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Day of Prayer (pg. 1)

“We are excited about this special day of prayer to be held on the first Thursday of May (May 3),” said Moral Action Director Dr. John M. Adams, “We will join millions of Christians across the land to ask God for His mercy and goodness. These are exciting days in America’s churches, and we have a God who will answer. I encourage our BMA churches to participate. God wants us to pray. For more information, visit


Together We Can (pg. 1)

Paul White – “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”  (Henry Ford) Being a part of something greater than ourselves is a God-given privilege afforded to the local church through being a part of an association. Attendance at local, state and national associational meetings should be driven by a need-to attend (Prov. 11:14) rather than a want-to attend mentality. Like the strands of a rope that give it its strength, (Eccl. 4:12), every church’s participation in our association increases her strength and ability to fulfill the great commission.


How Are We Changing? (pg. 1)

Steve Crawley – Part 3 of 3 – In the first and second articles regarding upcoming changes at Ministers Resource Services (MRS), we addressed the “why” and “what” questions. In this final article in the series, we will address the “how” question. MRS currently maintains a trust fund managed by Manning & Napier of Rochester, N.Y. The fund is classified as a “Long-Term Growth” investment with 50-60% of the portfolio typically invested in stocks.


BMA Retirement Plan Changes (pg. 1)

As you are likely well aware, Ron Chesser and the entire staff of Ministers Resource Services (MRS) will be retiring May 31. Consequently, the agency will be undergoing a number of structural and operational changes as we begin to transition from the Texarkana office to the BMA Global Ministry Center in Conway. In these final two weeks leading up to the BMA National Meeting in Jackson, Miss., MRS will be releasing waves of information to keep you informed throughout the process.


Seminary Offers English & Spanish DiscipleWay Training (pg. 1)

Since 2000, the BMA Seminary has offered intensive week-long studies each summer that focus upon various areas of religious education. The 2018 summer schedule includes courses for both credit and non-credit students. Non-credit students may be interested in auditing the seminary’s DiscipleWay training, June 11-14, on its main campus in Jacksonville, Texas. The training includes an introduction to the biblical, educational and philosophical principles that undergird DiscipleWay curriculum, exposes individuals to each DiscipleWay discipline and gives particular attention to the disciplines of Bible study and witnessing. DiscipleWay’s goal is to teach individuals how to perform disciplines without the help of a teacher while also developing the ability for those same individuals to teach others without the help of a teacher.


Gabbard to be Honored For 50 Years of Service (pg. 1)

This year marks 50 years of service that Mrs. Judy Gabbard has given to Central Baptist College! When many faculty members were ending their teaching careers after 25 or 30 years of service, Judy Gabbard was just getting started. She has spent 50 years in the classroom and has taught several generations of students, preparing them to become doctors, pharmacists, dental hygienists, chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists and many other positions in the field of science.


Spring with the Fine Arts Department (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – There is a lot of activity going on in CBC’s Fine Arts Department in the spring. On March 17, the CBC Choir and Band left for a spring break trip to Chicago. They performed and attended chapel at Parkview Christian School in Yorkville, Ill. and performed at Newark High School in Newark, Ill. The students also visited the Billy Graham Museum in Wheaton, Ill., and the Ark Encounter exhibit in Williamstown, Ky. (Also see Sport Scores, pg. 2)


Family Ministry Track (pg. 2)

Family Ministry Track will help people live in the reality of God. During the 2018 Church Leaders Cruise, men and women from across the BMA gathered to rest, relax and recharge while sailing on the sunny Caribbean. They participated in ministry tracks, which included the Inspiration track, Leadership Skills track and Family Ministry track. Next year, Jan. 19–24, the Church Leaders Cruise will set sail again, equipping leaders to minister well in their churches. In the Family Ministry track specifically, pastor and author Champ Thornton will help equip leaders to minister to students and family.


Mythbusters (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – There are many church “myths” today that are spoken as if they are factual. A myth is defined as “an idea or story that is believed by many people, but that is not true.” Remember, a myth is called a myth because it has not been proven true. The problem is that we hear myths, believe them and then allow them to control our thinking and our behavior. When churches believe myths rather than the truth, it causes fear and can paralyze their ministries — things like “If we build it they will come!” or “All we need is a really cool vision statement, then we will grow!”


Lori Cline (pg. 3)

Lifeword – “My faith roots are a result of the BMA and ministries like Lifeword, so the idea of partnering with an organization that values ministry through media is a no brainer,” said Lori. “Speaking from the heart and connecting to other hearts the love and truths of God is my mission and I know it’s the mission of Lifeword, so I’m excited to be a part of that.” Born in Bossier City, La., Lori Carroll grew up in an atmosphere of ministry. Her father, Phillip Carroll was a pastor, so they were always around people, always talking, always building relationships. In fact, she says, while her peers were terrified of giving presentations, Lori couldn’t wait for her turn to speak in front of the class.


