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Current News Oct. 17

Lifeword Sunday is Oct. 21 (pg. 1)

Donny Parrish – Lifeword Sunday is the only time of the year that this ministry asks churches and church members to pray, give and celebrate the ministry of Lifeword. At Lifeword, our job is to help you fulfill your job! The Great Commission was given to the local church… “Make disciples of all nations.” Alone, that can seem like an insurmountable task. But, with Lifeword’s help and with the partnership of churches across the BMA, fulfilling the Great Commission is beyond our reach. Presently, Lifeword is sharing the Good News of Jesus in over 100 unique broadcast programs in 42 languages to 121 countries and to 2 billion people. And soon, with the help of the Lifeword Cloud, we are preparing to expand our broadcast footprint to over 200 languages.  But we need you to partner with us to make that dream a reality.  If you or your church hasn’t registered for Lifeword Sunday, you can do that today at or by calling (501) 329-6891. Your job is to reach the world. Our job is to help you do that.


* Protect Ministry Data And Computers (pg. 1)

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance CompanySafeguarding information can help deter theft, preserve privacy and avoid lawsuits. Churches commonly collect and store members’ personal information. Everything from mailing lists and donation records to Social Security numbers and payment card information may be kept in the average church database or filing cabinet. Unsecured, this data could make church members vulnerable to thieves — putting ministries and church members at risk. Carefully protecting data not only makes business sense, but it also can reduce the likelihood of crippling data loss, embarrassing public disclosures and lawsuits.


* BMA of Ark. Breakout Session #3: Biblical Exposition (pg. 1)

The Bible is clear that pastors are to be men of character with one specific skill set — the ability to teach the Word of God. Week after week, month after month, year after year, pastors all around the world diligently strive to communicate biblical truth in relevant ways. But the need to be biblically sound and culturally relevant is a constant struggle. Would you benefit from some helpful tips about Bible study and sermon preparation? Would you like to collaborate with others and see what they are doing in their study? If you can relate, we have an opportunity for you.


* Breakout Session #4 — Biblical Counseling (pg. 1)

Adam Thomas – I have to confess, I may be the world’s most unlikely counselor. Counseling always felt way too emotional and personal to me. For my seminary degree, I actually chose to transfer my counseling class hours from my bachelor degree to avoid counseling classes. I wanted to learn about theology, not feelings. I wanted to proclaim the Gospel from a distance in the pulpit, and not get into the messy work of people crying in my office. But after a decade in ministry, our church took several back-to-back hits of extreme tragedies, and I was put in a position to try and help people that I love walk through unspeakable pain. I’ve never felt more helpless in my ministry. At the state meeting this year, I am very excited be leading a breakout session on this subject. I am looking forward to speaking about how pastors can better shepherd their people through embracing and being equipped to counsel.


* Roberson and His Missionary Heart (pg. 6)

Holly Meriweather – If you ever have the privilege of meeting Ben Roberson, you will never forget him. One of the first times I saw him, he was at a football game cheering on one of his favorite teams, the Conway Christian Eagles. When things didn’t look so good on the field, he decided to do something about the quiet, unmotivated fans — he walked up and down the bleachers yelling, “Come on everybody! Let’s go!” Of course, we all did what he told us to do and supported the team because he’s Ben. Nobody can say no to Ben. Fortunately for us here at Lifeword, people still can’t say no to him. Ben learned about the media ministry he came to love when his family joined a BMA church (Antioch) in Conway, where he became friends with former Lifeword Executive Director Steve Crawley. His mom told him that Lifeword spreads the Gospel through media, and when he heard about how he could raise money for media missionaries by walking, he asked if he could do that. Nobody can say no to Ben; so, of course, she agreed.


