Free Gift for Pastors

Dear Pastor:

Beginning with our Dec. 4 issue — as our way of saying “thank you” for all you do for our Lord and the Baptist Missionary Association — we’d like to send you (if you are not already receiving it) the electronic version of the Baptist TrumpetThis will be our free gift to you!

Each week on Tuesday evening (except for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s, when we don’t publish), you’ll receive an email through Constant Contact that will include a PDF of that week’s eTrumpet issue, plus our interactive version. This version allows you to touch the article you want to read, and it will appear in text format to fit your cell phone, tablet or computer screen. It will also allow you to see photos full size.

Also included in the email will be access to the last three months of the Baptist Trumpet (before they go into our archives) and a link to our regular Trumpet Archives (back to 1939).

Once a month, we’ll feature a section (usually four additional pages) that includes articles from our other wonderful BMA state newspapers.
If you’d rather not receive the eTrumpet, please let us know and we’ll certainly delete your free subscription.

To get added to our list, please fill out the form below!

We hope you enjoy this gift, and that you’ll choose to continue your subscription after the three months, but you are certainly under no obligation to do so.
God bless you, and Happy Holidays!
Diane Spriggs, Editor/Business Manager