Current News- 2-13-19

Current News Feb. 13

*50 Years of the CBC Singers Celebrated at Homecoming 2019 (pg. 1)

Sancy Faulk -Despite the bitterly cold weather, hundreds of Central Baptist College alumni, friends, and prospective students flocked to campus to enjoy Homecoming festivities on February 8 and 9. What a pleasure to welcome everyone to campus! Athletic Events —Several Mustang Athletic Events took place over Homecoming weekend. For an overview of all contests, see the Game Results article by Erik Holth on page 2 of this issue. Kaylee St John, a senior marketing major from Greenbrier, Arkansas, was crowned the 2019 Homecoming Queen Saturday morning. Singers Meet and Greet — Homecoming activities began on Friday evening, Feb. 8, with the Singers Meet and Greet in the Story Library. Previous and current members of the Central Baptist College Singers came together for a time of fellowship. The highlight of the event was when Jim Courtney entered the event to a thunderous round of applause! Jim Courtney founded the CBC Singers in 1969.

*BMA Annual Church Survey Deadline is April 15! (pg. 1)

By providing the most up-to-date information, your church helps BMA America connect, build relationships, and understand the impact BMA churches are making through their local communities with the Gospel. Providing your feedback has never been easier. Please choose one of the following options to provide BMA America with the most accurate information for your church: Complete the survey online at (under “BMA Churches”). Fill out the pre-populated survey that was mailed last fall. Request a new survey. Updated surveys can be mailed or emailed.  For questions about logging in to the website or to request an updated survey, contact Tasha Waites at (501) 358-3860 or Completed surveys can be mailed to: BMA America, P.O. Box 1188, Conway, Ark. 72033. Will you help us keep our records updated and preserve the history of our association?

*Free Mission Trip Opportunity (pg. 1)

When your church registers for World Missions Day 2019, to be held on Feb. 24, your pastor and his wife, or a couple of their choice, will be entered in a drawing to win a free mission trip. In order to be eligible, churches must submit their offering to the Missions department by April 1. The drawing for the mission trip will be held at the 2019 National Meeting. The winning pastor and his wife, or couple that they choose, will take their mission trip with BMA Missions Executive Director, Dr. John David Smith. The destination of the trip is to be determined.

*Fall 2018 President’s List and Dean’s List (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – It is a pleasure to release for publication the President’s and Dean’s Lists in recognition of student academic achievement. The following lists are for the fall of 2018. To qualify for the President’s List, a student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours and have earned a grade point average of 4.000 out of a possible 4.000. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 semester hours and have earned a grade point average of 3.500 or higher out of a possible 4.000. (Also see CBC Sport results on page 2.)

*How To Be a Loser in Student Ministry (part 2)

Dan Carson – Part 2 – Don’t Build Up the Bible – Last week, I started a short series about what it takes to be a Big Loser in Student Ministry. We talked about failing to Partner with Parents, and how powerful that is. This week, we want to look at the second area that can assure us of failure when it comes to student ministry. If we want to miss the mark with our students, then we don’t Build up the Bible. Lifeway Research has continued to gather data in regard to what is happening with our students as they leave high school and head off to college. Many of them are setting aside their church life. Those that are more likely to have a faith that sticks are those that invest in God’s Word.

Do We Need Revitalization? (pg. 3)

Larry Barker -We usually will go to our family doctor once a year for an annual checkup. We want to make sure everything is okay, and hope for a clean bill of health. Maybe we need some minor adjustments or simple instructions to improve our health, such as starting to walk more. Basic steps like that can make a huge difference in our overall health. The greater problem is if we ignore our health until very drastic steps must be quickly taken and, usually, the longer you ignore sickness the worse it becomes until it can even be life-threatening. Hey church, the same is true about you! The longer you refuse to ignore signs of being unhealthy, the sicker you will become.

Who Steals our Joy? (pg. 3)

Becca Watts – I often hear women discuss and talk about their joy being taken away or stolen. But I often wonder why we talk about the ways that our joy is stolen so much and focus less on the one who steals them and how to defeat him. The answer is simple. His name may be different in your world, but the being is the same. Scripture refers to him as the evil one, the tempter, Satan, the devil and the thief. Not a thief but the thief. According to John 10:10 and in the words of Jesus, he is “the thief cometh not, but to steal, kill and destroy;” meaning that he comes to bring about destruction in our lives and in our worlds. But what has he come to take? I think Jesus alludes to that in what He says next in this verse: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Blessed, Blessed and Blessed! (pg. 4)

Editor – I know you always read every word in my column, right? (Okay, if not, just humor me here!) But in the Jan. 30 issue, I shared with you that two churches had cancelled their Church Plans, and that it had broken my heart. (To be honest, it still hurts!) But I also shared my heart when I said, “It is easy to get discouraged, even though I’m trying hard not to be. And I’m still looking for those ‘But God’ moments — because I know they’re coming.” And come they did!

