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Current News May 2


*See & Hear BMAA Sermons

To see and hear the proceedings of the BMAA Meeting (April 16-18) — including sermons by Dr. John Adams and Paul White on Monday night, and the annual message by Terry Kimbrow on Tuesday night — go to the Trumpet website at and click on the Standing in the Gap logo.


*New Arkansas Missionary (pg. 1)

A special called meeting of the BMA of Arkansas Missionary Committee was held Tuesday, April 24, at Chanel Valley Baptist Church in western Little Rock. The purpose of the meeting was to consider the placing of a bi-vocational Hispanic missionary (Rubin Isturiz) to work in that area. After a wonderful song, led by Gary Gipson and accompanied by Brian Sheppard on the piano, to open the meeting, Bro. Sheppard delivered a wonderful devotional on the subject ‘What Do You Want,” taken from Nehemiah 2.


*The Toughest Job I’ve Ever Loved (pg. 1)

Terry Kimbrow (BMAA Annual Sermon)Philip Wagner, in an article, “The Secret Life of a Pastor,” quoted the late Peter Drucker as saying that the four hardest jobs in America are: the president of the United States, a university president, the CEO of a hospital and a pastor. I’ve entitled this message, “The Toughest Job I’ve Ever Loved.” I’m calling it a job! Don’t throw me under the bus for that. It is a job. A job is an activity or something you do on a regular basis and/or something you for which you receive compensation. It’s okay if you want to call it a ministry — call it a ministry. Don’t get hung up on the fact that I’m using the word “job.”


*Missionary Commissioning Service (pg. 1)

In his closing remarks at the BMAA meeting, President Paul White noted that he had received a report that a lady who worked at one of the hotels had been saved after being witnessed to by one of our BMA members and receiving a Guide to God New Testament. “I think that’s what being a missionary is all about,” said Bro. White. And that set the tone for the last session of the 2018 BMA of America — the Missionary Commissioning Service. (A brief synopsis of each new missionary is included in this report.)


BMAA Missions Report (pg. 1)

In order to make the Wednesday session more of a true Missionary Commissioning service, the business portion of the BMA of America Missions report was taken care of in the Wednesday afternoon session. Executive Director Smith stressed the importance of missions and discipleship-based multiplication. “When we view the Gospels through a lens of disciple-making,” said Dr. Smith, “we learn many lessons from Jesus on how to establish a disciple-making culture and displace the current consumerism culture in churches today. In Matthew 19-20, Jesus gives important lessons for helping our churches transition from consumer Christianity (which produces a lot of professing believers who sit and gather dust in the church warehouse) to making our churches disciple factories.”


Employees Honored At Faculty/Staff Awards Luncheon (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College honored faculty and staff for their service to CBC at the employee awards luncheon on Monday, April 9. Below is a list of employees who were honored: 50 years of service: Judy Gabbard, Professor of Science and Chair of the Math & Sciences Department; 25 years of service: President Terry Kimbrow; 20 years of service: Stacy Jordan, Registrar; and 15 years of service: Sancy Faulk, Vice President for Advancement. (Also see CBC Sports on pg. 2)


Men’s Discipleship (pg. 3)

Larry Barker — Much is being said today about a vacuum that has been created by the missing father in the home, and rightfully so. We see a leadership shortage, not only in the home but also in the church. There is a great need to raise up godly men of courage who will step forward and be who God has called them to be. It should sadden us to know that, all too often, if we ask men in our churches to tell us what it means to be a man of God, they struggle to give a clear and concise answer. Churches need discipleship, but maybe they need men’s discipleship the most. Robert Lewis, one of the founders of Men’s Fraternity, says that if God was giving out the Ten Commandments again, there would be eleven. The 11th would be, “Thou shalt raise up godly men!”


Your Pastor, Your Partner (pg. 3)

Dan Carson — Whether you are part-time, volunteer, or full-time, it is important to realize that your church’s lead pastor is going to play a significant role in shaping your student ministry. Now, they may not offer suggestions or give you direct leadership, but even in those moments, they are shaping your student ministry. I have been blessed to work with pastors that care about students and effectively ministering to them. They have given me a great deal of freedom to take steps and make mistakes as I have grown in my ministry. Your pastor may not have given you that same freedom. That is not to say that one way is right and the other is wrong.


Aultman Honored For Service at Antioch (pg. 5)

Madelaine Priest, Assistant Editor — Antioch Baptist Church in Conway honored lead pastor, Dr. Jason Aultman for his service on Sunday, April 29. Jason and his family, including his wife, Toya, son, Turner, and daughter, Landri, have been at Antioch for 25 years. In 1993, he left Jacksonville, Texas and joined the staff at Antioch as the director of student activities. He served in that position until 2004 when he became associate pastor. In 2008, Jason became lead pastor and has served in that role since.


