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*CBC Band Hall Named for Foster (pg. 1)

The newly renovated Central Baptist College Band Rehearsal Hall was dedicated last Saturday as part of CBC Homecoming activities. The name of the donor who provided funds for the construction cost was kept a secret until it was revealed that day — Winston (Sonny) Foster of Marvell, who is serving his second five-year term on the CBC Board of Trustees. Ron and Vicki Lowery also provided funds for the audio-visual equipment. President Terry Kimbrow also announced that the hall has been named the Mary Ned Foster Band Rehearsal Hall, in honor of Foster’s wife.


*CBC Homecoming (pg.1)

Terry Kimbrow – We enjoyed great weather over our two-day Homecoming festivities, Feb. 2-3. It was wonderful to welcome back former students, employees and friends of Central Baptist College. Chili Cook Off — 13 teams, from local businesses to alumni teams, participated in the CBC Chili Cook Off on Friday, Feb. 2. The event drew more than 300 attendees, and was sponsored by the CBC Alumni Association. (CBC athletic scores on page 2)


*R&R and Workshop Planned (pg. 1)

Pastors’ R&R and Preaching Workshop will be held March 16-17 at StoneRidge Baptist Camp in Smithville. Early registration begins Friday at 3 p.m., and the event should be over after lunch on Saturday. The theme is “How to Preach Christ-Centered Old Testament Narrative Passages.” Clif Johnson, pastor of Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, will do a Preaching Lab, and each pastor should leave with several outlines to preach to their people. Other speakers will be Dustin Wisely, Jason Goodwin and Robert Gunnels.


*Lifeword Profile (pg. 6)

Rick Russell – It was in a Fort Scott, Kan. radio station that Rick Russell first caught the “radio bug.” When an uncle returned from the Army and began working as a radio announcer, Rick’s visit to the station sealed his fate for life. He was completely fascinated with all aspects of radio, and his life was marked by listening to, learning about and dreaming of radio. “I was amazed at the power of radio, and from how far away the signals came. My dream,” he said, “was to be a radio personality at one of the big stations.” It was many years later that God would reveal more about that dream.


Garrett Memorial – World Missions Day (pg. 2)

Every Church Every Nation – “We believe God has put us in this particular location at this point in time to reach this particular group of people that are within our vicinity.” That is why Pastor Clif Johnson and his congregation at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope participate in missions, both local and global. They strive to reach people personally, and they have a great desire to see people come out of brokenness into life in Christ.


Do You Really Know Who God Is? (pg. 2)

Paul Gauntt (Baptist Progress) — Network news recently carried a story of a member of Congress who is commonly known as the most hated in Washington D.C. She is famous for throwing her weight around, and accosting people who would dare confront her, arrogantly asking them, “Do you know who I am?” So I pose the question: Do you really know who God is? Do you picture Him as this bright, shining character, peering over a giant cloud, with white flowing hair and a beard? Does He have kind, grandfatherly eyes, or are they red with rage and judgement?


Leadership 101 – Systems (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – This statement from a recent leadership training event was challenging. but rang true. Matt Perman said, “The result of management without leadership is that you will never get there.” With that being said, the next logical conclusion is that leadership without management means we will never sustain it. Systems enable us to sustain all of the relational capital we have worked so hard to build. We should never stop building relationships and loving people, but we must also develop systems to help care for the relationships we now have.


Going to the Chapel (pg. 3)

Valarie Fish – No one uses the word “betrothed” any more. I overheard someone introduce their fiancé and the person said something about how nice it was to finally meet her betrothed. An awkward pause indicated the engaged couple wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. Perhaps the reason we don’t use the word is because it doesn’t really fit the definition of what an engagement has become. These days, a couple dates for a while, and when they decide to get married, they get engaged. Once the big day comes, there is a ceremony of some kind and a marriage contract is signed, making the whole thing legal. Do a little research into the process during the Bible times, and you get a whole different perspective.


What Did You Do Today? (pg. 3)

Chuck Lee, Mississippi Baptist — Some people love the feel of adrenaline coursing through their veins as they free fall from thousands of feet out of perfectly good airplanes. Others thrive on the roar of the wind as it tries to hold resistance against the speed of their car driving 100 miles an hour. Many find exhilaration by scaling heights that mountain goats find treacherous. I, however, seize up when someone simply asks me what I have done today.


