Business Listings

The list is designed to denote businesses that are owned and operated by members in good standing of BMA of Arkansas churches. The nature and actions of the business must not conflict with the BMA Doctrinal Statement and our Church Covenant. A listing should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation by the BMA of Arkansas, the church where the owner is a member, the Baptist Trumpet or the Trumpet staff. All submissions will be subject to approval by the editor.
This is simply a list, and advertising phrases (such as, “best burgers in town” or “in business for 35 years,” etc.) will not be allowed. Submissions by business owners may be sent to or Baptist Trumpet Editor, P.O. Box 192208, Little Rock, Ark. 72219.


Submissions Must Include:

• Name and full street address of the business

• Owner’s name

• Name/location of the BMA of Arkansas church where the owner is a “member in good standing”

• Contact information (phone number, email, Website address)

• Preference for the heading the listing will be under (see list below).


Sample Submission

Diane’s Diner, 456 Apple Lane, Little Rock, Ark. 72209; Diane Spriggs (Oak Park, Little Rock); (555) 234-5678;;; restaurants


Heading Suggestions
Submitters are encouraged to suggest which heading their listing will go under (see list below), but the final decision will be made by the Trumpet. Other headings will be added as needed.
Child Care Facility
Cleaning Services
Counseling Services
Health Care
Home Improvement/Repairs
Lawn & Garden
Legal Services
Medical Services
Pet Services
Real Estate

Not Allowed
Listings that will not be allowed include, but are not limited to:
• Garage/yard sales
• Individuals offering services such as babysitting, house cleaning, yard work, etc.
• Sale of individual items such as, but not limited to, household items, musical instruments, clothing, motor vehicles etc.
• Church ministerial positions such as pastors, youth leader, song leader, nursery worker, pianist, custodians, etc.
• Representatives selling items for a company they do not own.


For a printable submission form, click here.