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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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World Missions Day: A Missionary’s Perspective

By Stan Scroggins, BMAA Missionary • The Philippines

We have our World Mission Day banner up at the Bible College. Students and faculty will celebrate and give our offering at the last chapel service of February.There are several reasons this day is so important for missionaries. First, it is a day to emphasize and pray for missionaries all over the world. These five years on the field have taught us how important your prayers are to us. Second, it is a day of giving for missions.

The question often asked is, “Why should our church give to our national Missions Department when we directly support missionaries now?” Here are a couple of reasons:

• We are an association of churches that work together to help spread the gospel in the US and around the world. No one church can do this all-encompassing work by herself. But, working together, we can do incredible, marvelous things.

• No BMA missionary, anywhere in the world, can do their work without the support and advocacy the BMA Missions Department provides.

Changemaker missionaries, church planting, field assessment and preparation, financial accountability, missionary care, health insurance administration, retirement planning, security training and many other services are not free. These services make it possible for missionaries to be in and stay in the field. All missionaries are grateful for their direct church supporters, but we also know how important the services are that are provided by the Missions Department.

Missionaries have three places to solicit support: friends, family and churches. The BMAA Mission Department has one — the churches. Please, let’s all come together and make this year’s World Mission Day a legacy to be proud of and to remember.