Current News- 1-30-19

Current News Jan. 30


*BMAA Meeting and WMA Meeting Schedules (pg. 8)


*BMAA National Meeting: A Means to An End? (pg. 1)

Jeff Swart – The officers of your national association have been concerned about the dwindling representation of our churches at the national meeting for several years now. Charting the meetings over the last 17 years, the highest number of churches represented by messenger was 345 in 2002, in Joplin, Mo.; and the lowest number of churches represented by messenger was 204 in Jackson, Miss. in 2018. Concerning the number of attendees, the highest attendance was in Joplin in 2002, with 1,172 people present; and the lowest was in Arlington, Texas in 2017, with 369 people present.   Although we do not pretend to know the reasons why the majority of our churches are simply deciding not to attend the annual meeting, the department directors and officers of our association believe that if we offered our churches more reasons to attend the national meeting, our participation might actually increase.


*We Need Your Help! (pg. 1)

James Ray Raines – We need your help. Our roster shows that we have 1,260 churches who are affiliated with the BMAA. However, the representations in our Annual Meetings reflect the participation of only about half of them. We recognize that the association is the servant of the churches. Each church is autonomous and participation is voluntary. However, there are many benefits offered to the member churches. Below is a list of some of those benefits:


*BMA Disaster Relief Ministry Opportunities (pg. 1)

Even though it has been several months since Hurricanes Florence and Michael hit the Gulf of Mexico, there is still a tremendous need for disaster relief efforts in the areas that were affected. The week of Feb. 23–March 2, Lavon Haden, of Just the Crumbs and BMA Disaster Relief, will be traveling to Callaway, Fla. (near Panama City) to help with clean-up efforts and the building process. They will be working with a ministry called ACTS out of New Hampshire to help support them in their disaster relief efforts.


*Northwest Profile Ceases Publication (pg. 1)

Editor Spriggs – As I was looking through the January 15 issue of the Northwest Profile (the BMA publication for the Northwestern BMA), and I noticed something disturbing that Editor Leo Hornaday wrote in his column: “For the past year, I have struggled with the question of whether to try to continue the Profile, or to terminate it. I have come to the conclusion that this ministry is finished. This decision is not made without misgivings. I have been blessed beyond measure by being able to communicate with my friends through this medium. I am thankful for the encouraging participation and contributions.” I emailed Bro. Hornaday to be sure I was reading what I thought I was reading, because the issue also included an ad that encouraged people to subscribe. This was his response:


CBC Homecoming 2019 (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Make plans to join us for Homecoming activities on Feb. 8-9! This year, we will be honoring the 50th anniversary of the CBC Singers, and will be recognizing the alumni award recipients during the annual Alumni Luncheon. For a full schedule of Homecoming events and to register to attend, visit Spring Stampede Preview Day will take place on Friday, Feb. 8 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. This event will kick off Homecoming 2019. High school students and their parents are invited to attend this “drop-in” event that will be held in the Story Library. RSVP today at (Also see Game Results on page 2.)


CBC Named a Top Military Friendly School (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College announced Jan. 23 that it has been included on the 2019-2020 Military Friendly Schools list, receiving the Gold distinction. This is the 10th consecutive year that CBC has been included on this nationwide list published by VIQTORY. The Military Friendly Schools with Gold distinction score within 10% of the 10th ranking school in their category and are setting the example with their programs and initiatives. CBC was recognized in the “Private Schools not offering a Doctorate” category.


Scripture Matters (pg. 2)

Calvary Baptist Church in Horn Lake, Miss. will host Scripture Matters on May 18-19. This will be their first scheduled Scripture Matters panel of 2019. The theme is: “How Do You Know That?” In the world, in the classroom, and in the church pew, it is important we recognize what makes something “truth.” Our panel of ministers will discuss the nature of truth, as well as the nature of God’s revelation to mankind. Please submit questions prior to the event through the CBC church office; questions are encouraged and appreciated. For questions and concerns, please contact Josh Howard at, or visit the church’s website at for additional information. You may also contact the church office at (662) 393-3239.


Leadership Fears (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – All of us have fears such as spiders, snakes or maybe tight, closed-in spaces. We often fear the future and worry about our jobs, our kids and our churches. We can fear not being liked or even of being misunderstood. We can have a fear of being an outcast or of being rejected by our friends. We can even be afraid of what the Lord may ask us to give up, what He may ask us to do or where He might ask us to go. Fear is real, and its greatest danger is that it paralyzes us and we are then unable to do what we need to do.


