Louisiana Tech ABS by Danny Eddy

(March Update) – The Winter Quarter at Louisiana Tech is officially over, and our final average attendance at IMPACT Worship was 29. I’ll remind you that the fall average was 17, so this is a tremendous increase and something we can’t remember ever happening before! Winter often sees a drop in attendance, so to have a large increase is quite surprising.

During finals, we had a morning Prayer Breakfast with 16 in attendance. It’s great to see them not just praying for the sick but spending time praying for each other. One night, we congratulated Garrick Griffin on his graduation. He will still be here, continuing with grad school next quarter. Another night during finals we had a Pancake Supper/Study Night. After graduation, we all enjoyed two days of Mardi Gras break and a week of quarter break. Spring quarter began March 9, so the students are back now and ready to go.

Among our newer students, it’s great to have a good group of girls. There are 12 who are now actively participating in the girls’ Bible study on Thursday night, along with two groups of guys. The girls even did a daily devotion on Prayer during the break, using a phone app, where they could all do it at the same time, though spread out in different places.

We look forward to what God wants to do through ABS in the Spring Quarter. The freshmen are stepping up into places of leadership, and the students are talking about ways to reach others for Christ. We appreciate all your support of this ministry and ask that you continue to remember us in your prayers as we seek to do God’s will through ABS.

(April Update) The spring quarter is well underway, and we are staying quite busy! Our weekly IMPACT worship nights are still running in the 30s, with an average this month of 34. One night this month, we had an old-fashioned “Hymn Night” where they called their favorites from the floor.

In addition to our regular worship and Bible study nights, we’ve had something going on most weekends. On the first Saturday of the quarter, we had an ABS Work Day. Several of our guys helped remove stumps and roots from an old hedgerow so we will be able to just mow that area. The girls did some major spring cleaning inside the building. Another Saturday, Matthew and Garrick led evangelism training for several of our students. Then this past Friday night, we held our first ever Block Party with volleyball, burgers, lawn games and indoor games. They did outreach on campus to invite people, as well as an effort to invite several international students. We’re not sure how many were there, but it was at least 60, and all the food was eaten!

Things are going very well this quarter — the masks are off, the numbers are up, students are reaching out to others and Karan got a great doctor’s report! She’s helping at ABS full time now, and she’s glad to be back. We only get two days off for Easter, then there will be serious studying going on for those last five weeks. As we wind down toward the end of school, more than ever, we covet your prayers that we will have the wisdom to make good decisions and that students will continue reaching out. Thank you for all the support of this ministry!