Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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What a Great Meeting

What a Great Meeting!

Allan and I were blessed to be able to attend the national meeting last week. What a joy it was to see old friends, make new friends and enjoy the fellowship with our BMA family. It was exciting to visit with the other ministries in the display area about how God was working in so many different ways and to hear from our departments about the amazing things God is doing both here at home and around the world. It is a great reminder of how much more we are able to do when we come together as an association.

While I realize that, if you are reading this, you are most likely already connected and active in our associational work, let me encourage you that if you are not involved that you get involved in the associational work on every level — local, state and national. Also, if you know someone who is not currently involved on any level, please encourage them to be an active part of our association so that we will be able to do more together.

Special Emphasis Update

We are wrapping up our time of Special Emphasis with this issue (March-April). We have had a good response over the last few weeks, and I look forward to seeing how God uses His people to continue to provide for the needs of this ministry. I have not heard of anyone who chose to designate this past Sunday (the last Sunday of our Special Emphasis) as Baptist Trumpet Day, but I am so thankful for all of those that pray and give faithfully to allow us to continue to be the connection between our associational work on all levels and our churches, especially the “people in the pew.”

Here is an update of the funds we have received up to this point. We will continue to count all special offerings we receive through the end of our fiscal year (Aug. 31) toward our goal. Thank you to each of you who have given.

2022 Special Emphasis • Goal — $45,000

Previous Balance (April 13) $10,221.03

Fellowship, Bella Vista $1,000.00

Crocketts Bluff, DeWitt* $1,000.00

First, St. Charles $250.00

Total $12,471.03

*Have given previously