Feature Writers

Dr. Tom Mitchell pens a column titled, Just Thinking, in which he addresses many topics relative to the Baptist Missionary Association. His Trailblazers series provides biographies of many BMA trailblazers from the past.

Jake McCandless authors a weekly column titled, Stand Firm and Live Epic, through which he seeks to encourage the modern church to not just survive, but thrive in current times. He also addresses many end times topics.

Donny Parrish, Executive Director of Lifeword Broadcast Ministries, provides thought provoking content to challenge and encourage BMA Baptists through his column, In My Own Words.

Valarie Fish writes a column titled, A Sip from the Saucer, in which she talks about various topics relevant to the Christian life. 

Dr. Tony Cleaver pens a column titled, Leave It To Cleaver, in which he talks about a wide variety of topics relevant to the modern church and BMA Baptists. 

Martha Brock writes a column titled, The Potter’s Wheel, in which she creatively takes a look at various Scriptures and applies them to modern believers. 

The Lifeword Cloud is a collection of articles published by Lifeword Broadcast Ministries on their cloud. They utilize dozens of writers throughout the world to provide life-changing and challenging content.