Sunday, July 21, 2024
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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CENTRAL PROFILE: Meet the Mustangs

      Central Baptist College recently had the opportunity to celebrate its athletes at Meet the Mustangs, an event that recognizes each athletic team individually. Many people attended including students, faculty, staff and people from the community.

      The CBC band provided music throughout the night, and the dining staff served food. Many attendees also took advantage of the free shaved ice that was provided through Henson’s Island Snow.

      The MC for the evening was Lawrence Tippen, a sophomore who also plays on the junior varsity basketball team.

      The event began by introducing the junior varsity and varsity baseball teams (coached by Dr. Aaron Brister). The men’s and women’s soccer teams were then introduced (coached by Dylan Perdue and Thabo Masoga respectively), followed by the men’s and women’s golf teams (coached by Lyle Middleton) and the men’s and women’s cross country/track teams (coached by Ally Swaim). The CBC band then provided music for an intermission followed by the introduction of the women’s basketball team (coached by Lyle Middleton). After this, the men’s varsity and junior varsity basketball teams were introduced (coached by Sam Kohnke). The softball team came next (coached by Keith Hinson); and finally, the wrestling and volleyball teams were announced (coached by Ken Prophete and Rick Brown respectively).

      This event also marked the one-year anniversary of the CBC mascot, Maverick the Mustang, being revealed to the student body. Last year, Maverick was given a grand introduction through a tunnel of sparklers, and after a year of representing the school, he returned to this event to cheer on our teams.

      The evening was a success and gave the school a great opportunity to meet and cheer on our various athletic teams, full of school spirit and with high hopes for the coming year.

      Visit for more information about CBC athletics, including schedules, rosters and team updates.