Sunday, March 3, 2024
Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Preparing for The National Meeting

By Clif Johnson, President • BMA of America

In just a few short days, people representing churches from the BMA of America will be descending upon Springfield, Mo. to celebrate the work of God in the BMA over the last few months and worship together in praise and proclamation. As you make your final preparations to join us, I want to add a few ways to prepare for this meeting:

• I ask that you pray for each of our national departments, agencies and other ministries that are based in the BMA. This will be an important time for them as they get to see many of you and answer questions, along with sharing goals and dreams.

• Pray for the people you do not know, but that you will be engaging with while in Springfield. Hotel employees, restaurant workers and many others will be coming into contact with us. We are to be a light, a city on a hill and ministers of reconciliation. I am praying that we will have the gospel message ready on our lips and demonstrated through our lives.

• During this meeting, we will have four worship sessions and even more breakout sessions. Many people will be leading in these sessions by either leading worship, presenting during breakout or preaching. Particularly remember Richard Smith, Justin Peters and Johnmichael Poulin, who will be preaching.

• I also ask that you pray for yourself that you will come with a heart ready to hear and respond to God’s work and Word. Pray that we will all leave more encouraged and resolved to “Preach the Word” to all the world.

I look forward to seeing you April 18-20!