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*MRS Board Nominates Crawley (pg. 1)

Ministers Resource Services (MRS) Board of Trustees has announced the nomination of Dr. Steve Crawley for the position of executive director. He will be recommended at the 2018 BMA national meeting. Earlier this year, the current director, Ron Chesser, announced his retirement, effective May 31, 2018. Crawley’s occupational background includes working 13 years in corporate finance and accounting, as well as working 13 years for Lifeword as chief financial officer and executive director. He has also served BMA LLC as financial team leader. His educational background includes a BSBA, MBA, MAR and PhD. He is a member of Antioch Baptist Church and resides in Conway.


*A Different “From the States” (pg. 1)

Instead of the usual four-page From the States (FTS) insert, this month I’ve asked the other state editors to share a favorite Christmas article with our Trumpet readers. Since space will be limited in next week’s issue — due to the Christmas card that will take up page 1, and the Through the Bible in a Year that will take up page 8 — we will begin running some of those Christmas articles in today’s issue. (See page 6) We will return to our usual FTS format in January. Merry Christmas!


*Small Home Project Update (pg. 1)

Jeremy Wiginton – Monday, Dec. 11, representatives of Genesis House and I met with the chairman of Simmons Foods, Inc. to review and discuss the small home project. (See Aug. 9, 2017 issue of the Baptist Trumpet.) During the meeting, Mr. Simmons committed to a $100,000 grant from the Simmons Foundation to help with building four small homes on the property of East Kenwood Church. The homes will be used by Genesis House for their Family Jump Start Program. A total of 16 currently homeless families a year will live in these homes for 90 day periods while they find job(s) in the area to support their families, save up money for a down payment on their own apartment/rental and reestablish their family on more solid ground.


*Seminary Offers Free Christian Ethics Course (pg. 1)

BMA Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas has announced that their free course for Spring 2018 will be Introduction to Christian Ethics —CE111cf, taught by Dr. Tony Cleaver. The course will begin Feb. 5, 2018, and interested students may register at The textbook that will be used is Choosing the Good by Dennis P. Hollinger, Baker Academic, ISBN 0-8010-2563. For more information, visit the website, email or call (903) 586-2501 or (800) 259-5673.


*December Lifeword Training In Romania

Holly Meriweather – For eight years, Drom de Romangue, Lifeword’s 30-minute gypsy broadcast, has aired on Saturday nights to gypsies all over Europe and beyond. Bogdan Bilav is Lifeword’s visionary leader (and BMA missionary) in Romania, and maintains that broadcast and ministers to its listeners. Now that ministry will expand even further, thanks to a recent media training involving Bro. Bogdan, Lifeword Programming Director Rick Russell and a group of enthusiastic gypsies.


CBC Launches WISH Circle Women’s Initiative (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – For many years, we have been aware of a need in our community. There are many women who are served by our local non-profit agencies for whom education would truly transform their lives. But due to lack of financial resources, lack of a support network or for a myriad of other reasons, higher education seems like a dream that would be impossible to achieve. That is why the WISH Circle was created! WISH stands for Women In Support of Hope. It is a women’s initiative where women support women in one of the following three ways – scholarships, mentoring and prayer.


CBC Sports (pg. 2)

Daktronics/NAIA Scholar Athletes, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball and Wrestling


Bethlehem Revisited Celebrates 20 Years (pg. 2)

Madelaine Priest – For 20 years, Antioch Baptist Church in Conway has transported guests back in time to the town where our Savior was born. This year’s Bethlehem Revisited was no different. Beginning this year on Dec. 6 and going through the 8th, guests from as far away as Philadelphia, Penn. flocked to the event. It is estimated that over 6,000 people visited the village and heard the true meaning of Christmas during those three nights.


Should I Stay? (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – You have probably seen the hotel commercial that asks this question in song, “Should I stay or should I go?” Many pastors ask that question at many different times, and most of the time, it is motivated by a genuine desire to do what is best for that local church. Leaders desire to be in ministries where they can be effective and have as godly an impact as possible. The reality is that far too many pastors may leave too soon, at a time when their effectiveness could be optimum.


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Carl & Dana Sookraj, Peru


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Arkansas Governor’s Order Restarts Certificate Process, Washington to Add ‘X’ Gender on Birth Certificates, Trump’s Follow-thru On Embassy was Long-awaited, NYC Leads Nation In Shameful Statistic, Alexa: “Jesus Is a Fictional Character”?, Iraq Declares End Of War with ISIS


When Jesus Came (pg. 4)

David Tidwell – When the King was born nearly 2,000 years ago in little Bethlehem there was no large, loud publicity campaign to announce his arrival. He came unannounced, and except for some shepherds in a nearby field, unnoticed. Although His coming started in motion events that have shook the earth and affected every person since, there was hardly a ripple on the surface that night. Mary (the virgin selected by the Lord to give birth to Jesus) and Joseph (her husband-to-be) lived in Nazareth, about 85 miles from Bethlehem. The prophet Micah said (5:2) that out of little Bethlehem shall come forth the ruler in Israel “whose goings forth have been from old, from everlasting.”


Puerto Rico: 70 Days Later (pg. 5)

Freddy Didier – As of Dec. 8, it has been 70 days since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and The Church Without Walls continues its work across Cayey and nearby cities. We are actively seeking out and serving individuals following the devastating hurricane. We have learned that team work, willpower and faith go a long way.


Peace on Earth — With Teens (pg. 5)

Ken Taylor – The angels’ proclamation to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus included the phrase “Peace on earth” in Luke 2. Indeed, the birth of the Prince of Peace ushered in the possibility of a new era of peace and tranquility. While it has been seldom realized in the political realm here on earth, in the hearts of those who know and follow Christ, there is a peace “which surpasses every thought” as highlighted in Phil. 4:7. Too often in our busy world, this peace, which should be especially evident during the Advent season, is not experienced in our homes. The Christmas season has become a time of intense activity — parties, programs and other social obligations.


Reassurance of His Birth (pg. 7)

Paul White – Some people think the birth of Jesus is a New Testament happening, something that started when the angel appeared to Mary, as though sin caught God off guard. Friends, if all we had were the promises and proofs found in the New Testament, that alone would be enough. But they are not our only source that our faith is based upon.


What God is to His People (pg. 8)

(A)Almighty God to bless us. “… I am the Almighty God…” (Gen. 17:1). (B) Blessed God to cheer us. “…glorious gospel of the blessed God…” (I Tim. 1:11).



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