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*Pastoring God’s Church (pg. 1)

David Johnson(II Tim. 2:1-5) What a charge! The words the aged Apostle Paul penned to Timothy, his son in the ministry, have been inspiring men for hundreds of years. The force and power with which he gave that charge hasn’t been diminished in any way. And I say with complete confidence that short of our call to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal relationship there is no greater calling in the world than to preach the Word of God or pastor one of the Lord’s churches. In keeping with the theme that Bro. Fields has chosen, “Meeting the Challenges of Ministry,” I want to speak to you tonight concerning ministry. Specifically preaching the Gospel and even more specific, pastoring one of the Lord’s churches.


*It’s a Wrap! (pg. 1)

Angela Rice – Just as Christmas season is getting started, Everlasting Smiles Christmas Shoeboxes is ending. At least our part is. On Monday, Nov. 6, Missions finished loading two large shipping containers full of shoeboxes to send to our missionaries. Those shoeboxes are off to Denis Lopez in Honduras and David Marroquin in Guatemala. Please continue to pray for these missionaries as they plan for the best way to use the boxes. Pray for the children and families that receive them.   Since July, our warehouse had been busy with Christmas — wrapping boxes, filling boxes, loading, packing and transporting boxes. We had a multitude of volunteers come and serve with us, and we know we could not provide this ministry without you. Our churches packed close to 12,000 shoeboxes this year, and we are so thankful for everyone who helped make this special for the children. You never know how a life will be changed because of your actions.


*Guns in Church? (pg. 1)

Editor – The Nov. 5 shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in which 26 were killed and 20 more were injured, has caused many to question whether allowing individuals to carry guns in church is a good idea. Although the Texas gunman was apparently a lone wolf who was bent on vengeance toward a family member, many are worried that copycat terrorist groups, etc., could pose a similar threat. As always, I wanted to know what BMA members think about the issue. So, in a very unofficial and unscientific poll, I posted this question last Thursday on the Trumpet’s Facebook page and my personal Facebook page: “What do you think of pastors and/or others carrying guns (with a permit, of course) inside the church in order to protect themselves and others? Please note that your answers may appear in an upcoming issue of the Baptist Trumpet if you respond, but your name will not be included.” (Note: some have given their permission and are identified.) The results were very interesting, and several comments (including some from non-BMA members) are shared in this article.


*Madrigal Feast (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – The CBC Fine Arts Department will be hosting an event called the King’s Table on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1-2. Tickets are $20 per person and can purchased on the Fine Arts Department page at The show will include a dinner, and there will be Christmas songs sung a capella by students dressed in Renaissance period costumes. King Henry will be portrayed by Dr. Henry Smiley of the CBC Literature and Language Arts Department, and the Royal Singers will be members of both the CBC Chamber Choir and Worship Choir, both directed by Jim Turner. Seating for the shows will begin at 6:30 each night. If you would like more information about the show, contact Assistant Professor of Music Jim Turner at (501) 205-8868 or


Hefner Endowed Scholarship Established (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College President Terry Kimbrow has announced the establishment of the Opie and Ruby Hefner Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship was established by Jay and Jana Hefner, the Hefner’s son and daughter-in-law. Priority in awarding of the Opie and Ruby Hefner Endowed Scholarship will be given to members of a CBC athletic team who are also active members of a BMA of Arkansas church.


Thankful for You (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The message is pretty clear that church is a team sport. We are meant to work alongside each other and make this journey together. Spiritual maturity is seen in loving God well and loving others well. In studying the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, we find an overriding theme — the emphasis is on what our relationships with other people are like. The focus is not about how you have been treated, but rather on how you treat others. No matter what someone else has said or done to you, you are always responsible to God for your response. The real mark of a spiritually mature believer is engaging with others in meaningful relationships. God has given us three things to help us in our spiritual journey to become more like Him:


Working with Youth Worship (pg. 3)

Dan Carson – This fall, I had the opportunity to attend the Sing Conference in Nashville. It was a great exploration of worship and theology. As someone who has been involved with worship ministry off and on since 1989, it was fantastic to see others so focused on making sure that our worship is doctrinally sound and engaging. As youth workers, we have a responsibility to not only disciple our students in the Word, but we must help them grow in the other disciplines as well. Worship needs to be on that list. Throughout the Bible, we find the call for his people to sing. Singing is not the only way to worship, but it is definitely an important part of worship for all believers. You may be a youth worker who doesn’t know much about music, but you can still have an influence in this area. Here are a few tips as you work toward putting together a worship component for your youth meetings:


