Current News- 3-6-19

Current News March 6

Man Ransacks Central in Conway, Arrest Made

Early Thursday morning, Feb. 28, a man broke through a window at Central Baptist Church, 3333 Dave Ward Dr., Conway. He then proceeded to destroy photos, throw food on the walls, set fires, break things and ransack offices, according to an Arkansas Democrat Gazette report. The fire damage alone was estimated at $15,000, and two guitars were also taken. After photos of the intruder were posted online, Brenton Winn, who is 23 and has no known ties to the church, was arrested the following day. He has been charged with arson, burglary and criminal mischief. The guitars were recovered.

*JTC Responds to Help in Alabama (pg. 1)

“Just The Crumbs (JIC) will be responding to tornadoes in Alabama in the next couple of weeks,” according to a post on Just The Crumbs Ministries Facebook page. “We will inform you with details as they progress. We are still in Florida for another week and will be helping in Columbus, Miss. next week. (There is) such great need, and a great opportunity for you to get involved as God would direct you. Pray for us as we continue to reach out. Pray especially that hearts and lives can be changed to follow the Lord faithfully.” If you would like to sign up to serve, visit JIC contact information is (601) 522-6055; 10 Wagon Trail, Sumrall, Miss. 39482;

* Three Philosophies are Alive And Well in Our Day (pg. 1)

Dr. Tony Cleaver – From whatever source you get your news, there is a pattern of old philosophies encrypted in the behaviors of people making news. This is especially true with “the stars” held up as role models for us. Members of Christian churches must give attention to philosophies that have been around for some time. These three philosophies may not be called by their original names today, yet their main beliefs have tremendous influence in the work of the Church. These three philosophies are Stoicism, Skepticism and Cynicism.

* Creating an Evangelistic Church (pg. 1)

Dr. Allen Tilley (Baptist Progress)How evangelistic is your church? It’ s one thing to know the command of the Great Commission, and even to memorize it; but it is another to actively practice it. One reason churches are dying is that they have turned inward, making church all about the members. In most communities, more than 80% of the people do not attend church, making a fertile field for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Thom Rainier has devised a list of 10 questions you can use to determine the evangelistic health of your church. Prayerfully review the list, and if impressed by the Spirit, share it with your congregation:

*A Powerful Life in a Precarious Time (pg. 1)

Anders Lee (Mississippi Baptist) – Daniel 1:1-8 —As you know, most of the time, I write articles for youth pastors and youth ministries in the Mississippi Baptist newspaper. However, given the current situation in America, I felt led to share this instead. It has weighed heavily on my heart. I’ve been preaching through Daniel in the New Year and have been greatly blessed in doing so, but also convicted.One of the clear themes of the book of Daniel is being fully committed — no matter what! Everyone is familiar with Daniel — you learned all about him in Sunday School or VBS back in the day. What a phenomenal young man! Daniel’s parents raised him to know God and obey His Word! They named him Daniel, which means “God is my judge.”

CBC Day 2019 Announced (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – CBC Day for 2019 has been scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 15. We are encouraging churches to set aside this Sunday, or another day which best fits your church calendar, to pray for CBC. Churches are also encouraged to take a one-time offering for the annual fund program, “Gifts that Transform,” and/or make a pledge to give additional offerings over the 12 months to follow. The ultimate goal of the annual “CBC Day” is to fully underwrite the expenses associated with the Bible & Missions Departments and to fund the Ministry Tuition Grant Program — all distinctives of Central Baptist College.  It is my strong desire that the churches of the BMAA come together for one day of our three-month Special Emphasis and see what God can and will do through our people. For more information about hosting a CBC Day in your church or to schedule a CBC Day, please contact Director of Church Relations Duffy Guyton at or (501) 205-8920. (Also see CBC Sports, page 2)

How to Be a Loser in Student Ministry: Don’t Prioritize Prayer (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Today, we are closing out our short series on how to be a loser in student ministry. As we have taken this journey together, I’ve realized that with over 25 years of ministry experience, if we wanted, this series could last a year. I’ve made enough mistakes to feel like a loser multiple times. However, we serve a God of forgiveness and new mercies. He gives hope and new life to seemingly broken situations. Over these last few weeks, we have talked about not partnering with parents, not building up the Bible, not connecting with the church and not giving out the Gospel. I want to end our series talking about a topic that could easily be the most important — prayer. If we want to miss the mark in our student ministry and be a loser, then we will not prioritize prayer.

First Impressions (pg. 3)

 Larry Barker – Many have written on this topic before, including me. However, you might be surprised by where most people get their first impression of your church. We know the impact of facilities, signage, parking lots and how well they are welcomed by a congregation. All of these are important, but in today’s cyber world, most people’s first impression of a church is determined by the website. Several have referred to the webpage as the new front door of the church. Surveys have shown that the vast majority of guests visit a church’s website before they will visit their services.

Community Property (pg. 3)

Valarie Fish – Recently I heard a statement regarding Christianity and Socialism. The speaker made the connection by citing the example of how the first church in Jerusalem cared for the needs of all the people and benevolence is the foundation of everything Christianity stands for. The conclusion — as a Christian nation, America should be less capitalistic and more socially-minded.   Was the early church in Jerusalem governed by Socialism? In Acts, the believers in Jerusalem sold everything they had and laid it at the apostles’ feet. Chapter 4 says they were of one mind and one purpose, and no one had any needs among them. No one was hungry or in need. Sounds amazing! So why didn’t it stay that way? Why did the early church’s system of economic equality not continue and become the ideal for us to follow?

