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Current News June 13


*Student Ministry Workers Retreat! (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – On Sept. 8, the BMA of Arkansas Youth Department will be hosting the first Student Ministry Workers Retreat at South City Church of Little Rock. Pastor Drew Cline has agreed to let us meet in their centrally located space. I hope you will mark your calendars for what will be a great day. Since beginning my role with the Youth Department, my big goal has been to provide support, encouragement, and training for the volunteer, part-time and full-time youth workers of the BMA of Arkansas. This retreat is designed for them.


*An Invitation (pg. 1)

Dr. Ralph IzardBaptist Medical Missions International (BMI) has been invited to minister to the refugees in Greece. This is the first time we have worked in a nation that is part of the European Union. Therefore, we have limited our clinical time to three days and reserved one day for sightseeing. Restrictions will be different from most clinics that we set up around the world. We look forward to the opportunity to minister to these refugees.


*Where Information Powers Relationships (pg. 1)

What is BMA Information Services? Information Services is a resource center for all entities of the BMA. Every year an information survey is sent to each BMA church. The information collected, along with information about our national association, departments, agencies, and auxiliary ministries is used to produce the annual BMA Church Directory and Handbook. This resource exists for the benefit of our entire BMA family, but its value depends directly on your participation.


*Poll Finds That Moral Bar is Slipping in U.S. (pg. 1)

Diana ChandlerHomosexuality, premarital sex, divorce, marijuana, and pornography are approved by a growing percentage of Americans, Gallup found in an annual poll including nearly 20 behaviors placed on its morality scale. Adultery draws disdain from 88% of Americans, Gallup said, and Americans are almost evenly split on the morality of abortion.


*Life Choices Cuts Ribbon (pg. 1)

Life Choices, the pregnancy resource center serving primarily Faulkner and Van Buren counties and neighboring areas, held their ribbon cutting for their new location at 1330 South Donaghey on Friday, June 1. This event was co-sponsored by the Conway Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Bart Castleberry gave a few comments and Pastor Ken Wilson of Fellowship Bible Church of Conway prayed a dedication prayer. The new facility features 3,500 sq. ft. of space to house all of the services provided by this non-profit organization.


Join in June (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Have you been waiting for the right time to join the CBC Alumni Association? Well, this is it! During the month of June, alumni who join the CBC Alumni Association will be eligible to receive an exclusive gift as part of our Join in June promotion. Join or renew your membership today and receive an alumni t-shirt on us. Memberships are $35 for an individual and $50 for a couple. When you join the Alumni Association at CBC, you provide support to the Kenneth Brown Scholarship fund. Each year, a qualified student is chosen to receive this award for the academic year. Students, once like you, who are grateful for your support!


Ben Madison Drafted (pg. 2)

Erik Holth – History was made at June 6 when CBC baseball player Ben Madison was drafted in the Major League Baseball draft. He was selected in the ninth round of the draft by the San Francisco Giants with the 256th overall pick, marking the first time ever that a player from CBC was drafted and the first time in head coach Aaron Brister’s career that he has had a player drafted.


More of the Right Things (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – What do we measure that really matters? Having previously discussed changing the scorecard in churches has created a desire to put together an evaluation system that gives us biblically healthy metrics to gauge ministry. The church health and church growth tension will continue (I personally think it can be a good tension), but there are some biblical standards that must be adopted and followed. For example, we can ask if people love the church or do they love lost people but it really begins with do we love Jesus! That was the bottom-line question He asked Peter.


