Sunday, July 21, 2024
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Now Available – Baptist Expositor: Blessed Deceivers

Jordan Tew, BPH Executive Director

Is God faithful despite my sin? That’s a question we would all love to have answered, because none of us are sinless. The truth is that God is faithful to His people, even when they sin against Him. What a wonderful truth!

This summer’s quarter of the Baptist Expositor is titled “Blessed Deceivers” and will be an in-depth study of Genesis 24-36. This unit is part three of four in our series on Genesis. It emphasizes a great deal of deception by Isaac, Jacob, Laban, Rachel, Simeon and Levi. However, despite their acts of deception, we particularly see Isaac and Jacob’s faith progressively increasing and God remaining faithful to His covenant promises.

Through this study, you will see Isaac and Jacob’s increasing faith and understand that God remains faithful to His covenant promises regardless of man’s deception and failures. This study was written by Dr. Philip Attebery, Ryan Burchett, Dr. David Hellwig and Jordan Tew. 

You may place your order at or by calling (800) 333-1442. The summer quarter begins Sunday, June 5.