Special Emphasis (pg. 4)

Editor – This week, space will not allow me to run the list of donors who have given to our Special Emphasis since the last report, but I hope to catch up next week. The total as of April 2 is $14,953.50. I truly appreciate every penny, and am praying that God will supply our needs, even though we’re running behind compared to last year at this time and I’m concerned… okay, worried. Before any of you say anything — I know, I know — worrying is a sin; but where the Trumpet is concerned, it seems to be one I’m really good at. Y’all just need to pray harder for your wayward editor! “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.”


Haiti: Resilience and Smiles (pg. 4)

Landon Mills – On March 16, a team of seven men connected with Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) traveled to Haiti to serve the citizens of Port-au-Prince. The team consisted of: Dr. John Ladd and Dr. Chad Trammel of Texas; Dr. David Chung of Missouri; and Dr. Stephen Warrick, Stew Stewart, Micah Powell and me of Arkansas. We stayed nine days at Blue Ridge Compound on the outer edge of Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince. Under the guidance of Haiti Missionary Michel Poirier, Pastor Romiche Bastien and several members of the Bastien Family, we were able to organize a five-day medical clinic in the area. Through the clinic, we were able to provide much needed medications to over 780 citizens of Port-au-Prince, and 17 individuals accepted Christ.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4

Casino Group Told Arkansas Ballot Bid Still Too Fuzzy; Walmart Pulls Cosmo From Checkout Lines; Ohio Lawmakers Propose Banning All Abortions; Navy Applauded For Rejecting “Atheist Chaplain”


Blessed to be a Blessing (pg. 5)

Toya Aultman – What can show a child the love of Jesus? A simple shoebox. You know those things that are collecting dust in the top of our overcrowded closests? Fill them with a washcloth, a toothbrush, a bar of soap, maybe some socks, a jump rope, a coloring book and some crayons, and perhaps a small doll or a Hotwheels car and you have made a child’s day, week, year!


Missionary Profile (pg. 5)

Bryan Risner, Romania


Browns to Celebrate Golden Anniversary (pg.5)

Mississippi Baptist Editor Don Brown and his wife, the former Bonnie Roberts, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception hosted by their children on April 14, 2-4 p.m. The event will take place at First Baptist Church Shady Grove in Laurel, Miss., where the Browns are members. They were married April 11, 1968 at Liberty Baptist Church in Isola, Miss. Mrs. Brown worked for several years at Southeastern Baptist College before her retirement in 2012.


Busy Builders (pg. 5)

Nelda Malone – Some of you may be wondering, “What has become of The Master’s Builders?” Well, we are doing well and are working, but our reporter has fallen down on her job! I do apologize for this. The Master’s Builders worked at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Bettie, Texas (just north of Gilmer) in September, 2017. They helped the church finish putting up OSB in the youth building. Thank you to Pastor Dicky Mauk and all who helped the builders as they worked, and to all who helped with our meals.


Raising Money for Youth Ministry (pg. 6)

Dan Carson – If you have worked with students for any length of time, you have come to realize that it costs money to operate. Curriculum, snacks, trips, lodging, music, game supplies, etc. — they all cost money. Hopefully, you have a church that is supportive of your needs. While our churches love on us in great ways, they can’t always afford to support us in the ways that we hope. So, how do we make up for the difference. There are two primary ways: One, we can ask parents to pay for trips and activities all the time. However, that can exclude many of our students due to financial constraints. Their parents may not make as much as the next family. That issue is compounded when families have multiple students in your ministry.


Grounded in the Word of God (pg. 6)

DiscipleGuide – People are getting grounded in the Word of God. That is the trend in Filipino BMA churches, as Sam Freeman and his missionary family work to provide DiscipleGuide’s Sunday School literature to churches across the Philippines. “We provide literature for 115 churches in the Philippines every quarter,” explained Sam Freeman. “And we are currently raising funds to print the children’s literature, since kids ages 9-12 are an age that we primarily run into. They’re also the age where the children are usually making life decisions.” The Freemans work to print the literature at a publications office in the Philippines. When it is printed, the literature gets distributed to four locations around the island. From there, it is either picked up by churches or mailed.


Getting a Grip (pg. 7)                               

Paul White – Since it has been several weeks that we have considered ways to overcome worry, let’s finish this part of our study with a quick review: Trust the Lord, Don’t forget to pray, Live by the day, Remember God’s faithfulness, Be aware of God’s presence, Believe God for every need. Please think about it and remember, don’t let your concern about the future or about things that may never come to pass, rob you of your joy and peace today. It is much like a story about a man who had a neighbor who kept a flock of chickens. Among them was a rooster whose occasional crowing bothered him greatly. He filed a complaint with the neighbor: “That miserable bird keeps me awake all night.”


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 7)

Jimmy & Julie Walker (Philippines); Sam & Sue Jordan (Jordan)


Coach, Captain & Cheerleader (pg.8)

Scott Brown – The call to be a church revitalizer is a hard call and, although church revitalizers can come in many varieties and skill sets, there are three qualities we must seek in our leadership among God’s people. Ecclesiastes tells us, “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Likewise, a pastor who emphasizes the following three roles in his ministry will be more likely to find his leadership stronger, durable and enduring.


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