Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Bryan & Pam Risner • Romania

• Family Update — The craziness of these last couple of months has continued. First, Pam’s family visited us for over a week, then we had the twins’ and Pam’s birthdays and we moved — all in three weeks! We have officially moved to the Oradea area. This new ministry in Oradea has brought excitement to all of us, but we are still sad to leave the Brasov area and saddened to say goodbye to the friends we made there. But we will see them again!

Your 18th birthday is memorable for all teenagers. The kids knew it would be different because of living on the mission field, but they loved every moment. We also celebrated Pam’s 40th birthday with friends at a restaurant. We loved seeing our friends in the Oradea area and visiting with everyone for an evening.

We packed our whole house in about five days. As an answer to prayer, Bryan found a moving company that loaded our stuff and delivered it to our new home. Prayers are appreciated as we continue to adjust back to this area.

A teen meeting was also a birthday party for Lindsey and Landon. We sang songs, had a devotional and played games. Most teens go to the same church camp as us, so it was wonderful to see them again.

• Santandrei (Roma/Gypsy) Ministry Update: — Winter is probably the slowest time for this ministry. The colder weather keeps the children inside their homes, unlike summer, when they play outside all day. Lavi and Marius have had to change how they do things to keep the kids’ attention and make them want to come back weekly. Marius has kept his part busy going to their homes and sharing verses. Prayers are always appreciated as we learn new ways of keeping the kid’s attention and for Marius as he works with the adults.

• Brasov (Return Church) Ministry Update — January 8 was our last church service with Return Church. We enjoyed our time with them last year. They surprised us by praying over us and our ministry and leaving us cute notes. Continue to pray as God works through that church in significant ways.

• Oradea (New Church Plant) Ministry Update — The new church plant has been going great. Several families have joined and several are still praying about it. Prayers are appreciated as we work out details for the new church plant and create a strong core group. We started Sunday meetings on Jan. 29 with songs, prayers and sermons. Candra has begun to lead the children’s program, with over 18 children starting out.

Prayer Requests

We ask that you join us in prayer for the following:

• Santandrei Roma Ministry (1:1 Bible studies, vandalism issues, fence for property, children’s behavior and Carina’s walk with Christ);

• Brasov Ministry (college ministry with Roma community, weekly discipleship meetings, Sunday meeting location and evangelism opportunities);

• Our new ministry opportunity in Oradea;

• The kids’ scholarships for college; and for

• Our language skills to increase.