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Current News Aug. 16


*Sermons To Be Featured on Trumpet Website (pg. 1)

Editor – Because we have such wonderful preachers in the BMA — and I believe their messages will inform, inspire and convict all of us — we hope to run their sermons on our website (! The messages will appear for two-three weeks, and can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the home page. An example is the message “The Coming of the Son,” by Pastor Paul Bullock (College View Baptist Church at Magnolia), which is currently on the site. Sermons should be sent in either MP3 or .MOV format; or if you have a website where the video is located, we can link directly to that. Any graphics used in the sermon should also be included as JPEGs. All submissions will be subject to the approval of the Trumpet staff, and will run in the order they are received.


*Stolen Crosses Recovered, But Badly Damaged (pg. 1)

Rose Mimms – An anonymous tip to the office of Arkansas Right to Life (ARTL) on Friday, Aug. 11, led to the discovery of Crosses for Life crosses that were stolen from the ARTL Life Center at 1515 South University in Little Rock on June 19. The crosses were found in an abandoned, wooded area in Pulaski County in the Landmark community. The Crosses for Life Memorial trailer is still missing. The approximately 4,000 crosses were each hand built, as were the bags that held them. After being dumped and exposed to the weather and insects, it is uncertain how many crosses will be salvageable. The day after the trailer and crosses were stolen, an anonymous tip identified the suspect after security video of the theft was reported by several local television stations. The tipster last Friday also named the same suspect.

*Seminary Offers Free Disciple Making Course (pg. 2)

BMA Seminary has consistently focused upon helping students grow in their abilities to make disciples in obedience to Christ’s Great Commission and would like to expose others to such training. If you have questions related to how you or a church can make disciples, you might be interested in this fall’s free online course: “Introduction to Disciple Making.” The course really is free of financial obligation for those who simply complete a brief registration process to enroll.


*Back To School: Emotional Readiness (pg. 1)

Travis PlumleeThis is the concluding article in this series. I hope they have helped you prepare your child for the upcoming school year. The first article was about preparing your child to be spiritually ready for back to school. This is of paramount and grave importance in the life of a Christian family. The article discussed respect for others, authority and parents, teaching your kids to be defenders of the faith and how to respond biblically during their school year. The second article was preparing your child physically for back to school — how to dress, what to eat and how much sleep is needed. This article will deal with helping your child get ready emotionally. The biggest mistake parents make in this area is assuming their child is approaching the upcoming school year with the same perspective the parent has — they are not! They are not adults and do not think like an adult, nor can they grasp future events and abstractions like an adult.


Guyton: New CBC Director Of Church Relations (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College President Terry Kimbrow has announced the hiring of Duffy Guyton as the Director of Church Relations. Guyton will also assist Dr. Aaron Brister as the pitching coach for the CBC baseball team. In his capacity as the Director of Church Relations, Guyton will be responsible for building and cultivating passionate and sustainable support for the college through planning and implementing programs which engage local churches in the mission of the college.


CBC Wrestling Center Grand Opening Set (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College Athletic Director Lyle Middleton and Head Wrestling Coach Ken Prophete announced the opening of a new wrestling center for the Mustangs. The center will be the site of a grand opening hosted by the Conway Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 15 at 2 p.m. The center, which measures 3,750 sq. ft., is located at 960 Jeanette Drive in Conway. The main donor for the project is Greg Hatcher of The Hatcher Agency, and CBC’s wrestling team will have the building on a three-year lease.


CBC Changes (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Central Baptist College is pleased to announce many new hires, changes, and promotions as we begin the fall 2017 semester.


An Audience of One (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The first time I remember hearing the phrase “for an audience of one” was when our good friend, Buddy Mullins, was singing in our church. He spoke of how God had impressed upon him that it was not about performing for people, but it was all about worshipping Him. In Joe Gibb’s book, Game Plan for Life, he also talks about performing for an audience of one. We must remember that He is always watching, and it is far more important what He thinks about us than anyone else.