Help When Needed! (pg. 4)

Editor’s Notebook – Of course, the Trumpet can always use financial help, but that’s even more true at this time of year when “the pickins’ are lean!” So far, we’ve only had to hold my paycheck from last week in order to be sure all the other bills are paid; and these special offerings should put our noses a little above water, at least for this week.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Plea to Restore Ark. PP Funding on Hold; Episcopals – No Masculine Pronouns for God; Pro-Life Display Vandalized, Then Bragged About; Court Sides with “Fired For His Faith” Fireman; Palestinian Kids’ TV Makes Hero of Murderous Jihadist


A Word About the Pastor’s Children (pg. 4)

Dr. Allen Tilley, Baptist Progress Pastors’ children see the best and the worst of the church. Having raised my children in church, I can assure you that churches possess the power either to encourage the pastor’s children or to embitter them. What can a congregation do to encourage the pastor’s children?


Your National WMA Needs You! (pg. 5)

Janet Widger – How can you help? I am so glad you asked! Pray — First and foremost, pray! Pray for each National WMA officer as we prepare to meet in Jackson, Miss. in April. Pray for the plans made for this meeting. It’s going to be very different! First Vice President Jodi Rhea and Second Vice President Charlotte Johnson, along with other ladies, with much prayer and consultation, have totally changed the schedule and format. We are praying that this will increase interest and participation, as well as minister to all ladies in our churches. Watch the Baptist Trumpet, the National WMA Facebook page, as well as other Facebook pages and the National WMA website for information on the meeting. You do not want to miss this year!


BMMI Schedule Change (pg. 5)

The new dates for the Baptist Medical Missions International trip to El Salvador, with Rigoberto Jimenez Cruz, are May 18-26. (The previously listed dates were June 2-10.) For more information, contact Angela Rice at or Dr. Ralph Izard at


Is It True Love or Just Infatuation? (pg. 6)

The Late Travis Plumlee – Single and looking? Stop looking! Many young Americans are consumed with finding a mate, someone to date. Don’t worry about finding the right person; worry about being the right person. If it is God’s will for you to get married, relax in His sovereign will. He will bring the right person into your life at the right time according to His will. Just concentrate on living as an image-bearer for Christ. How will you know it is the right person? Concentrate on becoming spiritually deep instead of materially rich, and you will be walking under the total direction of the Holy Spirit and will know if this person is your life mate by the prompting of God’s Spirit on your heart. How do you know the difference between love and infatuation? That is a great question.


Arkansas Men Meet (pg. 6)

Central Arkansas District Brotherhood and Greenbrier District Men’s Fellowship


God Can be Trusted (pg. 7)

Paul White – The powerful principle of God’s providential care unfolding in Joseph’s life is probably the classic Old Testament illustration of Rom. 8:28. The story dealing with Joseph covers more space than any of the other heroes in Genesis. That’s amazing when that includes Abraham. Like Noah and the ark or Jonah and the fish, Joseph is known by the coat of many colors. The story of Joseph is a tale of jealousy, deceit, slavery, misrepresentation, injustice, lust, rivalry and forgiveness. It pits brother against brother. Joseph’s life encompassed imprisonment and deep trails that did not produce self-pity, along with prosperity that did not bring the accompanying pride. Throughout his life is the arching theme of the sovereign hand of God seen in His providential care over His dearly beloved children and the bringing about of His purposes.


Becoming A Problem Solver (pg. 8)

Jeff Swart – Victor Kiam worked as a salesman for the Playtex corporation, selling women’s undergarments to retail stores in Mississippi. One day, he called on a small store and found the owner sweeping the floor with a broom. Kiam introduced himself, stuck out his hand and was met with a cold silence. Ignoring the chilly reception, Kiam opened his sample case and began his sales presentation. Suddenly, the store owner flew into a rage and began to use his broom to sweep Kiam out of his store. Kiam found himself flat on his back on the sidewalk, with dust swirling around him. He never said a word to the owner that day, but determined to find out why this man was so upset with him.


Mailboxes (pg. 8)

Dedication Postponed (Jim Lea, Bethel at Port Arthur, Texas); Better Together (Brian Sheppard, Park View in North Little Rock)

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