Current News- 3-20-19

Current News March 20

*From the States (pgs. 5-9)

* An Interesting Tuesday (pg. 1)

Tuesday morning, May 7, will be an exciting one at the BMA of America annual meeting. The Women’s Missionary Auxiliary will be having their Women’s Conference at Temple Baptist Church in Rogers that morning, starting with registration at 8:30 and the program, “Catch the Vision,” at 9 a.m. Judy Wallace will be the speaker, and special music will be provided by Sabrina Clayton. At 8:30 a.m. (at a different location to be announced), the BMA Orientation to New Pastors & Churches will be held, and will include pastries, coffee and “Meet the Directors.” The National Brotherhood is also scheduled to meet that morning at 9 a.m. Breakout Sessions —At 9:30 and 10:45 a.m., seven breakout sessions will be offered for all church leaders. The following, in alphabetical order, is a brief description of each session and speaker:

*Just the Crumbs Update (pg. 1)

Beth Haden -Disaster Relief Ministry moved from their serving in Trenton, NC to Callaway, Fla. (following Hurricane Michael) on the outskirts of Panama City where they provided about 2,400 meals for victims and volunteers for several weeks. Just the Crumbs returned as support to ACTS 20:35, based in New Hampshire, Feb. 23-March 2, serving 60 meals 3 times each day.The week of March 10-16, they returned to the Carlisle Baptist Church’s activities building in Callaway, Fla. to serve about 130 meals per day to volunteers from Kentucky and Houston, Texas. Plans are being put into place to move on to assist the victims and volunteers in Lee County, Alabama. Prayers and volunteers are always needed.Director Lavon Haden can be contacted at (601) 522-6055, or Angela Rice at the BMA Missions Office at (501) 455-4977 can answer your questions or put you into contact with someone who can.

* Hales to Move To New Field (pg. 1)

Jesse Hales – Even while I type this, my heart is filled with emotions. June will be our last month living here in the Dominican Republic. God is still working here, and we look forward to seeing what He does in the future, but we always knew this time would come. Part of our hearts will always be here, and if it were up to our human hearts, we would probably stay for many more years. We have been praying for years now that God would direct our future steps, knowing He had only called us here for a time. Over this last year He has made it clear that He is calling us to move to Round Rock, Texas to plant a new church. We will still be serving through the national BMA office, but will now be partnering as well with the BMA of Texas.

* Hiland Set to Deliver CBC Commencement Addresses (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Cody Hiland, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, will deliver Central Baptist College’s commencement addresses on Saturday, May 11in the Burgess Auditorium. The commencement for the Professional Adult College Education (PACE) graduation will be held at 10 a.m., and the commencement for traditional students will be at 2 p.m.This year’s class consists of 130 total graduates, 78 in the Traditional program and 52 in the PACE program. Both commencement ceremonies will conclude with student and academic processions through the Ratliff Bell Tower and a reception on the campus lawn.

Let’s Go To Camp (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – Church camp is a big part of many of our lives. I think about how it has affected my own family and circle. Both of my children accepted Christ while at church camp, one of my best friends surrendered to the ministry at camp and the list goes on. It is a powerful time. We look back on our childhood and teenage years and remember hot and sweaty summers learning about Jesus. For those of us who work with children and students now, we see the value. We know it is important, but sometimes it is hard to express that to our churches when they just see the dollar amount. Camp can be expensive, but it is worth the investment.

We Changed, But Nothing Really Changed! (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – Leadership isn’t always easy, and sometimes it is incredibly difficult. It often requires “one person standing alone, resolutely determined to resist the baser demands of others in order to accomplish something with eternal significance.” (Kingdom Matrix) Change is not a bad thing, and is necessary many times. A problem occurs when we change just to change because we are so desperate to try anything to turn things around. What happens when we realize the change really didn’t change anything? Is it possible that we are not changing the right things?

