Current News- 2-27-19

Current News Feb. 27

*Long-Term Solutions For DiscipleGuide’s Ministries (pg. 1)

Aaron Middleton and Dr. Charley Holmes — The past nine months have been an intense time of prayer, investigation and exploration regarding the future of DiscipleGuide Church Resources. On behalf of DiscipleGuide’s Board of Trustees, I want to assure you that we have made a priority of resourcing the churches of the BMA with quality curriculum, conferences and camps. We are committed to seeing these vital ministries continue. We understand that the BMAA departments exist only to serve the churches, so the question “What best aids the local church?” has become the filter to which each decision is subjected. We have received much assistance and counsel from the leadership of the other departments, and from the Coordinating Council.

*Lawrence Britton Memorial Endowed Scholarship Established (pg. 1)

The Central Baptist College Advancement Office is pleased to announce the establishment of The Lawrence Britton Memorial Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship will give first priority to active members of Park Avenue Baptist Church, West Race Baptist Church or Foster’s Chapel Baptist Church, all BMA of Arkansas churches located in Searcy. Second priority will be given to active members of a church in the Mount Calvary Association of the BMA of Arkansas. (CBC Sports, page 2)

*CBC Announces Original Musical for March 2019 (pg. 1)

Erik Holth – A first at Central Baptist College will take place in the Spring 2019 semester. For the first time in history, an original musical will be performed, not just on the CBC campus, but by the CBC Fine Arts Department. The brainchild of Jim Turner, Dr. Jana Jones and Suzanne Banister, “Ugs: The Musical” will be performed on campus March 8-9, and will be debuted at the Christian Theater Festival that same month at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. Preparations for the show have already begun.

*Vendor Agreements (pg. 1)

The BMA National Meeting will be held May 6-8 at the Northwest Arkansas Convention Center in Rogers. Vendors who wish to participate in the Exhibit Center will need to complete a Vendor Agreement. The form can be found on the BMA website at and should be returned by April 1 to BMA America, Attn: John Meriweather, 611 Locust St., Conway, Ark. 72032. The exhibitor fee is due by April 22 and for BMA national departments and agencies the cost is $100; for BMA state departments or other related BMA ministries, $215; and for non-BMA commercial vendors, $400. Registration can also be made, and fees paid, online. The serving of food or drinks must be approved by the Convention Center. Power strips and extension cords will not be provided by the Convention Center or the BMAA. No cardboard signs or handwritten signs are allowed. For more information, contact John Meriweather at or (501) 499-6810.

*Don’t Give Out the Gospel (pg. 2)

Dan Carson — How to Be a Loser in Student Ministry:For the last few weeks, we have been talking about sure-fire ways to blow it when it comes to student ministry in your church. We have discussed not partnering with parents, not building up the Bible and not connecting with the church. Any one of these could win you the title of “loser.”Unfortunately, you can miss the mark in these areas and still look like you are successful in student ministry. We mark success by how many we see at events and in our group meetings. That is a problem. While the Word includes the number of converts surrounding the day of Pentecost, it doesn’t give us quotas about how many we are supposed to share with or see converted. Why? Because God is the one who does the saving. We are simply called to faithfulness. Too often, we fall into a pattern that can assure us of attaining loser status in student ministry — we don’t give out the Gospel.

The “Small” Thing (pg. 2)

Mike McEuen — “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house: his hands shall also finish it: and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you. For who hath despised the day of small things?” (Zech. 4:9-10). God chose Zerubbabel, along with Joshua the high priest, to lead in the rebuilding of the temple after they Babylonian captivity. Zechariah was God’s prophet during this time in Israel’s history. God assured Zechariah that Zerubbabel and Joshua would complete the job, and that the people would rejoice at what God had done through them. But even with God’s promise, as they were rebuilding the temple, they were having a difficult time. The budget was low, and the morale of the people was even lower! It looked like the job would never be completed.

*God Desires So Much More (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – A couple of years ago, Dr. John David Smith, our executive director of Missions, challenged our association by giving us a picture of where we were as cooperating churches. It was, to many, painful; and I am thankful for the courage of leaders to tell us what we need to hear. Hopefully, we will receive it with a spirit of humility and repentance. Whenever you give negative statistics, it does deliver some pain, but my prayer is that it will also call us to prayer and that we will actively pursue God’s vision and mission for His churches.

CBC Sports (pg. 2)

The American Midwest Conference office announced their final regular season conference basketball players of the week. Percell Washington was selected as player of the week after leading the Mustangs to two wins and the five seed in the AMC tournament. This is Washington’s third selection this season and fourth overall.

