A SIP FROM THE SAUCER: Stop Scrolling, Start Listening


        Every day I scroll through my Facebook feed for a few minutes and see what news I can catch up on. Sometimes I will leave a quick “congratulations,” “look how much they have grown” or “praying for you.” Yesterday, as I started to type the latter phrase, I heard God speak to my spirit. I had to look up the verse because I couldn’t remember the exact words, but it was James 2:15-16 — if your brother is without food or clothing and you say “go in peace” but you don’t give them what they need, what good does that do?

         It’s so easy to just keep scrolling. Don’t get involved. You don’t know the whole story. They should have planned better or done this or that. It’s not my problem. I have my own struggles. I don’t have time for this. I don’t even know this person; we’re just acquaintances.

         But I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t hear the Holy Spirit talking to me. So, I sent the private message and became a part of her messy reality. I didn’t have much to offer to solve the problem, but I listened and let her get out her frustrations and fears. Then I did what I was able to do — I reached out to a church leader in her area and shared the need.

         I don’t have the finances to dig her out of the hole she is in, but I do know people and I am pretty good at articulating and connecting the people God wants to use to bless others and show them His love in action. God connected the dots to let me be in the right place at the right time to give her some much-needed encouragement and to spotlight to her that God was listening to her pain.

         Before we ended our conversation, she told me she was thankful I had reached out because it helped to just be heard. It allowed me to the opportunity to let her know that it wasn’t me that was listening — it was God. He heard her. Then He told me to be His ears and His hands in her chaos.

         I don’t know what will happen with her obstacles, but God knows. I don’t know if she will respond to God’s gifts or acknowledge His working in her life. She may not ever go to church or join a small group. That’s not my job in this scenario. God just told me to stop scrolling and listen.

         Your gifts are different from mine for a reason. Maybe you are the person with the gift someone else needs. It could be financial or influential, obvious or covert. Whatever the action, whatever the task, when God speaks to your spirit and says “do” then you would be smart to jump in and follow His lead. You might be surprised by what He can do through you.