Have We Met? (pg. 3)

Valarie Fish – I meet lots of people. I love making new friends and meeting new people, but I am terrible with names. In my job with Pampered Chef, I meet groups of people for a couple of hours. We have fun and fellowship, and folks are always impressed because I will go around the room and learn every person’s name so that I can interact and call them by name throughout the party. When the party ends, I try to get permission one-on-one to send a friend request on Facebook so I can communicate with them in the future. Because this is my normal practice, I have over 3,000 friends on Facebook, but I really only know a few hundred.

Your Imperfect Local Church (pg. 3)

Doug Munton (Baptist Press) -Perhaps you have noticed that your local church isn’t perfect. If you haven’t, many people will be happy to point that out to you.The lost world, disgruntled former members and even some in contemporary Christian culture delight in pointing out the flaws and warts of the church. And, let’s face it, the church has earned portions of her criticism.Some local churches have accepted or condoned aberrant theology and unbiblical practices, even ungodly behavior. I would never ask you to connect with churches that willingly disobey God and His Word.But what about the church that is trying, but failing? What about the local church that wants to follow God fully, but never fully succeeds?Why in the world should Christians worship, serve and give in local churches that are flawed? Here are some reasons:

Slow, But Sure? (pg. 4)

Editor – Our Special Emphasis offerings are coming in very slowly, but we are surely grateful for every donation. With the large plumbing bill and Gracie (the Trumpet van) starting to show out regularly, we are truly praying for a good response this year. It would be easy to be discouraged with the total, since at this point in 2017 and in 2018 we had over $10,000. But instead, I’m just going to watch for those “But God” moments that I am trusting are sure to come. Anything you can do to help will surely be appreciated!

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

18-week Limit on Abortion Signed by Arkansas Governor; Constitutionality of Minister’s Housing Allowance Upheld; NM Defeats Bill To Legalize Abortions up to Birth; Church Sues State For Requiring Abortion Insurance

MBKs Are For All Veterans (pg. 4)

David Powell – Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) has continued to work with our nation’s military and Veterans Chaplains to distribute 1,116,806 Military BibleSticks (MBKs) to our troops and Veterans. BMA churches have funded 9,847!Recent shipments were sent to Ft. Hood, Ft. Sill, Ft. Riley and Ft. McCoy, as well as to VA facilities in Boston, Tucson, Indianapolis, San Diego and San Antonio! A VA chaplain communicated with us in February: “These are so popular, we can’t keep them in stock. Veterans contact us before their scheduled medical appointments to ask us to set aside one for them to pick up.”In 2008, military chaplains approached FCBH with a request for an Audio Bible they could distribute to the troops. The average member of our military community is in their early 20s, and many have never been to church! They are tech-savvy, having grown up on the Internet and with smartphones.

Master’s Builders go to Camp and Church (pg. 10)

Nelda Malone -On March 4, the Master’s Builders began work at Daniel Springs Camp in Gary, Texas. Camp Director Jason Prewitt had several projects for the Builders to work on during our two weeks there.In the Daniel Dorm and Retreat Center, we were to build privacy dressing areas for each shower and build larger stalls for restrooms in the sleeping areas, build stalls for the men’s and women’s restrooms in the large gathering area, run more wire so more outlets could be added in the kitchen counter area and an outlet for a new ice machine.In the office/bookstore area, they built a 20×20 ft. addition onto the existing bookstore, put in a window and put tin up on it.

Just a Few Reasons Why I Hate the Devil (pg. 11)                   

Paul White – Lesson 3 – Last week, we read where Satan introduced sin into the human family. This week we will begin to see some of the positions and powers he uses on earth. The following scriptures will help us get a handle on this:

The Pearl of the Orient (pg. 12)

Dr. John Ladd -After 27 hours and 30 minutes on two different flying machines, and then 5 hours on a small bus, our Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) team of 10 warm-blooded humans arrived at Dumaguete, our first home base in the Philippines. Later, we moved to Bacolod. A total of 10 clinics were conducted at different sites on both the northern and southern extremes of the island of Negros Occidental. Approximately 1,885 patients received some type of physical attention — medicine and/or reading glasses — and even more important, they heard of Jesus’ love for them. (Also see photo collage, page 12)

Mailbox (pg. 12)

Ann Bridges – “Bible-Inspired Message”

Assistant Editor

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