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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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How Do We Associate? (Part 5 – Moral Action)

By Dr. John Adams, Executive Director

Editor’s Note: The “Moving the Conversation Forward” article by Associate Editor Allan Eakin in the Dec. 20 issue introduced a series of articles we would feature at the beginning of the new year. The first of these articles — “How Do We Associate?” — appeared in the Jan. 10 issue.

In the Jan. 17 issue, we shared the stories of two of the ministries that are made possible because of the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas. We will return to the ministries from Arkansas in a future issue.

In the Jan. 24 issue, we shared the stories of the two largest ministries — BMA Global (Missions) and Lifeword — that are made possible because of the national association of churches — Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA). In the Jan. 31 issue, we shared the stories of the two departments that help maintain the identiy of our association — BMA Theological Seminary and Baptist Publishing House.

In this issue, we are sharing about two other national ministries that help churches extend the reach of what they could do on their own — Moral Action Agency and BMA Financial. (All articles in this series are being made available and accessible to everyone at Look for the “Why An Association of Churches?” Series graphic.)

      Moral Action Agency represents the Baptist Missionary Association of churches in outreach to Washington, D.C. and state capitols. I present the spiritual desires of our churches to our elected officials. These face-to-face ministries allow God’s Word to be planted in our Congress and local officials.

      Moral Action is located in the offices of First Baptist Church in Mantachie, Miss. (P.O. Box 305, 38855). Our primary staff is Secretary Lynne Stewart, Bookkeeper Darla Adams and Web Page Manager Renae Starling. I have served as executive director since 2005.

      Each year since 2005, Moral Action has helped students at the BMA Seminary and represented this ministry and local churches and associations through a scholarship fund. We invite you to give to the Moral Action/Dr. John M. Adams Scholarship Fund at the BMA Seminary. You can go to and give to the Scholarship Fund or contact the seminary at (903) 586-2501.

      One of the biggest milestone events in the history of Moral Action was when I led in prayer at the U.S. House of Representatives on Nov. 11, 2013.

      We invite our churches and individuals to give to this worthy ministry. Our churches have given steady support over the years. This ministry is truly needed with the decline of our nation. Thank you for making this a viable effort of God’s people. In 2024, we ask for your continued help. We will give glory to God in all we do.

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