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*Support of Israel Wanes Among Younger Evangelicals (pg. 1)

Bob Smietana (Baptist Press) — Older American evangelicals love Israel, but many younger evangelicals simply don’t care, according to a new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. Three-quarters (77%) of evangelicals 65 and older say they support the existence, security and prosperity of Israel. That drops to 58% among younger evangelicals, those 18 to 34. Four in 10 younger evangelicals (41%) have no strong views about Israel. Fewer younger evangelicals (58%) have an overall positive perception of Israel than older evangelicals (76%). And they are less sure Israel’s rebirth in 1948 was a good thing. “For the most part, younger evangelicals are indifferent about Israel,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.


*Focus on Priorities at Christmas (pg. 1)

The Late Travis Plumlee — One of the main ways you can reduce stress over the next few weeks is to get organized. We feel out of control when there is chaos or confusion. When there is no order, things spin out of control. What you need to do is plan ahead. I think we should plan our priorities around our passions.


*Hark! Skipping Christmas Carol Verses Discouraged (pg. 1)

David Roach — As worship pastor Andrew Lucius selects songs for Christmas worship, he is considering specific needs in the Georgia congregation he serves. Among his conclusions: singing only the first verse of familiar carols could leave worshipers spiritually malnourished. The widow “who’s going through the Christmas season the first time this year without her husband… needs more than the first verse of ‘Joy to the World!’” said Lucius, associate pastor of music and worship at Bull Street Baptist Church in Savannah, Ga. “She needs to sing, ‘No more let sin and sorrow grow, nor thorns infest the ground. He comes to make His blessings known far as the curse is found.’ “When she’s feeling the power of the curse and its application in death, I want her to be singing and believing that,” Lucius said.


*Watch Out For Identity Theft (pg. 1)

“143 million — that is how many U.S. consumers Equifax says could potentially be impacted by a data breach that occurred in mid-May and lasted until July 29 when the company discovered it,” according to a news release from the office Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Since Equifax recently announced the breach, the Arkansas Attorney General’s office has received a number of calls from concerned Arkansans and hopes more will do the same. Arkansans can visit to get the latest information about the breach.


*Ministry Care (pg. 3)

Larry Barker — The ministry is not easy, and we know that Paul warned Timothy and others of many challenges. The need for a team of others you can count on cannot be overstated. Realizing that I am running the risk of saying the same thing too often, allow me the opportunity to say it again — “The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team.” If you, as a spiritual leader, begin to struggle spiritually, before long others around you will also begin to struggle. Protecting your walk with the Lord is paramount. You cannot allow yourself to get to the point of running on empty by not constantly abiding in Him. You must develop rhythms in your life where you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually build systems in your life that continue to stir up the passion you have for Christ and the gift within you.


Three Students Recognized in White Coat Ceremony (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow — The CBC Math and Science Department recognized three students for their academic excellence by awarding them with white coats in a ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 9. The three students recognized were Hattie Horton, Kassidy Irwin and Michaela Wann. These students achieved academic excellence in very challenging courses at CBC and, for the first time in the seven-year history of the ceremony, all of the awardees were juniors. The students were charged to live out the mission of CBC by Dr. Joshua Kwekel, associate professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, after they graduate. Horton and Irwin are pursuing medical school after graduation, while Wann has intentions of joining the Air Force upon graduating. (Also see CBC Scores, pg. 2)


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 2)

Philippines — Ballards & Scroggins


Like A Family Reunion (pg. 3)

Scott Attebery — This year’s Senior Adult Conference was a time of worship and relaxation as members of churches from various states gathered in a family atmosphere. Speaker Don Chandler, pastor of Central Baptist Church in Conway, delivered three messages entitled, “Defeating Your Goliath,” which related the story of David and Goliath to the giants we face in life. “David Attebery and Neil Dumas led worship, and I received countless comments on how good they were at leading,” said DiscipleGuide Conference Director Thomas Mobly.  Conference goers also attended the Miracle of Christmas at the Sight and Sound Theater. The musical was a favorite due to a top of the line performance, as well as the heartening presentation of the Christmas story. The CBC Singers also graced attendees with a performance, and Steve Green delivered an inspiring concert.  In addition to the time of family fellowship and worship, attendees gave an offering for Daniel Springs Baptist Camp. They raised $7,000 to help renovate one of the dorms into a retreat center. The 2018 Senior Adult Conference will again be held in Branson. The dates are Nov. 12–14. Stay tuned for more details.


