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Current News June 20


*From the States (pgs. 5-9)


*It’s Time to Go Fishing! (pg. 1)

Paul White – Saturday, July 14 at 11 a.m., the “Fishers of Men” will gather at the courthouse square in Green Forest. Lunch will be provided. We have been asked to come and help one of our newest missionaries (Carter Pearce) canvas the neighborhoods in the area. We especially need as many bilingual people as we can get so they can partner with a person who only speaks English. Everyone, including ladies, is invited to come and help, so load up your bus! I know Carter would love to see you.


*Garifuna: A Lifeword Language And a People Group (pg. 1)

African slaves endured a perilous journey, one that often ended in death often caused by disease. The late 1700s was the peak of trans-Atlantic slave trade and shipwrecks were another cause of those deaths; but the story of the Garifuna people, although tragic, was about life… the kind that is eternal.


*Parent Sponsors for Summer Trips (pg. 1)

Anders Lee, Mississippi Baptist — I have lost count of how many trips I have taken with youth groups. My first official trip was in June of 1990. (Yeah, I’m old.) I took a group of 11 teens to a camp in Louisiana. Wow! That was back in the day. I borrowed my aunt’s minivan and rented another Dodge caravan from a local place. I thought I was big time when I pulled out of the church parking lot… but I digress. On that trip, I was blessed to take one of the sweet grandmas with me to be the sponsor for the girls. She was perfect for the job. However, through the years I haven’t always been so blessed.


*Double Standard (pg. 1)

Jerry Cox – “Just look the other way. If you have moral objections, you don’t have to participate. Just live and let live.” That’s what Christians have been told over and over again. When we’ve objected to risqué shows on TV, they told us to change the channel. When communities oppose adult-oriented businesses, they tell us to just drive on by. The makers of violent videogames urge people who don’t like the games not to play them.


Join us for a Celebration and Reception (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The Central Baptist College Education Department proudly announces the achievement of Accreditation of the Teacher Education Program by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. A celebration of this achievement will take place at 3 p.m. on Thursday, June 21, in the Story Library on the CBC campus. This is a huge milestone for the institution as the process has taken nine years to complete. Join us as we thank God for the incredible blessing!


Summer Looking to Fall (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Summer is here. For the student ministry worker, that means camps, conferences, mission trips, and a hundred other things that take up our time. It can be exhausting. However, it can also be some of the most rewarding times for those of us who work with students. Students open up when they don’t have the constant pressure of school hanging over them. There are also those moments on trips and at camps that have eternal significance. You may have the opportunity to talk to a student about the saving message of the Gospel, or speak to them about how they are living it out in their day to day life. Summer can be significant!


The Missing Element (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Three necessary ingredients for a healthy church are to be biblical, relational and missional. Most churches I am familiar with handle the biblical and relational elements pretty well. They understand and have dedicated themselves to being a theologically sound church, and strive to teach the whole counsel of God correctly. The relational element is normally handled well, also. Churches know the importance of unity, and are focused on protecting their harmony.

After blogging my article, “The Three P’s of Evangelism,” this is what a friend commented: “Isn’t it amazing that so many are identified as evangelicals, yet so few evangelize.” That statement seems so sad and yet it appears to be so true.


Random Thoughts From Lamentations (pg. 3)

Tony Cleaver – Lam. 2:11, “My eyes are worn out from weeping…” The lacrimal glands are those body parts that produce tears. Most of us know how body parts wear out at times. We are familiar with joints like knees, hips, shoulders, even elbows. We sometimes need some help along the way due to a weakened heart. But how in the world does one get eyes worn out from weeping?


He Keeps Setting the Table (pg. 3)

Valarie Fish – I was listening to the preacher the other night talk about Moses and the disobedience of the nation while their leader was up on the mountain in the presence of God getting the tablets of stone. Imagine with me for a moment… Moses had led this people out of slavery with mighty wonders and miraculous plagues God showered on the Egyptians. God brought them through the Red Sea on dry land, and led them to Sinai with a pillar of fire at night and a cloud by day. Every morning, the people woke up and gathered food from heaven on the ground — just enough for the day — and no one had to worry about being hungry. The Bible says God gave them this manna every day until the day they entered into Canaan. (Exod. 16:35)


Catch the Vision (pg. 4)

Brenda Hornaday – As we go through this year, I want to encourage each lady in each church to “Catch the Vision” of Acts 11:5. Your first thought may be, “What vision should I catch?” When I chose “Catch the Vision” as our theme, it brought to mind our WMA theme song. We need to catch the vision of reaching out in service — the opportunities are endless. As you become willing to catch the vision, God will show you specific ways for you to personally reach out in service.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Inhibiting Medication-Induced Abortion in Arkansas Blocked, Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation for Opposing Homosexuality; Greear, Youngest SBC President in Decades


Priests Celebrate 65th Anniversary (pg. 10)

Forrest and Marie Priest, of Batesville, were surprised at a reception Saturday, June 16, in honor of their 65th wedding anniversary and hosted by their children. The Priests were married June 17, 1953, at Little River Baptist Church in the Lost Cane community near Manila. He is a retired minister who has pastored several BMA churches. She is a retired elementary school teacher. They are members of Center Grove Baptist Church at Cord. “Our vows were ‘until death do us part,’ and that bond has survived the storms and the tests of time and been filled with many blessings,” said. Bro. Priest. “The Lord has been abundantly gracious to us through the years.” The Priests have two children: Kenneth Priest of Conway and Connie Spurlin of Batesville; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Their address is 70 Luster St., Batesville, Ark. 72501.


Measuring Our Ministry (pg. 11)

Paul White – (Part 1 — You will need to keep the next three issues to have this entire message). Sometimes we hear of someone else who is beginning a new ministry — perhaps leaving a big church to go to a foreign land — and it strikes a deep cord because we already wonder if our ministry, which is much smaller, is really significant. This word significant is one we, as pastors and churches, wrestle with from time to time. To help get a better perspective, we need to get a grip on our significance. Our ministerial significance can be defined by ascertaining how God measures success. The ambitious question of the 12 apostles in Matt. 18:1 (“Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”) pleads for an answer. With this question, we need to observe two other passages in Matthew.


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