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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Sharing The Hope of Christ in Europe

By Heather Harrison

Right now, Lifeword team members around the world are sharing the gospel through various forms of media and creatively adapting their methods to reach as many people as possible with the gospel. Their deepest desire is that many would hear about Jesus Christ and the hope found only in Him. Allow us to “take you on a trip” across the Atlantic Ocean to see some of what God is doing in Europe:

• Romania — In Romania, Bodgan Bilav and his wife, Daniela’s ministry is two-fold — church planting and producing internet and radio programs to share about God and His Word. They each produce Lifeword shows in Romanian. His show is called, “Spiritual Impulse,” and Daniela’s is called “Daily Devotionals.” They also produce programs in the Romanian, Gypsy, Hungarian and French languages. Their main work is with the Gypsy people, who are considered outcasts in Romania. The radio programs they produce for the Gypsy people include sharing the gospel along with a lot of music. Bogdan says, “They are a very musical and expressive people.” They have found that music is an effective way to reach the Gypsies since the literacy rate among them is very low. They also have after school programs to help the children with homework, which have been well-received due to the low literacy rate.

• Ukraine — With the war raging on in Ukraine, ministry has gotten increasingly difficult. In a recent email, Lifeword partner, Pasha, shared, “We’ve experienced more in one year than many experience in their entire lives.” Yet, he acknowledges how God continues to work in these dire circumstances: “We are thankful for seeing the Greatness of the Lord and His work in the midst of this difficult time.” Having to adjust to a new reality, they have had their own intense struggles and have also been able to help others in significant ways. After having to move from Kyiv for three months and live with friends far away from their home, they have also helped those running away from active battles in their native towns and villages and others who lost their homes and relatives. Currently, Pasha is producing a series titled “Word of Life in Every Book of the Bible,” which shares God’s hope in every book of the Bible and how to apply Scripture. Please pray for Pasha as he is being treated for chest pain.

• France — Sean Pasley and his family are BMA missionaries and Lifeword team members living in France. Sean is producing a new podcast, “Saine Doctrine.” “Saine” is a word which means “healthy” or “sound.” What a great name for a podcast that shares Christ and teaches doctrine. In his monthly newsletter, Sean said, “The purpose of the podcast is to briefly survey core Christian doctrines and concepts that are mostly unfamiliar to the secular French.” Episodes are in French and are released biweekly.

Whether war, resistance to the message, financial or relational burdens, our Lifeword partners in Europe continue to face difficulties in their lives and ministries. But God is doing a mighty work in the midst of it all. Thank you for your partnership with Lifeword. Your support is resulting in the strengthening and equipping of these hard-working missionaries and in countless people hearing the truth and hope of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Updates

We are excited to announce the theme for Lifeword Sunday 2023 — “Share Jesus. Make Disciples. Everywhere.” “And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15 NKJV).

The ministry of Lifeword is perfectly positioned to carry out the Great Commission:

• “Go into all the world” — Lifeword takes the gospel to over two billion people every day through radio, television, internet and the printed word.

• “Preach the gospel” — Lifeword shares the gospel in over 145 languages. Proclaiming the gospel in the heart language of the listener is what we do.

• “Make disciples” — Lifeword’s new internet portal, “Follow”, gives our audience the opportunity to accept Christ and become a fully devoted follower.

Lifeword Sunday is a day set aside for our supporters to pray for, celebrate and give to the ministry of Lifeword! 2023 Lifeword Sunday is scheduled for Oct. 22! Registration is now open at Pastors who register their church for Lifeword Sunday will be entered to win a MacBook Pro!

We would love the opportunity to share with your church what God is doing through Lifeword. If you would like to schedule a team member to come for a visit, contact Jennifer at

Will you partner with us as we take the gospel to places missionaries cannot go? There are billions who have never heard! Find out more about Lifeword Sunday and download resources by visiting