Random Thoughts From Hebrews (pg. 3)

Dr. Tony Cleaver – Heb. 1:2, Many prophets spoke the Word of God. Now in the last days, God speaks by His Son. What do the last days mean? It can mean latest, ultimate, concluding, final or remaining. So in the remaining, concluding or last days God gives us on this earth, His message of importance. That message is spoken by His Son.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Little Rock Board Rejects Marijuana Leniency Policy; Arkansas Abortions Remain Near Record Lows; State Dept. Gets Serious About Religious Freedom; AMA Fails to Reaffirm Opposition to Assisted Suicide


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 4)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales (Dominican Republic); John & Brenda Bienlein (Flint, Mich., Master’s House Deaf Church); Jimmy & Julie Walker (Philippines)


Four Ways to Comfort Kids (pg. 5)

Ken Dolan-Del Vicchio – In an ever-dangerous world reported on by round-the-clock media, the emotional effects of major tragic events transcend local boundaries. They trouble the national psyche, bringing sadness, anger, fear and anxiety throughout the country, and they can make a particularly heavy impact on children and teens. Two of the five deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history occurred in a recent five-week span — the killing rampage on Nov. 5 at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that left 26 dead, which followed the murder of 58 at the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. Such horrific news, for which there are no easy answers, often prompts questions from kids to their parents.


BibleSticks Update (pg. 5)

David Powell – I am excited to inform that 1,000,685 Military BibleSticks have been sent to our nation’s military and Veterans Chaplains for distribution to the troops and to Veterans, and 172 BMA churches have participated! Thank you so very much, on behalf of the chaplains, troops, veterans, and families. Your sacrifices and labor have not been in vain. Souls have come to faith and saints have been strengthened in their faith.


Oak Park GMAs (pg. 5)

Oak Park Baptist Church, Little Rock GMAs had their annual program during Sunday morning services June 10. Led by their counselors (Kristin Herring, Tori Carver, Karen Keathley and Sandra Weihe), these girls were honored: (Back Row, L-R) Raquel Thompson, Shaylee Carver and Autumn Herring; (Middle Row, L-R) Abigail Weihe and Aryn Stiles; (Front Row, L-R) Sierra Gibbs, Amiya Howard and Gracie Johnson.


Keeping Young Kids Busy During the Summer (pg. 6)

The Late Travis Plumlee – It is necessary for younger kids to have unstructured play time to develop emotionally and mentally to their fullest potential. Parents often think kids need to be involved in structured, purposeful play that leads to learning or it serves no useful purpose. Actually, allowing your child to just play and make up their own activity is very useful in developing creativity, imagination and learning to be content with one’s self. Playing Cowboys and Indians, building a fort, being an explorer, a ballerina, a monkey or an eagle or whatever they come up with is an important ingredient to childhood development. Be sure you allow your kid to do that.


Too Sweet For Our Own Good (pg. 6)

Becky Ulmer, Mississippi Baptist – The last statistics I read gave a figure of over 400 million people worldwide that have been diagnosed with diabetes. If you add to this number the ones who have the condition and have not been diagnosed, as the famous movie line went, “Houston, we have a problem!” With the distinction of being the “obese” state — the percentage of Mississippians with pre-diabetes and diabetes is alarming.


Mission of God (pg. 7)

Paul White – God has a mission, and that is to be glorified by making Himself known. His mission started at creation. When sin came into the world, our world became broken and lost. This fall into sin is why we see the turmoil that exists today — sickness, wars, disasters. The fact that God sent His son, Jesus into the world was no last-minute decision on His part. God sent His Son into the world to establish the Kingdom through the saving of people, thus defeating sin and death. Through Christ, God has a redeemed people through the forgiveness of sin. Our God is both sender and sent, for the key of the Kingdom is the glorious Gospel. His mission is to serve the hurting.


When is an Invalid Invalid? (pg. 8

Jim Burton – The unabridged English dictionary symbolizes the power of the English language. I recall a time when most public libraries and many schools had one unabridged dictionary. The book was enormous and, in theory, contained all the words in the English language. Given the evolution of the English language and its growing vocabulary, unabridged dictionaries never remain current. Still, they represent the host of words available to us for communication. Among them are homographs, commonly spelled words that have more than one definition.


Near Miss Divorce (pg. 8)

Chuck Lee, Mississippi Baptist – My wife and I have had a pretty great marriage for the last 25 years. Early on, we decided that our house wouldn’t be filled with discord and that our children would never have to see their mother and father yelling at one another. So far, so good. (That doesn’t mean that we haven’t had disagreements, but I generally apologize, and we carry on with our lives.)

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