Guns in Church?

Editor – The Nov. 5 shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in which 26 were killed and 20 more were injured, has caused many to question whether allowing individuals to carry guns in church is a good idea. Although the Texas gunman was apparently a lone wolf who was bent on vengeance toward a family member, many are worried that copycat terrorist groups, etc., could pose a similar threat. As always, I wanted to know what BMA members think about the issue. So, in a very unofficial and unscientific poll, I posted this question last Thursday on the Trumpet’s Facebook page and my personal Facebook page: “What do you think of pastors and/or others carrying guns (with a permit, of course) inside the church in order to protect themselves and others? Please note that your answers may appear in an upcoming issue of the Baptist Trumpet if you respond, but your name will not be included.” (Note: some have given their permission and are identified.) The results were very interesting, and several comments (including some from non-BMA members) are shared in this article.

Assistant Editor

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