Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Greatest Job in the World

         Someone, somewhere designated October as Pastor Appreciation Month. I’m not sure who that someone was, but he or she ought to be commended. I think it’s great for churches to set aside time to recognize the sacrificial service pastors give to their people.

         There’s a shortage of men giving their lives to serve as pastors today. Did you know that? There aren’t enough pastors to fill the vacant pulpits in our country. I’m sure there are many of reasons for that, but I think one reason is that many pastors have a negative view of pastoral life:

         • The pay can be less than appealing.

         • The hours are long.

         • There is a high degree of stress that comes with the territory. (You live in a glass house and are held to impossible standards.)

         • People can be hard to lead. (Sometimes they’re just plain mean.)

         Are you considering answering God’s call to serve as one of His pastors? Having served in a pastoral role for the better part of four decades, I can tell you a few things about being a pastor. Can I share with you something that others might be afraid to admit? Being a pastor is the greatest “job” in the world! There’s nothing that compares to the joy of serving as a pastor. Here are some benefits that no other vocation can afford you:

         • Pastors get to help people during the most important times of their lives. Whether it’s the birth of their first child, the passing of a loved one, counsel during times of decision or just being a good friend, pastors get to be part of people’s lives during their most important moments. It’s an honor!

         • Pastors get to watch people grow. There’s no greater feeling than to see someone grow in their faith. Pastors get to be a part of that spiritual process that will impact every part of a person’s life.

         • Pastors get to meet lots of interesting people. Do you like people? (If you don’t, being a pastor probably isn’t going to be a good spot for you.) Pastors are always getting to meet new people and dive into the lives of people from all sorts of backgrounds. In fact, when you’re a pastor you are essentially in the people business. It’s really a lot of fun!

         • Pastors live in a constantly changing environment. Do you like change? Do you hate being bored? Then you’ll love being a pastor. Every day is a different day when it comes to ministry. Because all the people to whom you minister are different, your work will constantly be changing.

         • Pastors get to share the greatest news anyone could ever receive! How much better can it get? Pastors get to tell people the good news! God loves people so much that He gave us Jesus! You can live in freedom! It’s a privilege to give people hope in this life and in the life to come!

         I can confidently say that being a pastor is the greatest “job” in the world! If God is moving your heart to give your life to serve others by being a pastor, do it! You’ll receive so much joy for your labor, and so much happiness for your sacrifice!