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

President’s Rating Soars To 52% After Pro-Life Address; Arkansas Grocery Ad Warns “Heaven Has a Wall”; University Can’t Ban Group For Requiring Christian Leaders ; Pro-life Concerns Mount Over High Court’s La. Ruling; Baby Murdered – NY Law Won’t Allow Killer to be Charged

Pro-Life and Free Speech Legislation in Arkansas (pg. 5)

Jerry Cox – Note: The proposed legislation mentioned in this article can be seen in their entirety at You can leave a message for your senator about any of these bills by calling the Arkansas Senate during normal business hours at (501) 682-2902. Improvements to the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act and the Woman’s Right to Know Act — On Feb. 7, Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch) and Rep. Spencer Hawks (R – Conway) filed S.B. 278 amending Arkansas’ requirements for abortion facilities and making improvements to the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act and the Woman’s Right to Know Act.

Arkansas Galilean Meeting And Basketball Tournament (pg. 5)

Dan Williams -We are all set for our spring meeting, March 1-2. Registration will begin at 7 p.m. in the Central Baptist College gymnasium foyer. The registration fee is $10 per person, and an additional $5 for each person playing in the basketball tournament on Saturday. Payment is due at registration. The registration fee will be used to help cover the Friday night Pizza Party, breakfast on Saturday morning and the Sports Awards for the Basketball Tournament.Please email your approximate number attending to me at as soon as you can prior to the meeting to assist with our planning.The first assembly will begin at 8 p.m. A complete schedule for the meeting is posted on the Galilean website (

Questions for Parents (pg. 6)

The Late Travis Plumlee – Every day, parents make a deposit in their children’s memory bank. Rich (in the faith) Christian parents invest heavily in their children — not financially, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Children can grow up and take different pathways and depart from their parents’ teachings. Children can grow up and overcome bad parenting or abuse, or they can grow up and fall into a life of sin and misery because of poor parenting. Some children are very strong and resilient. They can go through a rough life at home and still turn out pretty good. They can, as adults, seek counseling to overcome childhood problems.

Take Your Burden to the Lord (pg. 6)

Maggie Chandler – My, my. We often heed the words of the old song, “Take your burden to the Lord…” and we stop right there. Then we proceed to keep the pathway of life busy with all our burden taking exercises. The secret, you see, is not just to take your burden to the Lord. The secret is to “…leave it there.” Now that’s the hard part, is it not? I remember seeing a television documentary on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial a few years ago, and I was touched to learn that people often bring personal items representing their feelings of grief and pain. Do you know what they do with those items? They leave them there!

Why Some Churches Grow (pg. 6)

The Late Fulton Lindsey -One Sunday night after services a lady asked why the church is growing so rapidly in some areas and so slowly elsewhere with similar circumstances. After meditating on her question, the following reasons were given to her:  The church grows where there is a spirit of love, unity and understanding among the members, and they in turn manifest these attitudes toward the people of the community. A “better-than-thou” or “we-are-right-and-you-are-wrong” attitude cannot convert people to Christ.

Experiencing the Full Christian Life – Part 4 (pg. 7)

Paul White – For one to experience the abundant life, they will need to be filled with the Spirit. “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18 NIV) The Holy Spirit dwells within every believer. A person may be immature, weak and imperfect, but if you have been born again of the Spirit of God, His Spirit dwells in you. While it is true you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, the real question is, “Does the Holy Spirit have you, that He might fill you with the abundant life?” The abundant life is not found in environment, circumstances or in the things you may possess. It is found in the infilling of the Holy Spirit. To be filled is not a suggestion, but a command; and you may be filled many times for to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be Spirit-possessed, empowered, led and controlled.

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 8)

Larry & Tammy Wood, Ukraine; Doug & Diane Lee, Philippines; Jesse & Rebecca Hales, Dominican Republic

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