Special Emphasis 2024

12-page Paper
Parking Lot/Water Expense
Computer Upgrades
Executive Editor Jeff Herring

     For as long as I can remember, long before I became a part of the team at the Trumpet, this ministry has been the place people look to for the latest information. We receive phone calls, emails or messages from people asking for the information about something going on in the BMA on a regular basis. One of our goals through all we offer is to be the “Go-To” place for all information relating to BMA events, activities and more.

     One way we want to continue being your “Go-To” source for all BMA News (and more) is by moving to a 12-page paper each week (as funds and content allow). We already produce a 12-page issue once a month with the BMA Global and Transforming Arkansas inserts. The additional space would allow us to get more information in each week to keep our readers as informed as possible. I have a stack of articles and information on my desk that will never make it to publication because there wasn’t room, and they are now out of date or not relevant “news” anymore. Our goal with 12 pages would be to find a few more regular columnists to anchor the pages and then be able to include some of the other content we don’t have room for right now. To do this for the additional 33 issues for the year will cost approximately $12,000. We believe this is an investment in the future of this ministry.

     Another area we need funds for is the expected cost of the parking lot and water system for our facilities. I don’t have the space here to detail what is going on, but the short story is we are in the process of adding a parking lot and providing our own water access so we become self-sufficient and are not depending on the new owners of the former Temple Baptist Church (South City) property. The final cost is unknown at this time, but we are expecting it to be over $50,000. This will be divided with State Missions, so our portion is expected to be over $25,000. As part of Special Emphasis, we are looking to raise $10,000 to go toward this expense.

     The final area we are focusing on this year is upgrades to our computers. We budgeted this last year but, because of price increases and availability of what would best meet our needs, we delayed purchasing the planned upgraded systems. We are hoping to raise the extra expense to go in the fund so when it is time to upgrade, we will have the funds to proceed. We are seeking to raise $8,000 for this future expense.

     That brings our total goal for Special Emphasis this year to $30,000. Meeting these needs will help us continue to do our part in making sure we are the “Go-To” source for BMA news and so much more.

     I would love to come and share with your people how God is working through the ministry of the Baptist Trumpet. You can contact me by email at editor@baptisttrumpet.com or by calling the office at (501) 565-4601.

2024 Special Emphasis Donations

  • Bill Hoggard (Conway) – $300.00
  • Anonymous (Texas) – $500.00
  • Friendship Baptist Church (Greenbrier) – $100.00
  • Springhill Baptist Church (Greenbrier) – $1,000.00
  • Immanuel Baptist Church (Greenbrier) – $144.00
  • Jim Tapley (Greenbrier) – $100.00
  • College View Baptist Church (Magnolia) – $5,200.00
  • Diane Spriggs (Hensley) – $300.00
  • Fellowship Baptist Church (Bella Vista) – $1,000.00
  • Michael/Donna Gray (Greenbrier) – $1,200.00
  • Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (Carlisle) – $215.00

A custom progress meter

Our goal of $30,000 is broken down into these categories and priorities:

#1 – 40% = $12,000 for going to 12-page paper every week

# 2 – 33% = $10,000 for Parking Lot Construction/Water Access Costs

# 3 – 27% = $8,000 for Computer Upgrade Fund