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CBC Profile: Designated Giving

One thing I have learned in my 30+ years of raising funds for Central Baptist College — people love to choose a project and then work to see it completed. That’s true whether it’s an individual or a group. Special projects are satisfying! Occasionally, I am asked to provide a “wish list” to an individual, business, church or church group. I maintain a list of items or projects that do not make it into the annual budget or that sometimes rise to the top after the budget is approved by the Board of Trustees. It runs the gamut from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would love to share that list with you. Just drop me and e-mail at

Here are just a few of the things I’ve been able to check off my list:

• $30,000: New Baby Grand Piano — With the construction of the Mary Ned Foster Band Rehearsal Hall, we were short a piano. Dr. and Mrs. (Linda) Elton McCann purchased a new Kawai RX-2 grand piano from a showroom floor in Texas and had it shipped to us. It’s now in use in the Choir Room.

• $14,000: 500 Worldview Study Bibles — Because of the overwhelming generosity of a couple who loves the mission of CBC, we were able to put a Worldview Study Bible in the hands of every student at the first chapel of the year. Our chapel theme is a Biblical Worldview. I can’t wait to hear about the impact this has had on the lives of our students. What a tremendous blessing!

• $13,000: New Carpet for Childers Dining Hall — It is said, “You only have one chance to make a good impression.” The Dining Hall is used not only for students, but many community groups have lunch and dinner events in this room. The estimated cost to replace the existing carpet with industrial carpet tiles, similar to what is in the newest buildings on campus, was well above our budget. The project was completed and paid for by designated contributions from Kathy Linn.

• $10,000: Security Camera System Upgrade — It seems like we are constantly replacing cameras. We also needed to add cameras in new locations. We put a high value on the safety and security of our employees and students. Some of our cameras had been in place for over 10 years. However, thanks to a designated contribution, we replaced 71 cameras and added 14 in new locations. We now have 142 cameras covering our campus.

• $9,665: Arkansas Women’s Missionary Auxiliary (WMA) Project — This group of ladies raised a record $9,665 to help us in our recovery from the Jan. 27, 2022, ransomware attack that shut us down for five weeks. The effects of that cyber-attack are ongoing. Thank you, Arkansas WMA.

Scholarship Giving

Scholarship giving is one of the most rewarding ways to give to CBC. Much of what we do in the realm of fundraising (the Scholarship Gala, Legacy Leaders, the CBC Fund, the Church Fund and the General Scholarship Fund) has a direct, positive impact on our students. We give scholarships in four primary areas: academic awards (rewarding academic accomplishments), athletic ability (16 intercollegiate sports), performance (Fine Arts: Band, Singers, Choir, etc.) and ministry (which now includes the BMA Promise). Scholarships are the lifeblood for CBC students.

In addition to the general scholarships, we also have 89 endowed scholarships totaling over $4,000,000. Only a portion of the interest earnings are awarded from endowed scholarships. Each of the existing endowed scholarships, most established in honor or memory of a person or family, has its own focus. At the time the scholarship is established, the donor(s) have the freedom to select the kind of student (athletic, music, ministry, etc.) who can qualify for the scholarship. The donor(s) can also set priorities for the Scholarship Committee to follow in awarding the scholarship. Students apply for endowed scholarships based on the stated qualifications of each scholarship. Endowed scholarships can be established with as little as $1,000, but must be funded to the $10,000 level within 7 years to be considered a fully endowed scholarship. Contact me for more information on setting up an endowed scholarship.

For more giving options, go to I would also encourage you to call me on my direct number at (501) 205-8818 or send me a message at