Trumpet Survey Results (pg. 4)

Editor – Baptist Trumpet Survey Forms were distributed this year at the annual meetings of each associational district and at the BMA of Arkansas meeting. An opportunity to complete the survey was also given in this column in the Sept. 20 issue. We sincerely appreciate everyone who took time to share their thoughts with us. By far, the most appreciated aspects of the effort were the kind words of so many of you. D-M&Ms (Diane, Marene and Maddy) were surely encouraged and uplifted by your responses. Like I said at the district meetings, “Your encouraging words are like saying ‘Woo Pig Soiee’ to the Hogs!” Thank you so much for every kind word, and especially for your promises to “pray for us” — we’re holding you to it! I will be addressing some of the other comments and questions from our readers in this and upcoming Notebook articles.


Ideas to Raise Funds For The National WMA Project (pg. 5)

Kelly Williams – The 2017-18 National WMA Project is the BMA College in the Philippines, and our goal for this year is $40,000. The due date for the project donations isn’t until early 2018, but I thought some ideas of how to raise money would be helpful. The majority of the money donated to the WMA usually comes from smaller churches giving what they can instead of a few larger churches giving a lot. So don’t think your group is too small to contribute! Some fundraising ideas are listed in this article, and the Project Committee would welcome any ideas you have.


Euthanasia: The Right To Die (pg. 5)

Dr. John Adams – Euthanasia is morally and Biblically wrong. As believers, we should seek to safeguard the God-given right to life to which every person is entitled. If you’re very old, mentally ill or severely handicapped, according to humanistic philosophy, your life is in danger. These individuals that have God-given life and spiritual desires should be treated with compassion and encouragement. Proverbs 6:16-19 says: “There are six things the Lord hates… hands that shed innocent blood and a heart that devises wicked plans…” We are urged to “keep far from a false matter… in not slaying the innocent or righteous.” Those individuals who wish to destroy other individuals by injections are classified as “wicked.”


Spotlight on Missions (pg. 5)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales (Dominican Republic) and Michel & Ruth Poirier (Haiti)


Chaplain Promoted (pg. 5)

Dr. Scott Carson – On Oct. 10, BMAA Military Chaplain Doug Inman was promoted to Major in the U.S. Army Chaplaincy. Doug, his wife, Katja and three children have been assigned to Fort Hood, Texas over last the couple of years. A few months ago, Doug underwent successful back surgery requiring an extensive rehabilitation program. With his new promotion to Major also came new orders. The Inmans will move to Fort Sill, Okla. in early January 2018. He has already been notified by his gaining command of an impending deployment to Southeast Asia shortly after their arrival to Fort Sill.


Two Businesses Added to List (pg. 5)

The following businesses have been added to the “Businesses Owned by Members of BMA of Arkansas Churches” that is on our website at To add your business, visit the site, download and complete the form and return it to or P.O. Box 192208, Little Rock, Ark. 72219: The Tint Shop in Jonesboro, and The Tyler Group in Conway.


Help is on the Way (pg. 7)

Paul White – This Friday, a few us will be meeting in Conway with Lavon Haden from Mississippi, who has developed a very successful disaster relief program, to get some information. Please pray that this proposed ministry will prove to be a positive way to share the love of Christ.


FBC Itasca’s Legacy Lives Through Daniel Springs (pg. 8)

DiscipleGuide – It’s heartbreaking to see a local church shut its doors. So many stories, memories, trials and triumphs happen inside those walls. Yet the legacy can continue on. First Baptist Church in Itasca, Texas voted to donate their property to the Ellis Hill Association in order to continue their kingdom legacy through other ministries — including Daniel Springs Baptist Camp.


DiscipleGuide to Offer Compass Classic (pg. 8)

DiscipleGuide – Beginning this spring quarter, DiscipleGuide will offer Compass Classic, which is the traditional format of Compass. This format provides the King James printed text, with no questions or blanks. For teachers, Compass Leader will be compatible with both formats.


A Time for Giving (pg. 8)

DiscipleGuide – The holiday season is a time for thankfulness and giving. Families and friends gather together and share their best dishes while enjoying the holiday festivities. This holiday season, while you are gathering with your local church family for a potluck dinner, join DiscipleGuide and participate in the World’s Largest Potluck offering. It’s easy to get involved and it helps other local churches in the BMA. Simply take a collection at the potluck meal, which will help DiscipleGuide continue to invest in local churches.


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