Annual Builders Retreat (pg. 3)

Nelda Malone – The annual retreat for the Master’s Builders, was held Jan. 22-25. For the first time, the Builders gathered at Daniel Dorm at Daniel Springs Encampment, in Gary, Texas. In April of last year, our men did some remodeling of the dorm, and Daniel Springs can now offer a very nice facility for group gatherings. Camp Director Jason Prewitt says the camp is “wide open” for large groups to enjoy. Daniel Dorm and Retreat Center offers sleeping quarters, a full kitchen and a large multi-use room. The Master’s Builders will tell you that the facility is great for church groups, reunion and retreats. You can contact Jason at (903) 685-2433 or


Legislative Issues Update (pg. 3)

Larry Page – The current session of the Arkansas legislature is beginning its third week. As usual, things have started out slowly, but things are picking up as the legislators continue to file bills and as the various committees have begun their routine scrutiny of the bills that relate to their assigned areas of interest. Previously, we alerted you to some bills that many of you may have had some interest in. We have dropped one of those bills (House Bill 1032), since the bill’s sponsor has withdrawn his proposal. We have added two bills — making it a total of four that we want to alert you to — and interestingly, all four are prolife measures that we strongly support. (To view any of these bills in their entirety, visit and type in the bill’s initials and number.


It Breaks My Heart (pg. 4)

Editor – I didn’t want to have to tell you this at all, so I waited until after Christmas because it’s such a “downer” — then there was Maren’s wedding and Levi’s first birthday. But here goes… at a time when I’m trying desperately to get the Baptist Trumpet out to more of our BMA members through the Church Plan, we lost two churches in one week shortly before Christmas. That just absolutely breaks my heart. Both churches said the reason was financial, and went out of their way to tell me they were in no way displeased with the Baptist Trumpet — but we still lost them. And a total of about 50 subscribers won’t know what is going on the BMA.


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

NY: Abortions Up To Birth, For Any Reason; Ark. Newpaper’s Lawsuit Over Israel Boycott Law Tossed; Trump’s Ban On Trans Military Service Stands; A.G. Petitions to Move Abortion Case to Federal Court


A Place for Your Students (pg. 5)

Dan Carson – As many seniors enter their final semester of public school (including my daughter), I have to ask myself, “What are we doing to encourage our students to look at Central Baptist College of Conway?” Honestly, by the time that they have reached their senior year, they may have already made the decision of where they are going to college. However, it doesn’t stop me from thinking about what is next for all of my students. Are they looking at college? Should they enter the work force? What is next for them? As their student pastor, I need to encourage them to pursue God as their next step. Wherever that takes them, that should be the highest priority. One of the places where that is at the top of the list is Central Baptist College. It is our school. Supported by the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas, and it is designed to help students pursue Christ and academic excellence.


Hello From President Williams (pg. 5)

Kelly Williams – I’m so excited to be serving you this year as the Arkansas WMA president. We have a busy year ahead of us! The National BMAA meeting will be held in Rogers, on May 6-8, and that means that the State of Arkansas WMA will be the hostess for the National WMA meeting. All the officers are working together to make this an exciting event, and we here in Arkansas want to make all the WMA ladies feel welcome! We also have the State Retreat coming in September. We are excited to announce that Jaclyn Rowe will be our speaker, and the LifeWord Trio will be leading us in worship music. The dates for the retreat are Sept. 20-21 at Budd Creek Encampment. More information will be coming soon about this fun time!


Missionaries Share Their Plans (pg. 6)

My name is Alicia Ramshur-Samson, and I grew up in Columbia, Miss. It was during my high school days that I felt the Lord leading me to be a missionary. One of the challenges for any high school senior is choosing a college and a career path. I made the decision to seek a nursing degree with the idea in mind that someday I would use nursing on a foreign mission field. Even though this might have been in the back of my mind, I still had doubts and fears that it would ever materialize. In 2008, after two years of working in the ICU at Wesley Medical Center, I woke up in the middle of the night with an elephant on my chest, or at least it felt like it. I knew that the Lord was telling me that it was time to begin pursuing full-time missions. I had been doing short-term mission trips for several years, but the time had come to make a drastic, life-changing decision.


Philippines Church Bombed (pg. 6)

According to a Washington Post report, “Explosions Sunday morning (Jan. 27) at a cathedral in Jolo, in the Philippine region of Mindanao, killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens of others, just after a landmark vote to form a Muslim autonomous region here following decades of unrest. “The blasts underscore how elusive peace remains in the southern Philippines, where Muslim extremist groups such as Abu Sayyaf and others linked to the Islamic State have long wreaked havoc in the Catholic-majority country.


Experiencing the Full Christian Life (pg. 7)

Paul White – (Rom. 12:1-2) To live abundantly, you must serve the Lord, who is our example because He served mankind all the way to Calvary. We are encouraged to take necessary steps for abundant living. The words “present your bodies” carries the idea of a volitional surrender to the perfect will of God, even when you may not know His will for your life. There are two areas in which a child of God may dwell — one is God’s perfect will, and the other is God’s permissive will. Sadly, it seems most live out their Christian lives in His permissive will. An example of this is attending church. It is God’s perfect will that we forsake not the assembling together, but God’s permissive is when He allows us to miss because of an unyielded heart.

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