Sunday, July 21, 2024
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Stan & Donna Scroggins • The Philippines

From Stan — In June, I began teaching 15 pastors and missionaries the BMA DiscipleWay disciple-making course for the master’s program. Dr. Philip Attebery was our guest finishing up this teaching. As a result, many of these pastors are now training their individual congregations about the importance of disciple-making. I am so pleased to begin the training of area pastors in Disciple Way.

Well, summer is officially over with both the Darlene Carey Christian Academy and the BMA Bible College open for business. Both the academy and the college have enrollments over 70. This is great, especially for the academy since children have not been in school in the Philippines for almost two years and six months. Starting in September, I will be teaching another master level class through the BMA of America’s Seminary.

We didn’t know if it was going to work out, but last year we committed to travel to Israel with First Baptist Church of Magnolia (our home and sending church). The trip is planned for late October.

From Donna — August is over, and September begins the celebration of Christmas here in the Philippines. People everywhere will start decorating their homes, and businesses will also decorate. It makes for a long season! Also coming in October, the Massakara festival will be here in Bacolod. It is a time of dressing up with beautiful masks and outfits. There are celebrations everywhere. They have waited for three years to celebrate.

We have had two weeks of class, and I am teaching two religious education classes. I am also conducting two physical education classes. We have a very large group of first-year students. We finished enrollment with over 30 new on campus students.

What used to be the beginning of just one school has now turned into the starting of two with the Darlene Carey Christian Academy along with the BMA Bible College. There are over 80 registered students for the Bible College and 70 enrolled in the academy in just the first year in the new building.

— Donna: +63 908-894-6724/Stan: +63 908-894-6723. You can also contact us through email and Facebook Messenger: Donna,, Stay up to date with the Scroggins and their work in the Philippines by visiting their website and checking out their blog — You can also partner with Stan and Donna by giving through your local church or the BMA Missions website.