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Cris & Alicia Samson, Philippines

Greenbrier Missions Fair (pg. 4)

Immanuel Baptist Church at Greenbrier hosted the Feb. 24 Global Missions Fair, see photos

Random Thoughts on Isaiah (pg. 3)

Dr. Tony Cleaver — Isa. 5:20, Isa. 10:3, Isa. 37:1, Isa. 40:31, Isa. 53

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

House Passes 18-Week Abortion Ban in Ark., Ark. Suicide Bill Being Considered, Trump Defunds PP, Will Cut Almost $60 Million, Bill Filed to Limit Last Meals for Ark. Prisoners

Steps to a Better Sermon (pg. 5)

Dr. Allen Tilley (via Baptist Progress) —Professional athletes are judged by what they do on game day, but their success on the field is the result of countless hours of study and preparation before the big game. In the same way, effective preaching involves more than just showing up on Sunday. We must carefully and diligently spend adequate time in mining the nuggets of truth found in God’s Word. Here are seven tips for building a better sermon:

Johnie Bearfield Dies (pg. 5)

Johnie L. Bearfield, 86 of Fayetteville, died Feb. 19. She was preceded in death by her husbands: Paul L. Bearfield, who served as executive director of the Harvest Gleaner Hour (now Lifeword Medial Ministries) from 1972 until his death in 1986; and Randall “Pete” Needham. In addition to being a pastor’s wife, missionary and prayer warrior, she was a longtime church and ministry secretary. Survivors include a son, Paul M. Bearfield, pastor of Worden Baptist Church in Bald Knob; and a daughter, Phyllis Reddin of Fayetteville; two sisters, Mrs. Dale (Barbara) Thornton of Lewisville, Texas and Wynona Hollister of Abilene, Texas; 7 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Feb. 22 at Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, and interment was at Crestlawn Memorial Park, under the direction of Roller-McNutt Funeral Home. Memorials may be sent to Lifeword Media Ministries, 611 Locust St., Conway, Ark. 72034.

Calvary Builds Blessing Box for the Community (pg. 5)

Dan Carson —As churches, we are often looking for opportunities to meet the physical needs of our communities. We like the idea of food pantries, close closets, coat drives and community meals, but might not have the manpower to pull it off. When faced with those same questions, the Cook LIFEgroup at Calvary came up with a positive solution.They had seen “Little Free Libraries” as well as a handful of “Blessing Boxes” in the Northwest Arkansas area, and decided to build one for Calvary Church. They spoke with Pastor Kirk Shelton and then found plans at With a little elbow grease from group members, and some left over paint and shingles at the church house, the entire project only cost $125.

Supreme Court Eyes ‘Flawed’ Church-State Precedent (pg. 6)

Diana Chandler, Baptist Press —Religious liberty advocates hope the U.S. Supreme Court will establish a clear precedent Feb. 27 to answer a question regarding the separation of church and state in the public square. On the court’s docket is the case of the 40-foot Bladensburg Cross World War I veterans’ memorial on public property in Bladensburg, Md., ordered removed by the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in support of the American Humanist Association (AHA).The upcoming ruling in the case of The American Legion v AHA would affect thousands of memorials nationally, supporters of the monument say. Justices could clarify decades of Establishment Clause precedent that federal judges and justices alike have variously described as “flawed” and a “hot mess.”

Experiencing the Full Christian Life (pg. 7)

Paul White — (part 5) “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever. Amen” (II Peter 3:18). Our last lesson on this subject centered around being mature. There are four stages of spiritual maturity: Baby — A baby thinks only of himself; its feelings are easily hurt and it is often jealous. A baby lives to be served, and it never serves others. It drinks milk and cannot eat strong meat. It cries, but never sings. It tries to talk, but never makes any sense. Sadly, many today are spiritual babies that Paul called carnal Christians. Little Children — I John 2:12 says: “I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name’s sake.” They start well, but stop short of maturity. They are often untruthful, envious and cruel. If rebuked, they become martyrs; if crossed, they are resentful and often make a scene. They are tale bearers, repeating everything they hear. They are given to emotional outbursts and are easily puffed up. They love praise, and will accept it from any source.

Four Immutable Truths About The Church (pg. 8)

Paul Gauntt(via Baptist Progress) — What does the scripture teach us concerning the function and operation of the New Testament Church? Many churches today have adopted what I call a corporate model. The pastor is the chief executive officer — the deacons and/or elders are the corporate board, and the modus operandi is to sell a product, and while the church is to be a non-profit organization, church leaders sometimes cannot help themselves from focusing on the bottom line. Some churches operate much like a professional sports team — or even high school or college sports teams. In the quest to be successful and have a winning season, the team secures the services of a winning coach. But after a couple of losing seasons, the coach must look for some other place. But what does Scripture say about the church? Furthermore, who is responsible for building the church?

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