Sunday, July 21, 2024
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Jerry Kidd Missions Offering 2024

      The holidays are over, but for those who serve at BMA Global, the busiest and most important season of the year has begun. The Jerry Kidd Missions Offering is in full swing! Many pastors had requested guest speakers for their church well before Christmas, so our leaders will be on the road speaking in churches, giving updates and helping congregations understand more about our missionaries.

      But it’s not too late to request a speaker for your church!

      Our theme this year is “Sent to the Nations.” We are sent to love, serve, make disciples and plant churches — a mission given to every follower of Jesus and every local church… your local church. We invite our BMA family of churches to celebrate world missions and give to the annual Jerry Kidd Missions Offering that provides funds to partner with church planters all over the world — 450 of them in 65 countries!

      BMA Global’s busy season is an opportunity for your church to invest in our ChangeMakers — church planters around the world you’ll likely never see.

      Multiplication is always the goal of BMA Global — planting churches that plant churches. Missionaries to Thailand Brandon and Brittney Lingle have been discipling a young couple, Jay and Ty, who are planting a church seven hours from the capital city of Bangkok where they live. They have a baby daughter and family in the Kantharalak province and they have built relationships in this rural area of Thailand. Jay is currently interning and receiving training to prepare and help with the new church, and the Lingle family will relocate to the area this spring.

      The Lingles have served in Thailand 10 years, the average time it takes to plant a church there. After building relationships with both Christians and non-Christians, it can be a long road to evangelism and discipleship, and even longer to start a church then reach the goal of multiplication. But God is their guide on this journey, and our missionaries and ChangeMakers “count it all joy.”

      The Jerry Kidd Missions offering supports these sacrificial servants, and on Sunday, Feb. 25, you can be part of that multiplication goal. Please consider leading your church in sacrificial giving to the Jerry Kidd Missions Offering and go to for resources that can help you on that day or any day you choose to celebrate global missions. At, you can also register to receive free resources, request a speaker, download our promo video and receive a free BMA Global polo shirt.

Holly Meriweather
Holly Meriweather
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