fall Fellowship at will meet Dec. 1-2 at Camp Beaverfork, 159 Beaverfork Road in Conway. Registration will begin Friday evening at 7 in the tabernacle. Pre-registration is not necessary; but please call, text or e-mail the approximate number in your group that will be attending to me by Nov. 17. The theme for this year is “Living With Your Eyes Closed,” I Cor. 5:7. The sub-theme for this meeting is “Walk Forward,” I Cor. 2:9. The speaker is Randy Lingenfelter, pastor of Pocahontas Baptist Church in Pocahontas. The $25 camp fee per person is payable upon arrival. Make checks payable to Arkansas State Galileans. Breakfast is the only meal that will be provided at camp.


EIM Opportunities in 2018 (pg. 6)

Mike Goodwin – Have you ever thought about taking a short-term mission trip, but didn’t know with whom or how? Evangelistic International Ministries (EIM) would like to invite you to become a part of what God is doing around the world! This is your opportunity to make an impact on lives overseas. EIM has been taking teams of adults on short-term mission trips for over 15 years. EIM will take care of all the planning and logistics, all you have to do is sign up and raise the money. We have three different trips to choose from this year that each contain their own unique experience.


BibleStick Update (pg.6)

David Powell – Greetings BMA family! I wanted to encourage you with this Veterans Day update on the Military BibleStick (MBK) outreach. So far, 857,783 MBKs have been sent to 2,013 chaplains for distribution to our nation’s military personnel and to our veterans. BMA churches have funded 7,621 MBKs! Recent shipments have been sent to Guard Units in Puerto Rico and South Texas, and to Veterans Healthcare Centers in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cheyenne, Fargo, Sioux Falls, El Paso, North Chicago and Fayetteville (NC)… Pastors are invited to present the outreach to their congregations at Veterans Day services or on National Bible Sunday (Nov. 19 this year). MBKs that are funded will be available for chaplains to distribute throughout the Christmas season. Please contact me at (800) 545-6552 if you would like to provide MBKs for our troops/veterans, and I will send you a promotion video and an MBK sample for demonstration.


Disaster Relief Response Ministry (pg. 7)

Paul White – This year, I shared with the Missionary Committee the possibility of creating a Disaster Relief Response team to help in Arkansas and surrounding states. A few years ago, Glen Austin and I researched this very idea and it was received favorably by the association; but at the time, funding was not available. Since then, I have believed that such a ministry would and could be effective in the BMA showing love through actions. While not everyone will be called to teach a class, I believe there is an army of men and women who would love to be a blessing to those who are displaced and hurting.


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