Business Added to List

Editor — Another business has been added to the “Businesses Owned by Members of BMA of Arkansas Churches” that is on our website at Fayetteville — Hill City Popcorn Co., 240 E. Joyce Blvd. #4, Fayetteville, Ark. 72703; Kirk & Tom Shelton (Calvary, Fayetteville); (479) 442-3908;; To add your business, visit the site, download and complete the form and return it to or P.O. Box 192208, Little Rock, Ark. 72219.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Former Student Wins Freedom Of Speech for Future Grads; Worker Killed While Preaching The Gospel to His Killer; U.S. Pact Works to Make Israel “Light to the Nations;” Supreme Court Leaves Texas Decision in Place


A Miracle Named Mr. Buddy (pg. 5)

Michael Battenfield — The 2016-2017 school year at Clinton began rough. While my daughter, Anna continued on her somewhat typically successful path with junior high band and choir, our younger daughter, Selah ran into major difficulties. Her behavior had become sporadic, even somewhat destructive, bringing back memories of the previous year’s sabotage and extremely concerning behavior that ultimately ended our homeschool efforts. She rapidly became an issue for her teachers, with frequent notes home because she wasn’t doing her homework, keeping up with classwork and progressively becoming a general “issue” in classes. Indeed, she was becoming far more trouble than any fifth grader ought to be. While we had prayed and prayed, and had an army of prayer warriors battling as well, we had come to our wits’ end.  Our only guess was that Selah lacked that “one thing” on which she could focus her passions.


Attention WMA Ladies! (pg. 5)

Jodi Rhea — Your national WMA officers are really excited about our program during the BMA of America meeting this coming year in Jackson, Miss., and we are looking forward to seeing you there! We plan to take care of all our business on Monday afternoon, April 16, and to make our meeting on Tuesday more like a Ladies Retreat. We will praise and worship together and be inspired and refreshed by our speaker, Kim Crabhill as she uses God’s Word to speak to us. We’d also like to make it a time of fellowship where we can all have lunch together. During that time, we will also honor our pastors’ wives and widows. In order for all the ladies to have lunch together, I need your help. I am asking that our local WMA groups send a donation to help make it more affordable for each lady who attends. A big “thank you” to the Texas State WMA for donating $750 to start us off! You can send your donations to Jodi Rhea, 40156 E. CR 1631, Wynnewood, Okla. 73098. I’ll receive donations from the WMA groups through the end of January 2018, and at that time, I will let the ladies know what it will cost to reserve her place at the luncheon. We will then receive individual payments through March. Please help get the word out!


Sunbeams Go Christmas Shopping (pg. 5)

The Sunbeams at Spring Lake Baptist Church in Texarkana recently went Christmas shopping for a local child. They had collected change, and had $200 to spend. The Sunbeams that shopped were Sara Fiori, Faith Siscoe, Gavin Mudford, Lakyn Chandler, Morgan Holliman, Riley Mudford, Mark McCright, Eli Rankin, Roman Riddle, Nate Rankin and Sponsor Katren Rankin. (April McCright, reporter)


What Does a Genuine Person Look Like? (pg. 5)

Elisabeth Brown — Honestly, writing this has been hard for me because being genuine can be so tough at times. Let’s be real, we don’t like everyone the way we should. Some people we have to deal with day-to-day can get annoying, and it can be hard to really want to be nice to them and keep your opinions to yourself. I can be extremely blunt, so I know the struggle. We get irritated and want to pretend to like others; then we say how we really feel when they aren’t around. Why? Because we are sinners! Even the most Godly person can get annoyed by people at times. In my opinion, the best way to become a genuine person is to strive to be more like God. I know that sounds too simple or cliché, but it’s true. If you choose to imitate God’s own heart, you will begin to truly be nice to people because you want to be nice, like God!


Some Observations from Steerage (pg. 6)

Tony Cleaver — My wife and I enjoy cruising, especially when we can find a really cheap cruise. This last cruise, we got a steerage room. A steerage room is way, way down in the bottom of the ship. You get there through a series of ladders. Daylight has not come to steerage since the keel was laid. In fact, when you get up in the morning, you have to be careful about putting your feet on the floor if the sump pump has not started to remove the water from your room. Anyway, enough about our room. Here are some observations from steerage:


Past and Present Victories (pg. 7)

Paul White — As we approach the end of another year, I am thankful for the many blessings God has shown us through your State Missions office. The Bridge Baptist Church organized in March, we purchased a building in Fort Smith in April for Life Journey and added a new missionary, Carter Pearce in November. We are currently looking to purchase a building in Green Forest for Grace Baptist Mission.


Final Guns In Churches (Mailbox, pg. 8)

Chris Rankin — Editor’s Note: This will be the final article the Trumpet will run on Guns in Churches, at least for the time being, because I’m doing the Baptist thing and “calling for question.” The reason is simple — both sides have made their points well, and now it’s time for each church to decide what they will do about the matter. Thank you all for your input.



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