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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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MISSIONS SPOTLIGHT: Danny and Rita Ballard

Danny & Rita Ballard • The Philippines

Greetings from the Philippines. We would like to say thank you to all of those who have been praying for us and supporting us in the ministry here in the Philippines. Rita and I have felt the prayers this past few months. Like most people, we also had our battle with the COVID-19 virus but thankfully, by God’s grace, everyone made it through it okay. The self-quarantine limited our ability to conduct ministry. The virus came in stages, hitting someone differently at different times, which made the time of self-quarantine even longer. With that said, we are thankful and blessed that everything is getting back to normal. The country has opened more, and travel is being made easier. We pray that it will remain that way.

Lord willing, we will be back in the states for furlough beginning in December through the first week of March. If you would like for us to come by and share the ministry with you or your church, please let me know at We covet your prayers that nothing will happen that will prevent us from traveling.

• Relief Bags for the Hungry — There has been one area of ministry that has not changed or will ever change — the ministry of helping all those who have been affected the hardest by the pandemic. We see people all around us who don’t have enough food to sustain their families. The Lord continues to bless this ministry through those who have and continue to donate toward this ministry. We have purchased and distributed over 500 relief bags with food and basic necessities, along with gospel tracts and information. We are thankful for the recent donations that are allowing us to continue with this ministry. We must follow the example of Christ by ministering to the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of others. 

Each bag that was distributed contained food for two weeks plus gospel tracts and other information about how to be saved. Family members would break into tears as they accepted the relief bags and say to us, “We didn’t think we would be able to eat anytime soon because we didn’t have any food left.” Pastor Jemuel from Mt. Zion Fundamental Baptist Church helps us with this ministry by sharing the gospel presentation each time we distribute the relief bags. If you would like to donate toward future Relief Bag operations, you can send your donations to the Missions office designated “Danny Ballard/Relief bags.”

• Landfill Mission Project — Praise the Lord, the construction of the mission in the landfill area (BMC Upper Pintur) is completed. The Lord continues to bless the mission and the ministry there. Pray for Pastor Vincent as he is now doing the work in that area, and pray for the Lord to send a pastor that will be able to do the work.

• Anniversary Service at BMC Carael — Since they have relaxed some of the restrictions here, I have been able to travel more to the missions. I recently had the opportunity to preach at BMC Calmay and take part in BMC Carael’s Second anniversary. We ask that you pray for workers to help in this area. Pastor Benson is pastoring both of these missions.

• Children’s Ministry — The Children’s Ministry is going well. We are training Liezel in the ministry as a teacher for the children and she is doing a great job. There are many who attend and many more who wish to attend if only we could accommodate them. The sub-division limits the number of kids we can bring in but, thankfully, we have also begun reaching children in other areas and our prayer is to begin a second children’s ministry in that location very soon.

• Trip to Quezon Province Mission — I had the opportunity to visit and preach at the mission in Quezon Province. We started our drive at 12 a.m. and reached the area around 5 a.m. We rested for a few hours, then it was time for the children’s ministry. It was a great opportunity to visit with many in the area and get to know them just a little. I was able to preach the next morning at the mission, even though it was in the middle of a massive downpour, which made it difficult for many to be able to come.

This area is deep in the province, but has so much beauty. There is no evangelical church anywhere near this area, and the people are in desperate need of hearing the gospel. Please be in prayer for God to send us a worker that can be in the area full time.

• The “Candy Lola” — Rita has come to be known as the “Candy Lola” (Lola means grandmother). Every time she goes into one of the areas where we do ministry, she hands out suckers to the children. When they see her coming, they all run out to greet her and call her “Lola Rita.” It is a small gesture that brings smiles to the faces of children and some parents. A big part of missions is about building relationships in order to be able to share the gospel, and this simple gesture is a useful tool in building those relationships.

We thank the Lord for the individuals, families and churches who faithfully partner with us through prayers and financial support. Please pray with us that God will raise up more workers for the five different missions and outreaches. Also pray for each individual whom we have a chance to share the gospel with through our different ministries.