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Current News April 10

*Philippines’ Dorcas House Gets Bad News; to Close (pg. 1)

Editor’s Note: The following was copied (with permission) from the Facebook page of BMA Missionary Don Newson: I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news. The good news is that Angie finally got her appointment for her U. S. Citizenship interview. We requested April, but it is set for June 4, in Irving, Texas. Our attorney and I believe it will be very straight forward, and I’m truly thankful! The bad news is still hard for me to accept. Because of a new government policy, young, abandoned children will no longer be referred to a residential facility, such as Dorcas House; but will, from now on, be referred to foster care.

*The Table is Taped (pg. 1)

Holly Meriweather -We’ve been talking about it for a while now, and it finally happened on March 28 — the taping of the pilot for an Instagram show called The Table. In 2017, Executive Director Donny Parrish began to formulate the idea for a way to speak into the lives of college students and millennials about absolute truth. He says that, “Lifeword is determined to follow God’s leading. In America and most of the world, the people we want to reach are living on the Internet. For the majority of their day, they’re looking at smartphone screens for information. For college-age kids, we want them to know that there is absolute truth and the Bible is where they can find it. If they’re on social media like Instagram, that’s where Lifeword wants to be.”

*April is National Donate Life Month (pg. 1)

Arkansas Press Association — There are 115,000 Americans waiting for a transplant, and April is National Donate Life Month. Every year, Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Association (ARORA) partners with Arkansas hospitals, transplant centers and other donation partners in the state in celebration of National Donate Life Month (NDLM). The observance focuses attention on organ, eye and tissue donation. The month-long celebration also shares the importance of registering your decision to become a donor and honors donors and their families by celebrating the lifesaving and healing gift of donation.

*CBC Tower Media Wins 50 Awards (pg. 2)

Central Baptist College’s Tower Media student journalism staffs won a combined 50 awards at the Arkansas College Media Association’s 90th annual conference April 5 at Arkansas Tech University. Ten colleges and universities in Arkansas submitted work from 2018 for the contest. CBC received the second highest number of awards with 50. Only the University of Central Arkansas earned more awards with 67.

Students Help Master’s Builders Help We Are FREE (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – A group of Central Baptist College students and employees traveled to south Arkansas on Saturday, April 6, to volunteer on the We Are FREE construction site. While there they were able to meet The Master’s Builders and learn more about their ministry as well as learning more about We Are FREE from President Angelyn McMurray. (Also see CBC Sports Results, pg. 2)

Christ’s Fullness (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The word fullness is used four times in Ephesians (1:10; 1:23; 3:19; 4:13). His mission is to be accomplished through His church as His disciples demonstrate His fullness into “every corner of culture and every sphere of society.” In order to express the fullness of Jesus to others, we must have the fullness of Jesus ourselves. It is not just “I prayed the prayer” when I was 12. It means we are daily seeking how to follow and obey Him so that others will see His fullness in us. This fullness occurs by focusing on being with Him, not just doing things for Him.

The Ministry of Presence (pg. 3)

Dan Carson – Recently, I had the opportunity to watch one of my students perform in a musical at their high school. Was she the star or have a lead role? No, but I loved seeing the joy and energy she put into her role. She did an incredible job. For those of us who work with students, plays, games, assemblies, competitions and even graduations serve as real opportunities for us to show our love to them and their parents. It might be inconvenient or difficult to make it fit into our busy schedules, but it is worth it. When we only have one, two, or even three hours out of 168 during a week’s time, we have to look for ways to be involved in our student’s lives. Why is this important?

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 4)

Stan & Donna Scroggins (Philippines)

Trumpet Notes

U.S. Expands Ban On Overseas Abortion Funding; Trump Cuts PP Funding $44 Million

Punctuating the Empty Tomb (pg. 4)

Mike McEuen – (Mark 16:6) Try to imagine the wide range of emotions the women and the disciples went through that very first Easter. Let me walk you through a series of Easter punctuation marks to describe it for us: Period — That very first Easter was a day when life felt like a period for Jesus’ disciples. A period is a mark of punctuation used at the end of a sentence. Did you catch that one important word? End! Jesus was dead. He was buried. It seemed the end of expectations. Dreams were shattered. Hope was lost and gone.

