Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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• Scholarship sponsors are needed. We are looking for eight people to sponsor eight needy and deserving students for just $100 a month. This includes their room, board, tuition, food and medical expenses. We will send you a photo and a bio of “your student” and updates on their progress. Please contact us on Messenger at “Elwin Doug Diane Lee” or email us if you or your church would like to make a difference in these young men and women’s lives. Email address is edouglee70@gmail.com or dianehusserlee@gmail.com.

• The second semester has begun. On Jan. 10, our second semester began with 69 students! We always start the semester with Orientation and Prayer Day, which was headed by Stan Scroggins this year. Diane’s Christian Education class did a skit, followed by a devotional from one of our alumni, Charlie Pancho. The “Pres” (Doug) spoke, then we broke out into prayer groups followed by Brigada (work and clean-up time)!

• Art helps students create unforgettable presentations. In the past, we have encouraged our students to use many tools in their ministry — music, gospel tracts, children’s outreach, skits and many others. We are blessed to have Jo’el Givens, Diane’s first cousin, to teach art and training on how it can be used effectively in their ministry, whether in a Sunday School class or a sermon. Jo’el teaches a three-hour online class from Franklinton, La. on Thursday mornings.

She is talented and capable with a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La, and has taught art many years in the public and private school systems. Her focus is teaching our students how they can use art in their ministry, requiring professional presentations, guiding them in making their presentations effective and how to use art to reach people with the gospel. 

Jo’el has served the Lord for many years in Spanish ministries. We are thankful for her giving her time to teach our BMABC students, showing them how to add a new dimension to their ministry.

• Missionaries become self-support. How do you react when a native missionary you have been supporting for three years tells you he doesn’t want your money anymore but wants to support himself because he and his wife want that blessing! Flabbergasted! Shocked! Astonished!

When Diane and I found a place about two hours south of where we live that had no evangelical presence, we wanted to plant a church there. Because of the language barrier, God laid Pastor Jack Lloyd Albes and his wife, Angie on our hearts to work with us. They are both graduates of the Bible College. We bought Jack a motorbike and paid his salary for three years and he has been doing a super job in that area.

Two weeks ago, Jack met with me and told me he and Angie want to support themselves and take over the financial responsibility of their ministry. Jack works at night at a call center, and Angie is teaching English online. What a great example of a tentmaker! Beginning in March, they will take on their support and continue with the mission at Libas. The people there love them.

This area was hit hard by the typhoon, and last Saturday, we visited there with Jack and members of the mother church, Potter’s Clay Baptist Church, to give out relief goods to the people there. So many have lost their homes. The members of the mission showed us a piece of property where they want to build a building. Negotiations are presently going on to purchase this piece of property for a new building. They will have to raise $2,000 (100,000 Pesos). Donations will be accepted.

— (edouglee70@gmail.com, dianehusserlee@gmail.com)