Sunday, March 3, 2024
Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Master’s Builders Enjoy Annual Retreat

The Master’s Builders annual retreat was held Jan. 11-14 at Daniel Springs Baptist Encampment in Gary, Texas, with 22 of our group present. Our retreat gives us a time to reconnect and just enjoy our time together. We enjoyed a few days of food, fun and fellowship. We stayed in Daniel Dorm, which offers us wonderful facilities that meet our every need.

We had our annual business meeting while we were there and learned of the upcoming jobs for 2022. It looks to be a busy year if all goes as planned. These are the projects, as of now, we are looking at: Celebration, Haskell — Feb 28-March 18; Faith, Flippin — April 4-14; Oasis, Levelland, Texas — May 2-13; Jacksonville College — June; Park Avenue, Searcy — September; and Daniel Springs Camp — October.

As we all know by now, these plans can change. We are trusting God with this.

Thank you to Jason Prewitt for all he does at Daniel Springs, and to Morgan Sandifer for being available to help us with everything we needed. We love her smile and her devotion to God. Thank you to our dear friend, Randy Decker, whom we invited to come fellowship with us. He also brought our devotional on Wednesday night. We love and appreciate him so much.

There were so many of our group who were just not able to make the retreat this year, and we missed each of them so much. Our prayer is that we can gather this year and do the work we have the privilege to do if it’s the Lord’s will.

If you have questions about The Master’s Builders ministry, or if your church has building needs, please contact Eddie Sikes at (407) 462-1675, Mike Green at (972) 935-3877 or David Axe at (903) 918-0720.

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