Cherish Act Bans Ark. Abortions at 18 Weeks (pg. 5)

Act. 493, the Cherish Act, was signed into law by Governor Asa Hutchinson on April 4. The law bans abortions in Arkansas during or after 18 weeks of pregnancy. “On average, 170 – 200 unborn children are aborted during or after the 18th week of pregnancy every single year,” said Jerry Cox, president of Arkansas Family Council. “On the off-chance Planned Parenthood and the ACLU decide to sue Arkansas over this new law, it could trigger a federal court case that would give the U.S. Supreme Court an opportunity to reverse a lot of bad case-law and possibly set the stage to overturn or begin dismantling Roe v. Wade,” continued Cox. “Either way, the passage of H.B. 1439 is something to celebrate!”

Missionary Profile (pg. 5)

Candra Barnett, Romania

A Harsh Critic (pg. 5)

Dr. Scott Carson (via Mississippi Baptist) —  (James 1:21) “That’s the worst sermon I have ever heard!” That was a statement made by a three-star general to a Lieutenant Colonel chaplain immediately after the Sunday service, at the front door of the chapel, as the chaplain shook the hands of the departing worshipers.A few moments later, because I was the senior chaplain on post and attended the same service, the general approached me and said the same thing, expecting me to do something about it. The general stated that, because it was a week before Christmas, he expected a message of brotherly love with cheerful and heart-warming antidotes.

Iron Sharpens Iron (pg. 7)

Paul White -This last weekend, the missionaries, their wives and State Missions’ office staff gathered at DeGray State Park for a time of fellowship and learning. Our guest speaker was Philip Attebery, dean of our seminary in Jacksonville, Texas. His subject for this conference was Apologetics and most commented that the material was very helpful. We all participated in the “Make it or Break it contest.” This is where those present divide into teams and are given a bag with 10 straws, 5 cotton balls, 5 pipe cleaners, 4 small rubber bands, 2 balloons, 18” of tape and one raw egg. The challenge is to build a case to protect the egg when dropped from about 8’-10’. We did have a winner from a successful entry by the team called “Totally Connected.” It was the only egg that survived the contest. It was a lot of fun and a great team-building exercise. Note: Late last year we were blessed with a special offering given especially for such training sessions. No funds given for planting churches and supporting missionaries were used.

Beautiful Holiness (pg. 6)

Valarie Fish – Sometimes, we skip over certain passages of Scripture just because we do not see their application to our life. Such is the case with the details of the priestly garments in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. Those who were set apart to minister in the tabernacle, and later in the temple, were required to wear specific clothing to demonstrate their set-apartness. Depending on the task, the garments could be simple or very decorative, as in the case of the high priest’s attire. Have you heard the phrase “putting on your Sunday best”? The concept goes back to the idea of wearing your best clothes when you go to church to show respect and reverence. The trend over the last 30 or so years has been to move away from the concept of “Sunday clothes” to emphasize the fact that God accepts every person as they are. The Bible even says “come as you are,” right? Wrong, for two reasons:

Try a Little Boredom (pg. 8)

Gary Ledbetter • Baptist Press -Aren’t we restless people? It seems our restlessness has expanded with our ability to hold endless long-distance conversations — or to be distracted within a few feet from one another. That’s what I think when I see people sitting at a nice restaurant punching their phones under romantic candlelight.Some make a fuss about this latest technology and how it changes our brains, but I don’t think that is a new thing. We long for something more.

Absolute Truth (pg. 8)

Andy Hawkins -Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. This is always an exciting time of year as we worship the Lord for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary and His resurrection three days later. One of the events that occurred before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the trial He went through. During this trial, Jesus was brought before Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea. During the talk Pilate had with Him, he said, “What is truth?” (John 18:38). Pilate asked this question after asking Jesus Christ about being a king and Jesus answered in verse 37: “Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

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