Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Stan & Donna Scroggins • The Philippines

From Stan — Take a look at our BMAA Asia Pacific Facebook page. We’ve tried to highlight as many of our Asia Pacific missionaries as we can. Some are “Creative Access,” which means we must be protective of their names and locations. Others are experiencing Wi-Fi connection problems.

Everything is back to normal for us after Super Typhoon Odette, but many neighborhoods are still struggling with no power and no water. During times of crisis, many people are more open to the gospel than at any other time. Donna and I are working with local churches to provide relief needs and sharing the gospel with those we are able to help.

We have worked hard to help as many churches and communities as we possibly could. Thanks to the BMAA Missions Department for sending relief right away and also to the many American missionary supporters who have helped us meet the food and water needs of communities still recovering. We are beginning to receive pictures of some of our missions and churches that have already started repairs. Thanks for your help.

From Donna — We love all of our new students and it is so much fun working with them. With the start of the second semester, we’ve seen all our students get settled into campus life. With the beginning of our sixth year of service, I would like to say a big word of “thanks” to you all for faithfully praying and giving to provide for our personal needs and especially all the needs of our work here. We couldn’t do anything without you.

A highlight for us this month has been providing water to desperate communities. It is only possible because of your faithfulness. We love you all and are so glad to call you our partners.

Darlene Carey Christian Academy — There has been very good progress on the building this month. May I ask that you stop right now and say a prayer for the completion of the building? Right now, we have a completion date of Feb. 28.

College Sends Out Interns — 90% of BMA churches in the Philippines, and many other churches, are pastored by graduates of the BMA Bible College. Our 45-year history has proven to be the essential, stabilizing force in successful church planting. Our internship program is the capstone of this successful training. The internship program is twofold: First, all our students work for four years with a local church under the mentorship of its pastor and church leaders. This is a valuable experience for all our teachers, church planters, worship leaders, pastors and preachers. Second, every student participates in a four-month-long dedicated internship program. During these four months, every student works at putting into practice everything they’ve learned over the past four years.

After four years of preaching labs, church administration classes, mission training, church planting training, music theory, choral conducting, age-graded education teaching, local church mentoring and four months of hands-on internship experience, our students are the most qualified and prepared church workers anywhere in the world.

— Donna: +63 908-894-6724/Stan: +63 908-894-6723. You can also contact us through email and Facebook Messenger: Donna,,

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