Special Emphasis Begins (pg. 4)

Editor – The mailing for the March and April Baptist Trumpet Special Emphasis was sent out last week, and Marene, Maddy and I would surely appreciate any help you can give us. This year marks the 80th year that this ministry has been “putting a Trumpet in every man’s hand” that we possibly can. (Yes, I know that Bible quote has to do with Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, but work with me here, please!) Seriously though, we consider it an honor to carry on the tradition that started with the Temple Trumpet back in 1939. This year is a little different in that I haven’t set a goal. I’m leaving that between you and the Lord, and I know that He, His churches and His children will take good care of us, like they always have. Because we are still the only weekly (45 issues a year) newspaper in the BMA, you’re still the “best informed” Beamers in our work! Thank you for helping us to “keep on keepin’ on” — God bless you all.

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Contraceptive Bill Fails in Arkansas House; 22 States Sue to Stop President From Defunding PP; Methodists Uphold Traditional Values

Faithful to the End (pg. 5)

Mike McEuen – “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” (II Tim. 4:7). God had made Paul aware that the end of his life was near, and Paul offered Timothy his personal testimony of a completed work for the Lord. “I have fought a good fight” — The word “fight” often makes us think of a battle or a conflict, but Paul saw it as more than just a battle. He saw the life God had given him to live, and his life was not bitter, but joyous. “But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself” (Acts 20:24).

Nothing But Dust (pg. 5)

Dr. Gary O’Neal -Someone asked me recently about the phrase we often hear at funerals — ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Their question was whether this phrase came from the Bible. While the exact quote isn’t in the Bible, the thought definitely is. God formed Adam from dust (Gen. 2:7) and man returns to dust (Gen. 3:19). Having heard his preacher talk about this, one little boy looked under his bed and called excitedly to his mother, “Mom, come quickly. There’s someone either coming or going under my bed.” The psalmist used this image when he spoke of the mercy God shows to us. One of the reasons for this mercy is because “He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14 NKJV).

Be Ready! (pg. 6)

Dr. Scott Carson (Mississippi Baptist) –“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Eph. 6:13). We are God’s people; and as the people of God, we are called to participate in His will. Years ago, I received orders to Fort Bragg, N.C. I was instructed to report no later than a certain date to the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) as their next brigade chaplain. It was an honor to have been selected to service with this historic and proud organization. The unit participated in combat jumps into Italy, Normandy and Holland during World War II. I also knew that I needed to be physically better prepared for such an assignment, so I began a personal training regimen that would “toughen” me up. I had asked for two weeks off between assignments. That is a fairly routine request that offers the soldier time to visit family, friends and loved ones; and having time off also helps him and his family better prepare for the move.

Teaching Your Kids Not to Follow Christ? (pg. 6)

Doug Munton, Baptist Press – Christian parents, are you looking for some easy suggestions on how to help your children grow up to be heathens? Interested in helping them slide down the path to moral relativism and depravity? Needing some tips on ways to lead them to be lukewarm Christians at best? You have come to the right place! Here are some simple tips on how to teach your children not to follow Christ: Skip church at the drop of a hat. Make sports and other activities more important than worshiping the Almighty. Attend church only if it is convenient. Let them stay at home on Sunday mornings because they are “sick” but then attend events on Sunday afternoons. Never ask them to bother to plan ahead, set an alarm or anything else so dreadful. Don’t let your family dream of attending church if the weather is bad or good — or might be bad or good. If they attend church each week they might learn about God’s plans and actually begin to follow Him. Bonus points if you talk about church attendance as “legalism.”

Just a Few Reasons Why I Hate the Devil (pg. 7)

Paul White (Lesson 1) – First, people need to know that Satan is a real being with tremendous powers. But before we begin to take a closer look at him, we need to substantiate that he does, in fact, exist. Unlike some, who like to refer to him as a “figment of one’s imagination,” the fact is that he not only exist but battles continually against God and his people. His existence is revealed in the perfect inerrant Word of God. In the Scripture, we have two fragmentary accounts of Satan’s origin and fall. These are found in Ezek. 28:12-18 and Isa. 14:12-17. Satan, as bad as I hate to admit it, is real, alive and well, and will be until his appointed time. (To be continued.)

Let’s LGBT — Let’s Get Back to the Truth (pg. 8)

John Jones (Oklahoma Baptist) -Throughout America, there is an obvious movement led by Satan himself and being carried out by the powers of darkness pushing for acceptance and celebration of homosexuality and gay marriage.  In 10 short years, this movement has gone from being accepted in just one state (Massachusetts in 2004) to all states being forced to accept it regardless of a state’s will in the matter per the United States Federal Courts.  The grave mistake of secular thinking is that marriage is from the mind of man, marriage is a result of social evolution and marriage is man’s to adjust as desired. Rather, the truth is quite the contrary drawn from the ultimate source, the Word of God. Marriage is not a product of man, but God; marriage is anchored in God not social change.

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