Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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SPOTLIGHT ON MISSIONS: Stan & Donna Scroggins – The Philippines

Is the Philippines open for travel? Can I travel to the Philippines right now? Effective Feb. 10, fully vaccinated Americans and tourists from non-visa-required countries will be allowed entry in the Philippines and will not need to quarantine. Qualified travelers must meet several requirements, including a valid passport, booked return travel, proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test.

• From Stan — After three weeks of strict compliance on the campus, things really loosened up, and we could have our fourth World Mission Day. Mid-terms are next week and graduation is just around the corner.

Like so many of you at home, we are deeply concerned for our friends in the Ukraine. Donna and I, and a group from First Baptist Church in Magnolia first traveled there in the 1990s to train the Baptist Union to write Sunday School curriculum. That followed a five-year cooperation with Ukrainian Baptist working with our Publication Department and Volunteer Student Missions trips.

• From Donna — It seems like everywhere we go nowadays we gravitate to children. It might just be showing how much we miss our grandchildren, but I find playing the “grandmother” role lots of fun. Many parents teach their children to “bless” — the child takes your hand and presses it to their forehead. It is the sweetest thing ever.

After almost four years, all our Philippine Missionaries are, at least for right now, actually in the Philippines. Cris and Alicia Samson, along with their two boys, are back in Bacolod. Fil Kakilala is in Iloilo but returned to the United States on March 2. Of course, Stan and I and Diane and Doug Lee serve here in Talisay and Danny and Rita Ballard are in Manila.

• Darlene Carey Christian Academy (pictured above) There has been very good progress on the building this month. May I ask that you stop right now and say a prayer for the completion of the building?

— Donna: +63 908-894-6724/Stan: +63 908-894-6723. You can also contact us through email and Facebook Messenger: Donna, gojvcrusaders@msn.com/Stan, stanmusical@icloud.com.

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