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Current News April 24

*2019 Lifeword Sunday (pg. 1)

Holly Meriweather -This will be my sixth year at Lifeword, and my sixth Lifeword Sunday to be a part of. The dedication of our church representatives (Team Lifeword) makes what I do at Lifeword a daily blessing. As director of Church Connections, I’m honored to serve our churches and her members as they fulfill their Great Commission calling through media.Here are some important things to know as you plan 2019 Lifeword Sunday:

*How Many Lives? (pg. 1)

Jerry Cox -The pro-life laws we help pass don’t just stop abortion. They save lives. Our team has analyzed state reports from the Arkansas Department of Health that show how many abortions are performed in Arkansas each year, what procedures abortionists use, how old the unborn children were when they were aborted and other important information. Using that data, along with other publicly available data, we’ve estimated the number of lives some of Arkansas’ newest pro-life laws will save each year, if they are enforced properly. We have tried to keep our estimates conservative.

*Browns Donate Map to Seminary (pg. 1)

On Monday, April 15, Mississippi Baptist Editor Don Brown and his wife, Bonnie drove from Laurel, Miss. to Jacksonville, Texas on a mission. Bro. Don is bringing to a close two terms (10 years) as a trustee for BMA Seminary and is a strong supporter of the worldwide mission of BMA Seminary. He wanted to do something special for the administration, faculty, staff and students.

*Court to Hear Religious Liberty Cases (pg. 1)

Christian Post – “The U.S. Supreme Court announced April 22 that it will hear three cases involving religious liberty versus LGBT rights,” said Michael Gryboski in a Christian Post report. “At issue is whether sex discrimination protections in the 1964 Civil Rights Act include sexual orientation and gender identity, even though the Act doesn’t specifically mention those categories.” In an order released Monday morning, the Supreme Court agreed to hear R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a case in which a Christian-owned funeral home was sued for firing a transgender individual who refused to adhere to a dress code for his biological sex.

*Service Opportunity In Siloam Springs (pg. 8)

The Launch Pad is up and running in Siloam Springs. Launch Pad is a community effort to help aid homeless families to rebuild their life, teaching life skills, job skills and/or parenting skills. East Kenwood Baptist Church is leading out in this effort in Northwest Arkansas. They are now up and running, and people are already living on the church property.

*When Bigger Isn’t Always Better (pg. 2)

Dan Carson – In student ministry, we have a tendency to think that we need more students and bigger events to have the excitement needed to be a “great” student ministry. We look across town and hear about the groups that have 100+ at everything they do and think, “I’m not doing anything of value here.” Let me say that if that is your way of thinking, “stop it!” I know those might seem like harsh words, but a great and successful student ministry has nothing to do with the number of students you are getting to pour into.

The Word Flourished (pg. 3)

Larry Barker – The book of Acts records the history of the early church from the Lord’s ascension to Paul’s testimony in Rome. Under divine inspiration, Dr. Luke opens and closes Acts with what some have referred to as the great “bookends.” In Acts 1:3 (HCSB), he says, After He had suffered, He also presented Himself alive to them by many convincing proofs, appearing to them during 40 days and speaking about the kingdom of God.” Jesus had six weeks to establish His identity for all time through His disciples.

*Sacred Space (pg. 3)

Valarie Fish – Jehovah-Jireh (the Lord will provide) was the name Abraham claimed when the angel stopped him from sacrificing Isaac on Mt Moriah. Read Genesis 22 again and discover the name was not a name for God, but rather a name for the place. Genesis 22:14 says Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-Jireh: “…and it is said to this day, on the mount of the Lord it will be provided.” A thousand years later, in II Samuel 24, David purchased the threshing floor of Araunah or Ornan, the Jebusite, and built an altar there to thank God for ending a plague on the nation. It was in this same place where David declared, “I will not offer to God that which cost me nothing.”

Employees Honored at Luncheon (pg. 2)

Terry Kimbrow – Central Baptist College honored faculty and staff for their service to CBC at the annual Employee Appreciation and Awards Luncheon on Monday, April 15th. Below is a list of employees who were honored. (Also see CBC Sports, pg. 2)

Spotlight on Missions (pg. 4)

Jesse & Rebecca Hales • Dominican Republic

When God Says “No” (pg. 4)

Jimmy Draper (Baptist Press) -When God says “no” it can be even more marvelous than when He says “yes.”The apostle Paul, in Acts 16, began his second missionary journey, carefully planning to revisit the cities in his first missionary journey and then go on to western Asia to preach the Gospel.His plans were good. God had given the church the Great Commission, and had told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them. God wanted the Great Commission to be led by the Holy Spirit, which He gave to believers preceding Jesus’ instruction in Acts 1:8: “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Trumpet Notes (pg. 4)

Sri Lankan Easter Blasts; NC Governor Vetoes Bill To Stop Infanticide; Gallup Poll: Church Membership at Historic Low; Catholic Adoption Agency Won’t Compromise

The Master’s Builders Return to Hebron Hills (pg. 5)

Rose Bittner -The Master’s Builders returned to Hebron Hills April 1-12 to continue work on the first We Are FREE (Fostering Respect, Eradicating Exploitation) resident housing building. The Builders completed the siding on the building and also worked on finishing the back porch in addition to installing shelving in several of the resident rooms.We had lots of rain and good old Arkansas red mud and clay to enjoy the first week, but were able to work on the porch during the storms. As always, there a lot of laughter and fellowship was shared by the men during the work.

Missionary Profile – Wael Jamikl Dawahir (Chicago) (pg. 5)

Thoughts on Psalms (pg. 6)

Tony Cleaver – (Psa. 91:11) It is odd that this passage was quoted by Satan when he tempted Jesus to throw Himself off the temple mount. Certainly, Satan knows some Scriptures — even those of Moses. Jesus did not fall for the twisting and misapplication of this passage. It is not a citation for us to proof text and test God with our actions. When God gives orders, they are carried out! The angels of God are His messengers to do His bidding.

Someone is Watching (pg. 6)

Tommy Hall – Have you heard someone say recently that their life is their business and no one else’s? What about a man who drinks heavily and declares that it is his business and his only? How untrue these statements are! Nothing we do is totally our business. There is always someone who is affected by our behavior and our lifestyle.

Gratitude (pg. 7)

Paul White – Just a few words to thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement in the loss of my brother, Richard last week. The Bible says “the steps of a good man are directed by the Lord,” and that could truly be said about him. His love for family and friends, and even those in need he did not know, is only overshadowed by his love and devotion to Jesus. He told us he was ready, but we were not; but then again, we would never be. Thanks to the promises of God, our parting is only temporary as one day we will be united for all eternity.

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