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Current News Sept. 12


*Lawsuit Against Casino Amendment Filed (pg. 1)

Larry Page – Monday morning, Sept. 10, our ballot question committee, Ensuring Arkansas’ Future (EAF), filed a lawsuit to derail the proposed state constitutional amendment to expand casino gambling to four Arkansas counties. Joining with us here at the Arkansas Faith and Ethics Council in making up the membership of EAF are two other groups, Families First Foundation and Family Council Action Committee, and several individuals, four of which are registered voters in the four counties targeted for casinos — Crittenden, Garland, Jefferson and Pope. Little Rock attorney Scott Trotter filed the lawsuit on behalf of EAF. The lawsuit alleges that the ballot title, which is all a voter has an opportunity to read in the ballot booth, fails significantly to give the voter a fair understanding of what he/she is being asked to vote on. The complaint filed by Mr. Trotter cites numerous examples of how inadequately the ballot title summarizes the text of the proposed amendment.


*DNA Analysis Surprises Evolutionists (pg. 1)

Julie Borg/WORLD via Baptist Press — A landmark study published last month appears to push back on evolutionists’ assumptions about human ancestry. DNA analysis of an ancient bone fragment, published last month in the journal Nature, concluded the fragment belonged to a 13-year-old girl with a Neanderthal mother and Denisovan father. Evolutionists generally consider Neanderthals and Denisovans to be two groups of ancient human relatives that share a common ancestor with modern humans, but who do not come from the same species, and who rarely if ever mated. This fossil reportedly represents the first concrete proof that Neanderthals and Denisovans mated.


*A Believer’s Greatest Privilege (pg. 1)

BMAA President Jeff Swart – The late Dr. Adrian Rogers (1931—2005), pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn. once shared this personal experience. “Some time ago, I was invited to preach in another state, but my schedule was such that I couldn’t arrange it. When they offered to send a private plane, I could do it. As we flew over Arkansas, the pilot asked me if I wanted to try my hand at flying the plane, and I said, “Yes!” “Of course, he was sitting right next to me, but I couldn’t fly it without him. He had his hands on his controls, and he allowed me to participate with him. That’s the way prayer is. God can do it without you, but God enables you to have fellowship with Him and teaches you a dependency upon Him through prayer.”


*Pro Life Chain is Oct. 7 (pg. 1)

Jerry Cox – The annual Life Chain is coming up on Sunday, Oct. 7. This is an event that takes place across North America every year. Pro-life families and churches line up along public sidewalks for an hour, holding signs and praying. Last year more than 100,000 Americans participated in the Life Chain. If you or your church would like to be part of this event, below is a list of Life Chain locations in Arkansas and coordinators who are facilitating the event. You can learn more at or


*A Great Weekend (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – This past Saturday, I had the privilege of joining with 50 others who are concerned about their students and the impact they are having in their local context. It was a great day! South City Church of Little Rock served as our host. I can’t thank Pastors Drew Cline, Jerry Kidd and Elvis Garcia enough. They provided a comfortable and worshipful place for us to connect with God and one another. David Bronson of Liberty Baptist Church of Liberty, Mo. shared with us over the course of three sessions. He shared how The Gospel Changes Everything, The Gospel of Union and The Gospel of Adoption. His talks challenged us to consider our theology as he weaved in practical applications for our Student Ministries.


It’s Not Too Late! (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – It’s not too late to schedule a CBC Day for 2018! CBC Day will be held this Sunday, Sept. 16. Already, over 100 churches have committed to observing a CBC Day in their church. CBC Day is a time that all BMAA churches can set aside one Sunday, Sept. 16 or another date that best fits your church calendar, to take a one-time offering for our new annual fund program, “Gifts that Transform” and/or make a pledge to give additional offerings over the 12 months to follow. It is my strong desire that the churches of the BMAA come together for one day of our three-month Special Emphasis and see what God can and will do through our people. For more information about hosting a CBC Day in your church or to schedule a CBC Day, please contact Duffy Guyton, Director of Church Relations, at or (501) 205-8920. (CBC Sports also on page 2)


Activate (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Allow me to introduce you to the Activate program of the BMA. This all began about 10 years ago as several of us took a look at the book Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson. We began to dream about how we could help churches live out the biblical mandate to make disciples and multiply. Everyone needs a little nudge now and then, and we wanted to help pastors, church leaders, churches and our association to get healthier. We knew many churches were struggling, and we had a heart to help if we could.


Steelman ABS Reunion at SAU (pg. 3)

Karan Eddy – The year was 1952, when a student ministry was chartered on the campus of Southern State College (now SAU) in Magnolia. Eight years later, that ministry became known as Association of Baptist Students (ABS), and it is still alive and well today! There have been several directors over the years. The one who served from 1974-1977 was a man named John Steelman. The last weekend of July, there was a reunion of “SAU ABS — The John Steelman Years.” There were 37 members of that chapter who came, as well as several visitors. They started gathering on Friday night, then by the time they all got there on Saturday, there were six states represented. The one who traveled the farthest was Pam Wright Burke, wife of BMA Pastor Don Burke from Potosi, Mo., who came from 440 miles away.


It’s Like a Family Reunion! (pg. 3)

Join your friends across the BMA at the annual Senior Adult Conference, which will be held Nov. 12-14 at the Branson Hilton and Convention Center. It will be a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, all while enjoying worship and teaching in the beauty of the Ozarks. This year’s conference host will be Donny Parrish. Dr. Gary O’Neal, pastor of Oak Park Baptist Church in Little Rock, will preaching during the three main sessions. David Attebery and Neil Dumas will lead in powerful worship through song. These men grew up playing music together at First Baptist Church in Springhill, La. and are excited to worship with Senior Adult Conference attendees in November. Attendees will also enjoy concerts from professional violinist, Jaime Jorge, and Gospel Trio, NHim.


