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Groundbreaking for Lifeword

Lifeword Executive Directors Harold Morris, A.R. Reddin and Paul Bearfield, Sr. were incredible visionaries in their time, remaining on the cutting edge of technology throughout their tenures. Now deceased, they could hardly have imagined where that technology would take the media ministry.

George Reddin, who served as Lifeword executive director from 1986 to 2011, had the foresight to lead the association to purchase what is now the BMA Global Missions Center. His vision for the studio part of the building was a media production center for audio and video content. Instead, the area originally intended for video production was used as a warehouse for both BMA Missions and Lifeword.

Through the years, however, the world became increasingly video-centric with more and more shows and other projects produced from a small studio. In 2017, Lifeword moved into internet ministry, which meant the introduction and production of video content plus a redesign of Lifeword’s audio production studio to be used for video.

Thousands of video content hours were shot in that small production area. Millions of hours of Lifeword video content have been consumed on the Cloud and social media pages. As the need for video content increased, more studio space became increasingly important until, finally, there was no more production room.

Director of Operations Luis Ortega says, “It is humbling that the Lord allows Lifeword to come alongside the local church in making disciples of all nations and to play a role as the vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation, tribe, people and language prepares to stand clothed in white robes in front of the throne before the Lamb.”

After years of praying and planning, Lifeword recently broke ground for a warehouse at the back of its present facilities. After that project’s completion, the ministry will reclaim the present warehouse facility for the purpose it was originally intended: a video production area. This studio expansion allows Lifeword four times more video production area and more gospel programming.

“What an exciting time for the ministry of Lifeword,” said Executive Director Donny Parrish. “The expansion of our television suite will give us four to five times more production floor space than we have now. We need this room to produce more video content to reach more people and, at the same time, this will allow our sister ministry, BMMI, to have more room for shoebox efforts.”

This expansion is a huge leap of faith for Lifeword. Please pray that God will provide the resources to complete this project and use the content produced to make His name more famous around the world!

Holly Meriweather
Holly Meriweather
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