Current News- 4-17-19

Current News April 17

*A Legislative Recap (pg. 1)

Jerry Cox -The Arkansas Legislature wrapped up this week. Here’s a look at legislation that passed and failed, the sponsors of the legislation and how lawmakers voted on important bills. To see how your senator or representative voted on these matters, go to

*Demonism (pg. 1)

Dr. John Adams -Christians have taken a tongue-in-cheek approach to the issue of demonism. We should boldly and confidently recognize Satan’s intimidation and his mastery of tricks.

*Reaching Out-Siders (pg. 1)

Larry Barker – Most people enjoy the feeling of thinking they have the “inside” track. It might be the inside track towards a better job or the inside track of knowing the right people in order to accomplish your goals. Having the inside track means you know the right people and you know the right steps to get where you desire to go. With that said, no one enjoys feeling like they are the outsider. You don’t feel like you know anyone you need to know nor do you feel accepted by him or her. All of us, at one time or another, have felt like an outsider, and it was not a good feeling.

*CBC Stories (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Throughout this year I have been sharing CBC student stories and CBC alumni stories. It is my hope that by reading about current and former students at CBC, your interest will be peaked and you will consider CBC for yourself, your children or grandchildren or students in your church. It is my prayer that as you are considering your college choice that you are considering Central Baptist College. Please take the time to read student Zac Lee’s story, which first appeared on our Facebook page March 25. (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

Some of my Favorite Words (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – I don’t know about you, but for me, working with students is a bit of a roller coaster. I will experience highs as my students accomplish great things, then lows as they blow it in big ways. There is the high of the SOAR trip and the low of saying goodbye as our students graduate or move on from our ministry. Then, there are the personal highs and lows as you try to make decisions that honor God and give the ministry direction. When I fail in those areas, I feel like such a failure because it affects more than just me. It impacts the students that God has entrusted to me. The simple truth is that we all fail. We make wrong choices. We act impulsively. We get to a point and scratch our heads saying, “Why in the world did I do that?”

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 3)

Sam & Sue Jordan • Jordan

Insights for Discerning God’s Will (pg. 3)

Ronnie Floyd (Baptist Press) – I announced my resignation as senior pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas on Sunday, April 7. Completely content in the Lord serving in my 33rd year there, God issued a new calling on my life when I accepted the position of president and chief executive officer of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee on Tuesday, April 2. Needless to say, over these past months, I have needed to discern the will of God pertaining to my life and calling to the ministry, which prompts me to share with you a few insights for discerning God’s will for our future.

Welcome to the Family! (pg. 4)

Editor – I knew they were coming, and had been waiting expectantly. Then, last week, there they were — a new church added to the Trumpet Church Plan family! Fellowship Baptist Church in Bella Vista added 20 people to the Trumpet mailing list, and they started getting the paper last week. I surely hope they are enjoying it! Special thanks to Pastor Kenneth Strickland for his leadership and love for this ministry — may your tribe increase, my brother!

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Greenbrier Man Named Volunteer of the Year; South Korea Court Legalizes Abortion; Chick-fil-A Banned From Another Airport

Missionary Profile (pg. 5)

Cris & Alicia Samson, Philippines

Teen Behavior in Church (pg. 6)

The Late Travis Plumlee – It is very important for parents to discipline their children’s behavior in all areas of life, and that includes behavior in church. Since I visit many of our churches around the country, I get to see many repeated behaviors that parents should monitor and instances where they need to teach their children about how to respond in church. As parents, we should not only teach and discipline our children at home, we must teach them how to respond in all areas of life. We must teach our teens how to act in God’s house, and what the purpose of worship is.

Are We Laughing Ourselves To Death? (pg. 6)

Betty Thomas – “I’m bored” is a familiar cry of our children and young people. From their waking hour until they are tucked in at night, they want every hour to be filled with “fun.”  School must be fun or they will not tune into it. Televisions, computers and handheld communications occupy their downtime. Competitive games and races are their challenge, scheduled so as to fill their day and even into the night. It is no wonder they think church is “boring.” Our children are not keyed to listening to serious reasoning. Spiritual lessons must be acted out, played out or left out altogether. They must “have fun” at church.

Just a Few Reasons I Hate the Devil    

Paul White (conclusion) – It has always been wise to learn as much as possible about one’s enemies, and that is especially true of Satan. A study such as this should make the child of God even more thankful to Jesus for rescuing us from Satan’s grasp. So, the next time you think of doing something wrong just remember it is not God who is telling you to do it. When Jesus was confronted by Satan in the wilderness, He refuted him by demanding that he get out of the way. Fool me once shame on Satan, fool me twice same on me.

Be A Lifelong Learner (pg. 8)

Dr. Allen Tilley – Baptist Progress –Which would you rather do — drink out of stagnating pond or a refreshing stream? The answer, of course, is fresh water. Every Sunday preachers empty themselves, preaching with passion and conviction, but they never refill themselves spiritually. Your personal time in the Word is just as important as your sermon preparation time. Never become so busy that you don’t have time for spiritual growth. Here are seven tips for staying spiritually strong:

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