Rotary Club of Conway makes Scholarship Donation (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – September is education month at the Rotary Club of Conway, and during this month the three college presidents from The City of Colleges each give a report to the Club and then the Club makes a donation to each college for their scholarship fund. On Sept. 27, I gave my state of the college address to the Rotary Club of Conway. This presentation has become an annual tradition and is a time to give Rotary members, who are Conway business leaders, an update on the great things that are taking place at CBC. At the conclusion of the presentation, Rotary Club of Conway President Ed Linck presented the college a $1,500 scholarship donation. Traditionally, this scholarship has gone to the president of the Central Baptist College Rotaract Club. Rotaract is a college affiliate program of Rotary International. (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)


Don’t Overcomplicate This Casino Issue (pg. 2)

Larry Page – The out-of-state gambling predators are poised at our state border, just waiting for misled and manipulated Arkansas voters to give them permission to come in and wreak havoc among families, communities, local economies and the overall quality of life in the Natural State. They are desperately hoping that our voters will buy their empty promises and nightmarish dreams by approving Issue No. 4. They recently issued a report that touts all the jobs, tax revenue and economic development their gambling operations will bestow on us Arkansans. It is as if the economic health and well-being of Arkansas are their only objectives. Right! Listen, those numbers are exaggerated — they always are — to a large extent the numbers are pulled out of the stratosphere, or they are based on a bogus study that the gambling promoters have paid for. In fact, the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration has taken strong exception to the rosy forecast regarding tax revenue these gambling predators have concocted.


Developing Leaders (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The Great Commission states clearly that we are to go and make disciples. That means we are supposed to be multiplying disciples, leaders and churches. All too often though, there is a real vacuum in leadership development. If we want leaders available when we need them, we must be ready and willing to invest the time and effort into developing them. II Timothy 2:2 teaches this process of Paul to Timothy, to faithful men and then to others also. We see the win as Timothy, but the real win is Timothy fulfilling his calling by discipling others.


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Sam & Dawn Freeman, Philippines


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Defense of WW I Memorial, Christian Bakers Win, Anchor Babies, Children Could be Euthanized Without Parental Consent, Court Sides with Doctor Who Refused to do Abortions, Imprisoned Pastor Is Free at Last


1994 – 2018 Survey of Older Adult Ministries (pg. 5)

BMA Seminary professor Dr. Ronnie J. Johnson is seeking pastors and senior-adult ministers to participate in educational research. In Johnson’s 1994 doctoral dissertation, a panel of pastors described and projected changes in older-adult ministries within the BMA of America. Now, 25 years later, Dr. Johnson is attempting to objectively verify the projections that were made. Johnson needs some non-identifying demographic data and experienced opinions on a number of research statements. In addition, there are a few optional questions asking for thoughts about the future of older-adult ministry. This Google Form survey may take 10-15 minutes. Johnson has posted a link to the survey on “BMA Preachers and People” group on Facebook. If you are willing to participate, click on the Facebook link or send Dr. Johnson an email to He will respond with a link to the anonymous survey form.


A Shower of Blessings (pg. 5)

Chris Lucy – On behalf of the Association of Baptist Students at Southern Arkansas University, I want to express my gratitude to First Baptist Church (FBC) at Waldo, Magnolia and all the churches in the Columbia Baptist Association for their outpouring of love and support. On Sept. 30th, FBC Waldo hosted a shower on behalf of the Columbia Baptist Association, and the response was incredible. The supplies and gift cards they provided were much needed and very much appreciated! (


We Are FREE Walls Going Up (pg. 5)

It’s exciting to see the progress the Master Builders are making this week at Hebron Hills, the campus for We Are FREE,” said Janet Widger National WMA assistant treasurer as she shared this photo from The Master’s Builders Facebook page. “This is our project, and you can be a part of this ministry by making a financial contribution,” she continued. Send contributions marked “Project” to National WMA, Patricia Duncan, P.O. Box 30, Hardy, Ark. 72542.