Pastor & Wife Mark Golden Anniversary (pg. 5)

Myles and Patsy Evans will be celebrating 50 years of marriage at a reception hosted by their children on May 26, 2-4 p.m., at Howard General Baptist Church, 4900 Heber Springs Rd. in Quitman. This is the church where her father (Royce Ward) pastored, and where he married them on May 24, 1968. Bro. Evans has pastored several churches in Arkansas and Louisiana, including Elm Grove at Trumann, Meadow Lake at Oil Trough, Trumann at Trumann and Shiloh at Waldo. He currently serves as pastor of Shiloh Lamartine Baptist Church in Waldo. Mrs. Evans has always led in music and women’s and children’s ministries with her husband through the years. They have two children, Dikelin (Kelli) Evans and Cindy (Dwight) Mangrum, and five grandchildren. The Evans’ address is 424 Columbia 60 E, Waldo, Ark. 71770.


Parrish, Director’s Father, Dies (pg. 5)

Jimmy Ray “Big Jim” Parrish, of Baker, La. and father of Lifeword Executive Director Donny Parrish, passed away April 25. A Korean War veteran. He also served as a deacon for 60 years, and as a music director, treasurer and Sunday School teacher at Harding Street Baptist Church in Baker. He was a faithful member of Zoar Baptist Church at the time of his death. Other survivors include a son, Mike Parrish, also of Baker; three grandchildren and a great-grandson. Funeral services were held April 27 with Donny Parrish officiating. Interment was at Zoar Baptist Church Cemetery under the direction of Seale Funeral Home. Memorials may be sent to Lifeword, P.O. Box 6, Conway, Ark. 72033.


Master’s Builders Return To Daniel Springs (pg. 5)

Rose Bittner — Once again, April was the time set aside for The Master’s Builders to begin their annual work at Daniel Springs Baptist Camp in Gary, Texas. This was the 153rd job for the Master’s Builders to date and the second job in 2018. They first worked at Daniel Springs in 1995, and have worked at the camp a total of 8 times over 23 years. Camp Director Jason Prewitt had plans for the men to work on an exciting remodeling project for the Daniel Dorm, and also to build a much needed shade shelter at the pool. The Daniel Dorm received a renovation that turned the dorm into a multipurpose meeting/retreat building and dorm space for adults, students and a variety of groups. The artist’s drawing at the top of this article shows the new look of the building. The renovations include a large multipurpose room with a small stage area for meetings and worship, and also tables for shared meals or study.


Oops, Twice! (pg. 5)

There were two mistakes in last week’s Trumpet. I do apologize. (Diane) The date for the BMA Seminary graduation was listed incorrectly. The date is May 19 and Seminary Sunday is May 20. Austin Stokes was listed in the Moving With the Ministers column as being a member of Shover Springs at Hope. He actually surrendered to the ministry at Central Baptist Church in Prescott, where he is a member, and preached his first sermon at Shover Springs Baptist Church in Hope.


Where’s Your Hook? (pg. 7)

Paul White — These are exciting times to be a Christian. As we see the day of the Lord’s return approaching, we are reminded of the awesome task that has been laid at the door of the local church. Our marching orders are unquestionable. Throughout Scripture we see the comparisons of athletes, farmers and workers to that of a believer in Christ, revealing that we each have a purpose and position in the household of God and His church. I heard a story once of a farmer who tilled the soil and purchased the seed, waiting for the right time to plant those seeds — only he never to get around to planting them. He had the field and the seed, and yet when harvest time came, there was no fruit. Is it possible that many believers and churches — having the world as our field and the seed of the Gospel, coupled with the truth of God’s Word — have become either discouraged or distracted, and the result is that we see little or no fruit? Too many Christians are no longer fishers of men, but keepers of the aquarium. I encourage you to share the good news of Jesus’ amazing grace with those you meet. To catch fish, you have to put your hook in the water.


Missionary’s “Biggest Regret” (pg. 8)

Mailbox — One of our biggest regrets, while on furlough, is not being able to visit with all of our friends, churches and partners to thank them for their prayers and support. So in order to see as many as possible, we are inviting all who can to join us at a come-and-go reception. It will be held on Saturday, June 19, 2-4 p.m. at the ABS Building on the campus of Southern Arkansas University, 2223 N. Washington St., in Magnolia. (Stan Scroggins,



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