Religious Liberties Every Student Needs to Know (pg. 3)

Jerry Cox – This month, Family Research Council (FRC) published a list of seven religious liberties everyone needs to know that public school students have. “Censoring of religious expression in schools often comes from teachers and school administrators being unaware of students’ freedoms,” FRC wrote. “However, the U.S. Department of Education has already clarified that students are free to speak about their faith at school… Since 1995, the U.S. Department of Education has issued guidelines clarifying students’ freedom to express their faith. There are seven key liberties every student and educator needs to know.”


So It Begins! (pg. 4)

Editor – When space is limited, I always cut my Notebook article first; and that has surely been the case the last few issues. I’ve really missed y’all — okay, so I still “talk” to you in other parts of the Trumpet each week, but it’s just not the same! But I’ll get to see a lot of you in person over the next few weeks at the annual district meetings around the state, which began early this year with the South Arkansas District meeting on Aug. 17. Then last weekend, Pat and I got to see our friends at the BMA of the Ozarks (Springdale, Springdale) on Friday; and at the Mt. Vernon Association (First, Caldwell) on Saturday. There were two other meetings on Saturday at the same time, and I really appreciate Assistant Editor Madelaine (Maddy) Priest for representing the Trumpet at the North Arkansas meeting and Pastor Anders Lee for representing us at the Mt. Calvary meeting.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Judge Strikes Down Burial for Aborted Babies, Boston Discriminates Against Christian Flag, Faithful Cheerleaders Win Major Court Battle


Spotlight (pg. 5)

Michel & Ruth Poirier, Quebec & Haiti; and Carl & Dana Sookraj • Peru


Frocking Ceremony Of Chaplain Kevin Guthrie (pg. 5)

Dr. Scott R. Carson – On August 24, BMA Chaplain Kevin Guthrie was promoted in a “Frocking” ceremony to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army. A few weeks ago, it was officially announced that Chaplain Guthrie had been selected to his next rank of Colonel. It usually takes months or even years before a person selected for advancement will pin on the rank. However, because Kevin was already serving as a Lieutenant Colonel with distinction in a Colonel’s position, the Army Chief of Chaplains received approval for him to pin on the new rank right away.


Indivisible (pg. 5)

EditorKnowing how much our readers love and support our military, I really believe you will enjoy the movie, “Indivisible.” I saw it at an advance screening on Aug. 30, and it will begin showing in theaters Oct. 26. It shed a new light on the impact deployment can have on our chaplains (and soldiers) and their marriages. According to the press release, “The movie is based on the extraordinary true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather. With a strong, faith-filled marriage, the Turners are ready to follow their calling — serving God, family and country. “Fresh from seminary and basic training, Chaplain Turner and his family arrive at Fort Stewart. Yet before the Turners can even unpack their new house, Darren is deployed to Iraq. Heather is left to take care of their three young children alone, as well as serve the families of the other deployed soldiers.


Ladies Retreat (pg. 6)

The Arkansas State Ladies Retreat was held Sept. 7-8 at Budd Creek Campground, with about 40 ladies in attendance. The rain may have kept many ladies from attending, but those who were able to make it had a wonderful time. Special music was provided by the former Lifeword Trio. Angelyn McMurray from “We Are FREE” spoke on Friday night, and the speaker for both days was Sabrina Clanton. (Linda Black, reporter)


BMMI Mission Trip On The Tambo River in Peru (pg. 7)

Dr. Ralph Izard – Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) recently completed a medical mission outreach in four Ashaninka communities along the Tambo River in the rainforest of Peru. The Ashaninka, or Ashaninca, are an indigenous people group that is determined to continue their lifestyle. Therefore, Pastor Paul Tinoco, who lives in Tarma, has to obtain permission from the Ashaninka chief of the community for a BMMI team to visit their community. The Tambo River is a part of a larger complex of rivers in the Amazon Basin and has a length of 159 km or 99 miles. The government of Peru recently decided to build a dam on the Tambo River to supply electricity to Brazil. The decision has been overturned, but the Ashaninka are very suspicious of outsiders visiting their land for that reason.


Busy Times (pg. 7)

Paul White – Friday, I attended the BMA of the Ozarks Association annual meeting in Springdale. It was a very good meeting, especially for State Missions in that they voted to support Carter Pearce’s Silas Connection Partner for the coming year. Thank you, Ozarks. Saturday, I traveled to Cord to attend the North Arkansas Association annual meeting. It was a blessing to be among the brethren this past week. A special thanks goes out to Keith Lewis for filling in for me at the Mt. Calvary Association meeting in Southhaven, Miss.; and to Gary Hughes for standing in for me at the Mt. Vernon Association meeting in Caldwell. Continue to pray for God to raise up men with a burden to plant churches right here in our state.


EIM Has an Amazing Summer (pg. 8)

Mike Goodwin – As Evangelistic International Ministries (EIM) wraps up an amazing summer of Overseas Bible School (OBS) and we reflect on all of the beautiful people that heard the Gospel, we’re in awe and humbled to be servants of Jesus! (Alicia Jackson serves as the EIM OBS director.) We were blessed to see the work of God in Shinyanga, Tanzania; La Flecha, Honduras; and Ramnicu Valcea, Romania! The cultures are vastly different, but the power of Jesus’ saving grace is universal! Each summer we are amazed as God handpicks and prepares each team to come together and serve Him in a foreign country. The teams this summer were most definitely called by God for His purpose and glory.

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