English: Lifeword’s First Broadcast Language (pg. 6)

Holly Meriweather – The following is the last article in a five-part series explaining each of the starter languages of the Lifeword Cloud. After a year of building it, Lifeword’s Cloud went live in August with five languages determined to have the best production quality, biblical soundness, format variety and cultural relevance. Next month, we will announce the next five languages to be loaded onto the Cloud. On Sept. 4, 1965, Harvest Gleaner Hour (HGH), now Lifeword, was born. Thanks to the incredible vision of Harold Morris, the BMA’s radio ministry began with an English broadcast on KSTL in St. Louis. Bro. Morris had come off his mission field of Brazil because of a heart condition and began serving as a field representative. As he visited churches around the country, his missionary heart became more and more burdened to reach more people for Christ. He strongly believed that “one radio broadcast can reach more people per week with the Gospel than any missionary family can possibly do.”


Excuses (pg. 7)

Paul White – Excuse: “I have no encouragement at home.” Answer: Without families, we came; without our families, we go. Guilt is personal. Then, too, if you have praying parents, a saintly wife or husband and godly children, and you continue your selfish resistance to their accepted and your rejected Savior, your guilt is deeper. The evil living or the witness of a family is a paper house in a hailstorm. Excuse: “I am good enough as I am.” Answer: God says you are bad enough — by nature. Man, in his natural state, does wicked deeds, thinks evil thoughts, goes to bad places and rejects Jesus Christ because he has an evil heart. No one is naturally good. If you are good, why not become acquainted with Jesus, who is supremely good?


Pastor Appreciation: Unknown Heroes (pg. 8)

Chuck Lawless – I’m just thinking about some men who are faithful heroes: They’re pastoring churches that are average size in North America. That means on a typical Sunday they’ll have around 100 (plus or minus) in worship. If they read this, it might be at night. That’s because they’re often bivocational, working another job during the day while also pastoring. Few people have ever heard of some of the places where they pastor. Some are in urban and suburban areas, but many are in rural areas you wouldn’t even know exist unless you’re from their area.


“Gosnell” Breaks Top 10 Despite Media Blackout (pg. 8)

“Despite a media blackout and virtually no coverage outside conservative media circles, the new movie Gosnell made the list of top 10 movies across the United States over the weekend,” said Steven Ertelt in an Oct. 15 report. Coming in at the #10 spot, Gosnell came in ahead of other movies with much wider releases — as the film is appearing in just 673 theaters nationwide. Despite the more limited release, Gosnell outperformed A Simple Favor, The Nun and the blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians. Every other movie except for one that appeared higher in the weekend top 10 list was shown to Americans in thousands of theaters. Gosnell was also the only movie to gain in audience on Sunday, with over $1.23 million in ticket sales through the weekend. Every other movie saw a Sunday drop-off. Had Gosnell opened in 2,800 theaters like other movies in the top 10 list it would have finished in 7th place for the weekend — making it more popular per theater than The House With a Clock in Its Walls and Bad Times at the El Royale. (


$1.2 Million Awarded to Chief (pg. 8)

“The city of Atlanta, Ga. has agreed to pay its former fire chief, Kelvin Cochran, $1.2 million in the wake of a December 2017 court ruling that found some of the city’s policies that led to his termination are unconstitutional,” according to a press release from Alliance Defending Freedom. “The court determined that Atlanta’s rules restricting non-work speech, like the book for Christian men that Cochran wrote, were too broad and allowed city officials to unconstitutionally discriminate against views with which they disagree.” On Oct. 15, the city council voted on the specific amount of damages and attorneys’ fees that it owes to the highly decorated former fire chief after negotiating with his Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys. (


Lessons from a British Cemetery (pg. 8)

Courtney McLean – Just for a minute, imagine walking down a cobblestone path older than the United States, hearing dainty British women speak about the unusually hot weather (75 degrees!), standing in a cathedral that stretches so high you have to crane your neck to take it all in, fish and chips, tea and scones, and lush green everywhere. Welcome to England! I was able to spend almost a month in the U.K. as part of Southwestern Seminary’s Oxford Study Program this summer. And one of my favorite places where we visited was a cemetery called Bunhill Fields. I know, it seems odd that a field full of tombstones would have been a favorite, but it was incredible.


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