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 4)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales, Dominican Republic; Stan & Donna Scroggins, Philippines; John & Brenda Bienlein, Swartz Creek, Mich., Master’s Hands Deaf Church


Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Arkansas & 22 Other States Back Commandments Hearing; Greens’ Museum of Bible To Offer Free Admission; Cuban Homeschooling Pastor Update; Private School Sued For Not Treating Boy Like a Girl


Military BibleStick Update (pg. 4)

David Powell – Greetings BMA pastors and church community! I want to encourage you with this update on the Military BibleStick (MBK) outreach. If you recall, military chaplains approached our ministry in 2008 with a request for an audio Bible they could distribute to the troops. The average member of our military community is in their early 20s, and many have never been to church! They are tech-savvy, having grown up on the Internet and have smartphones. How do you meet them “where they’re at” with God’s Word? With the chaplains assistance, we developed the Military BibleStick. An MBK is a dedicated listening device that has been pre-loaded with the dramatized audio New Testament and 65 minutes of selected Psalms.


SOAR Session 3: Ministry for Every Believer (pg. 5)

Five people who grew up attending SOAR. None serve in vocational ministry, yet all live a life completely sold out for Christ.


Kellar Book Available (pg. 5)

Dr. Tony Cleaver – Dr. Gerald Kellar’s sermon book, In His Service, is now available as an eBook on It is packed with 140 of his all-time best sermons that he preached all over the world and in hundreds of revivals across the United States. In His Service is a busy preacher’s source book. What a great gift for your pastor! It is also a devotional starting place for any Christian worker. Turn page after page to read positive Bible outlines of sermon topics from the Scriptures. It is $4.95 to purchase or click online to send as a gift. I hope you enjoy this book as much as my wife, Jerrie Sue (Kellar) Cleaver, and I enjoyed preparing it. He surely enjoyed preaching the sermons!


Let’s Make a Lasting Investment (pg. 5)

Sherry LaminackSeptember 18-24 is Sunbeam Enlistment and Promotion Week. The theme is “Let’s Make a Lasting Investment.” Our theme verse is Isa. 55:11: “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” Plan special activities for this time. If you already have Sunbeams, make this week a special time for your group, and make a special effort to enlist children in your church and community who are not members of your group. If you do not have Sunbeams, now would be a good time to organize a group.


Have We Lost Our Sense of Association? (pg. 6)

Paul Gauntt (Baptist Progress, Texas) — I scoffed at a church marquee sign a few years ago. The sign bore the slogan, “Church like it was done 50 years ago.” Today, I’m seriously rethinking my attitude about it. Might there have been some merit to some of those methods and ministries we embraced in years gone by? It might behoove us to address this issue. We are burying our heads in the sand if we can’t recognize that our particular Baptist work is really only a fraction of what it once was 50 years ago. You may agree with me, or you may pass this off as an archaic, non-visionary trip down memory lane by a doddering old man. But don’t write this off yet.


Don’t Count Us Out Yet (pg. 6)


Madelaine Priest – This past Sunday, our worship team took a break and let the high school praise band lead the morning worship time. As I looked at the teens worshiping on stage (not much younger than myself), I felt a sense of hope rising in me. This small group of kids is a representation of our Christ-following generation. The generation that is going to make a stand for Christ, the generation that is going to see lost people get found, the generation that will continue the legacy of following Christ, no matter what. The generation that will change the world! I know that is said of every generation, but I truly believe that this generation has great potential.


The Offensive Weapon: Eph. 6:18-20 (pg. 7)

Paul White – The term “offense” refers to the act of attacking, or the side that is attacking in a game or contest. Paul tells us in our text that we, as believers, have at our disposal the ultimate offensive weapon — prayer. Prayer give us the power to adorn the armor and to whirl the sword in our battle against spiritual wickedness in dark places. Like the tank that has no fuel, believers who fail to pray cannot be effective, no matter how strong or talented they may be. As believers today, we need to grasp the truth that prayer is the key to opening the doors of God’s arsenal. We are told to open that line of prayer and keep it open, because we never know when the enemy may attack.


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