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Missionary Committee Approves New Missionaries

On Thursday, Feb. 10, approximately 40 pastors and guests gathered in the fellowship hall of South City Church in Little Rock to hear the recommendation from the Missions Advisory Committee concerning two new full-time missionaries. Chairman David Inzer, pastor of Landmark in England, opened the meeting at called on Derrick Bremer, pastor of Denver Street in Greenwood, to pray. He then recognized Scott Smith, pastor of Zion in Fordyce, to share a devotional.

Following the devotional, Bro. Inzer called the meeting to order and recognized Executive Director Paul White to present the missionaries under consideration. Before introducing the missionaries, Bro. White shared that a vote to proceed with hiring the two new missionaries would be authorizing spending reserve funds. He also shared that the Revolving Loan Fund was low.

Bro. White recognized Hispanic Coordinator Michael Hight to introduce Roberto and Patty Marcelletti who were recommended to serve with Epic Church in Northwest Arkansas and Pastor Jake McCandless of Epic Church, their sending church. Bro. Roberto is originally from Venezuela and Patty is from Columbia. They shared their vision for planting churches and making disciples from Acts 14:21-23 and that they have “come to serve.” (See Roberto’s Missionary Personality Profile in the Feb. 2 issue.)

Allan Eakin, pastor of Celebration Baptist Church in Haskell, then came to introduce Bryan Clay. Bryan is a member of his church and Celebration will serve as the sending church for him and his wife, Kelley. They plan to plant a church in the Benton-Hot Springs area. Bryan shared his testimony and why he felt this was God’s direction for his ministry at this time. (See Bryan’s Missionary Personality Profile in the Feb. 9 issue.)

Bro. White then recognized Joe Owens, chairman of the Advisory Committee, to present the recommendation. Advisory Committee Secretary Randy Shepherd then read the minutes and recommendations from their meeting. Bro. Inzer then called for and received a motion and second to approve the recommendation of the Advisory Committee, which was approved by a unanimous vote. These two men will begin serving on March 1.

To close the meeting, Bro. White shared that Missionary Darrin Smith has resigned effective Jan. 31. The work in Fort Smith will be dissolved, but he praised the Lord for the 144 souls who made a profession of faith during Bro. Smith’s six years of ministry there.

Bro. Inzer then ended the meeting by asking Paul Bullock, pastor of College View in Magnolia, to close in prayer.